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Music hi welcome to yoga zone. I’m Lisa Bennett madkin, and this is Jen. We’re both major teachers here yoga zone. We’re at the magnificent Lido San Souci in Jamaica. In today ,’ s class will be working on a series that flows with the wheeze when you connect the gulp and action together, it creates a exhaust in your mass that’s, wonderful and gentle and healing. It too begins to clear your imagination and create a calming feeling. This is especially immense for those of you who feel tight and don’t think that Yoga is for you. This is the place to start come to lay onto your back. Feet are trendy interval. Apart, loosen the arms, alongside of your mas on the inhale, extend the arms above your top, lengthen long way from the hips exhale lower the arms. Now I’m not just talking about moving your weapons, but really connecting the free movement of persons with the wheeze, as Jen is doing so wonderful here. The sigh establishes the free movement of persons on the next breath again extend the arms above the heading. Slowly expanding the sigh evaporate bring the freedom knee into your dresser and see how that move begins to squeeze all the air. Out of you inhale extending the arms up, load their own bodies with the sigh evaporate, accompanying the other knee into your chest, slower the movement, the better inhale, diversifying up helps to bring your mind into what you’re doing. Exhale both knees into your chest, feeling the liberate in the trendies inhaling extending the arms above the intelligence, exhale, returning again the liberty knee into your dresser and do the air out of the lungs inhale. Nice done. Exhale left knee into your dresser. One more age extending the arms above the honcho, expel fold knees into the chest on the next inhale lieu. Your feet onto the floor, extend the arms up in the air and removing the hips up in the air. It doesn’t matter how high-pitched you lift them exactly feel how this fills your form with the wheeze evaporate begin to lower down and producing the knees into the chest. Empting they’re out again inhale. This is so great for the sticker and the parts exhausting all the tension. Health fluid like as Janice, showing here elegant shifts with the gulp enjoy. This should feel good exhale, fetching the knees into the chest great stay here, and only cliff gently from side to side. Exhale, make the knees fall to the left, extend the right arm up in the air and feel the turn along the side of the body, bring your mind into wherever you feel a tightness in your torso. Direct your gulp into that area and watch the tension release on the inhale you’ll bring the information back up switch the arms around expel knees fall to the right great inhale, raising the knees back up. Moving with the breath, breath. Switching the arms knees all to the other side. Great continue. Let your breath move your body and see how the movements help your breath feel like any tension in your mas. You just let it go. Let it melt into the earth altogether “lets get going”, but keep the breath full and even on the next inhale, come back up and bring your knees into the chest again, one more time secrete the lower back, bring your knees over to the left and let’s Come up on to paws and knees, taking your hands underneath your shoulders. Your knees underneath your trendies spread. Your fingers, wide apart toes into the ground, breath, reap the prickle into the body roll the shoulders back and look up exhale round the back up towards the ceiling and take a chin to the chest. Inhale turn the seat up towards the ceiling firstly, as slowly as you can keep your shoulders away from the ears long neck, exhale round back and make the kuki-chin to the chest. Drawing the belly in inhale extend the spine feel the top of the head, pull away from the tailbone exhale rounding on the breath wheel, your shoulders back and look up next expel introduced the foot flat back round your back and pull back through the hips sitting. All the direction onto your ends, let’s move with the gulp, breath coming the whole way up, rotation the shoulders back and look up exhale round the backbone. Continue that exhale, the whole way back onto the ends breath coming up one more time. This is so great to get flexible in your sticker, evaporate rounding the back and sit back onto the heels, extending the arms out this time. Let’s lift up towards the ceiling inhale, spreading up sitting onto your heels arms up, exhale completely empty. As you fold down draw the abdomen in breath providing up slower, the better exhale devalue down huge Jen next inhale lifting up off the ends expel sitting back into your ends. First, elicit the belly in and float down principal plummets down, inhale coming the whole way up and expel lowering down next posture we’re going to go into is called down pier. This is a great one. Will watch Jen tuck the toes under take a deep breath in and on the exhale lift the hips up into the air make sure that the paws are absolutely flat and give through the arms. The indicator and thumb are flat on the storey, but the shoulders wheel opposite to that rolling in of the entrusts the foreman is unwound. You can even look towards your toes or towards your bellybutton and then feel the backbone giving longer and longer to get it a little deeper stretching through the thighs, bend your knees and bring your thighs close to your ribs turn your seat up towards the ceiling. We’ll go back to the breath again here. Take a penetrating breather in keep the knees bent and on the exhale. Very subtle crusades is now starting straighten back through the legs again inhale, bend the knees exhale, restraining that sticker long is now starting straighten back through the legs. You should really be feeling this in the backs of the legs. Denturist inhale, flexing the knees exhale straightening. Let’s try one more inhale beautiful and exhale drop down onto your knees and sit back into your heels forehead to the ground and really secrete them through the lower back. So now we’re going to give this whole thing together in a series that spurts with the wheeze so come down onto the ground or ability here again extending up in the air lengthening up evaporate begin to slowly float down, reap the belly in. Take the forehead to the floor, breath coming into cat roll, the shoulders back and look up exhale watching Jen and down pup gracefully moving into the posture, inhale coming back here into cat, pose bun the shoulders back and look up exhale round the back gradually and sit back Onto your ends, forehead to the ground inhale again as slowly as you can lengthen it up. Exhale begin to float down forehead to the floor, inhale coming up onto the sides and knees, wheel the shoulders back and “ve been looking for”. Exhale lift the trendies up into the air. Bring your imagination your form and your breath together inhale drop down onto your knees, clear the thought with the breath. Exhale sit back onto the heels and make the forehead to the ground. Last term we’ll be focusing breath listening to the sound of the breath. Let it fly at your judgment: exhale float down gradually, draft the abdomen in and sit back inhale, gracefully attract the breath in feel the sticker expel lift up and open up through those hamstrings. Let the brain tighten prolonging your wheeze. Drop down onto your knees, wheel your shoulders back like slow motion, expel round the back and sit on to your ends, beautiful, experience the pull once again coming on to your hands and knees. Let’s come into a twist to release out between the shoulder blades. Taking your helping hand, underneath the left arm, drop the shoulder down and feel the spin between your shoulder, blades expend your breath and on the breath wield a little deeper into that twist feel on the inhale. You can take yourself a little bit out of it and on the breath piece deeper, be seen to what extent the wheeze opens the body tension, emotional tension can lock between the shoulder blades feel how you empty all the air out of the lungs coming slowly back up, let’S try the other side taking the other end arm under. The idea here is to work the bottom shoulder under and the top shoulder up, keep your hips statu and extend the tail bone away from the pate sauce, their own bodies with the sigh. If this is a magnificent stretch, feels enormous done right, mm hm gradually, pulping through that hand and coming the whole way back up great again on the breath deep breather in evaporate and begin to sit back onto your ends forehead to the ground handout. Here. Even as you stay in this posture allow your breath to move it’s a static posture, but there’s still a movement, constriction and expansion. This is a wonderful posture to liberate passionately into placid. Your mind. Try is of the view that evaporate all the tension into the ground see how long you are eligible to acquire your wheeze wholly. Bring your recollection your organization and your breather together feel the handout and the hips feel the exhaust in the feet and into the thighs feel the neck handout and the shoulders secrete weapons lengthen out. As far as you can long, smooth, wheezes evacuating all the air out on the expel that’s, the place that you really need to work is on the evaporate, because when you define the expel up properly, the inhale is natural. Let’s come to a endure prestige. This is called Tadasana. It’s about anchoring the feet into the floor and get towering away from your foot spread the toes apart. Open them up pull them wide. Apart balance, your load at the front of your heels and is anticipated that you send the ends down to the floor like seeds grounding as you extend up tall like a tree with the chapters expanding out, I’ll get you up towering all right. This is called blown palm again like a tree. You’re fix into the into the floor, but then you’re going to extend lightly away. Inhale, lengthen your weapons up in the air. Take the palms to touch exhale. Lowering the left arm to the side. Inhale lift up nice and towering expel lowering left arm, as you extend over to the side, move the belly up towards the ceiling and, again don’t just go as far as you can right away, use the breath to secrete the tension that you feel it’s so important that you transport vigor down into the floor as you extend up inhale breathing into the ribs, feel them expand, exhale, feeling that tightness release deeper beautiful Jen inhale coming the whole way up back up, both arms taken together, breath lowering the other arm And prolonging out over to the side inhale expand, as you route ends down. Exhale lengthening out over to the side, so be careful that you’re , not rounding the ruses ending and even reeling up towards the ceiling lengthening both sides of your torso , not cramping into one side, breath taking that right arm back up into the air switching places. Exhale, lowering the other arm lengthening over using the gulp to move you breath, taking the arm up. Exhale, switching to the other side inhale both forearms up and this time, take your forearms out to the side and come into a forward crouch mitts to the floor and a face to the shins. Now, if you need to bend your knees and precisely feel the handout in through the hamstrings, make the breath take you deeper and deeper inhale, deform your knees and look up roll your shoulders away. This is called preparing the spine exhale fold forward and take your face towards the shins inhale. Bending your knees keep your shoulders back flat back expel arranging your legs as much as you can and make the forehead towards the floor, inhale again. Extending long on this breath. Take a big step back with the left foot coming into a pounce sides are on either side of your legs. Made to ensure that the knee is right out over that ankle feel the back heel projecting away, and whether it is necessary to you, can always drop your back. Knee take one hand to the knee other hand, to the knee, get your balance beautiful at any point drop that back knee down. If you feel tired inhale extending the arms up beautiful Jen exhale, coming back to the breath, lower the arms down by the sides inhale get that softness match with the forte in the legs. Exhale floating the arms down, inhale weapons up in the air exhale forearms down by the sides, breath appendages up in the air great this time, hands down to the floor sniffing bold to be back into what we call plank pose now, if you don’t have The weapon strong, what you can do is drop your knees down and walk them back as far away as we could, but keep your shoulders over your hands deep gulp in feel the belly working breath removing the hips up into the air like jen is showing here inhale. Coming back into board constitute, so we’re moving with the breath again. Expanding exhale lift the trendies up into the air back into down dog inhale coming back here into timber yep. It’s a great deal of work. I know don’t let those trendies droop too low. Keep them right in line exhale lift the hips up into the air depth wheeze in stay here, exhale taking the left foot up in between the pass coming into the lunge. On the other side, good work make sure that the knees over the ankle collect the back knee up off the floor. If you can mitts to the knee breath, extending the arms up, gracefully beautiful expel weapons down by the sides inhale feel the soil feel like your feet, push the sand apart, as you feel, a lightness inhaling and breath inhaling and breath one more inhaling the arms up. Exhale hands down before stepping entire hoofs up together. This is a tough one, again bend the knees and look forward left back exhale coming into a forward deform inhale taking the arms out. Besides, you can all the way up palms stroke, let’s flow with the gulp exhale bend forward. Hence the floor cornerstone to the shins, create them inhale, bend the knees, extend the spine, get long, exhale, stepping back with the left foot back into the lunge. If you’re having trouble with your poise in the lunch, you can always turn your hoof sideways, taking the mitts to the knee again extending the arms up in the air. This time we’ll, do it a little differently inhale and on the exhale lower. The weapons, as you arrange the figurehead leg breath, so this helps with your coordination, so it’s so important that you relation the breather and the memory. Let the spirit be quiet with the breath stare at a phase if you’re having trouble with your balance. Great two more breath make sure that nice day is right over the breast foot and evaporate last-place one. It legs strong to support the spine expel hands down to the floor, stepping back into plank, pose organizations in a straight line. Exhale, lift up into down dog breath coming back here into board evaporate promoting up into down dog Music exhale left foot up in between the sides turn the back end to the floor. If it is necessary to make your hands to the knee forearms up in the air deep breath in exhale, lowering the arms straighten the leg, inhaling limbs up, exhale release the breather, breath and breath huge two, more and exhale big step both feet up together, delightful coming into Tadasana Ground the hoof feel significant differences. Let’s continue to sit down onto the floor and association the body wrapping the recollection together. If it’s difficult for you to sit in a cross, pool slot, take a pillow or cloak underneath your posterior, and this will hoist your hips higher than your knees. And then you ,’ ll, be much more pleasant. Take your hands onto your thighs. Extend your prickle long but feel your seat anchored into the floor late breath in breath gradually begin to move forward now. Jen is very open in this one, but if you’re not as open doesn ,’ t subject, doesn’t matter breath come through here. Just feel your breath rubbing away the tension in through the trendies evaporate and gradually moving forward close your eyes. You can and concentrate on the liberation inhale come through here, see how long you can get the spine exhale again moving forward draw the abdomen in as you move forward. This will help to ground your hips breath come through here and evaporate stay where you are. So let’s go into a short musing, make the backs of the sides onto your knees and make the index finger and digit gently touch sit up as tall as you can and close your eyes. This is the good part going back into the breath. Closing your eyes proceeds your energy inward. I’ll see if you can listen to the hubbub of the wheeze. If you listen very carefully there’s actually a sound on the inhale, the racket is hummed and on the evaporate sauce. Those resounds are incredibly healing to your intellect, see if you can connect deeply and actually feel like your breath is a physical thing, hello, the gulp to serene away the chatter of your judgment and go deeply into the stillness it’s like bathe your consciousness, feel That know that loved it lengthen your sigh linking the breath the sentiment in the body is a secret to help and clarity daily practise is the key to unlocking that secret. Thank you for attaching us. We’ll, see you again here on yoga’s own. I’m Lisa Bennett, madkin, Music, Music, Music, Music,

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