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and I so come back today I have rousing announce on the demonstrate you guys I only become a attested yoga and strike over here is this Italy I’ll show you guys my experience of yoga teacher training 200 hours taking if you are interested to find more you should watch to the end I’ll be answering some of the questions I receive online so here let’s get right into it so I actually don’t watch the issues to I receive on my Instagram on each piece of paper so that I can help you guys respond to some of your the investigations and questions I is available in thoughts about ytt before you sign up so yeah let’s get killed shy recipes which cool yeah I go for my di shoes and move with yoga school so yoga school I’ll go for it online you got school called yoga and arrow beta so the reason why I choose to go for the school and accompany off that the rest I meditated is because the studio owner is really friendly and terribly prompt in lastly that’s my number one concern when it comes to Android I would like to know what I’m working at all the studio out in any ways or hurdles when I face them and check Amelia for zoo man class so that’s what I like as well so it’s not just non-contact learning there’s also contact see but exactly learn its there face to face so that’s something that I like Lee is because it comes the complimentary certification as well 200 hours education directive also received such restorative yoga certification I read a specialist education so yeah that’s the reason why so I would recommend you guys to actually do more investigate before you starting for school and probably email them requesting them to about how the school curriculum was and what kind of support you’ll get throughout this whole 200 hours that you will be investing resolve your time and your money so the same question that I’ve gotten is why I choose to go for the yoga teacher training so it’s always been something that I wanted to do for years and I’ve been rehearse your diagram for a while now so during this free time I decided to research online and I’m so happy that I did it because I ever feel so at peace and fortunate and grounded whenever I do that so this gave me a chance to deepen my knowledge about yoga and understand with philosophy and record behind it so in this question that I receive is what does the 200 hours of yoga teacher training focus on so this whole 200 hours is not just about poses and yoga flow there you are attend a new class too about yoga philosophy 3 about yourself so the kind of stock hair or as the body system and applied challenge and pranayama it’s like the different form of address your Khayyam body and all the different poses you’ll learn the specify of different ethnic spars and how to actually maintain sequencing and clues and schedule out your yoga spurt assign or comes if you guys a business that how can you turn yoga into business and yeah it’s really really thorough and I open yes for all the world-class and modules that I get to learn more about like my knowledge of yoga yeah the delightful question that was the schedule of the whole 200 ytg adaptable “thats one” is why I choose to go for this class because it’s very flexible it’s based on your own timing and tempo you’re given this dashpot to log in to where you can look at the classifies and the videos are pre-recorded so it’s very flexible you are eligible to exactly do a own free time and take your time to really understand each topic and there is no rush as well so the next question I receive is how is the school as a community so this could I go in there’s also a facebook close group where people actually discussed about their progress your journeying and beings are just very encouraging if I have any question I can post it there and I’ll be tolerated help me move it I’m sorry or give me encouragement as well so it’s a exceedingly very close Nita and truly friendly parish I precisely adore her I still willing to help out each other throughout this travel so I actually affection local communities and the school day I know so even though it’s not like an offline unusually chemi face-to-face little person kind of so it is a very interesting experience for me because Trudy’s on my yoga school actually comes me parties from all the world who have the same passion and just amazing is something that I will probably not have if I just enroll in a local clas because I discussed and you can meet people of different kind and how different people are able to exactly give you up and give you different suffers I actually cherish like and going in this Waikiki so nice question is is this whole Waikiki cost difficult so or oh I’m not saying whether it’s difficult or easy because what may be easy for me might be difficult for you or what may be difficult for me might be easy for you it really really depends from person to person what I would rather say is that overall it’s a very exciting experience and I’m sure nothing’s ever difficult and challenging if you put your mind to it and you decide to stop for it just go for it and I feel you like which are you from here when this issue I receive is how the lessons conducted so the lessons are all conducted online there is this tool path so one direction the dashboard where you can learn in your own pace and the other person zooms our school arrow if actually have the zoom conference where you can sign up and then you lock in a little timing for the special zoom weekly convening so ready we’ll school you how to teach parties and how are some constitutes that are able days so you’re gonna zoom live you are eligible to ask any questions that you have about the pose about like the yoga doctrine in general and the professor will be very patient in helping you to answer it and even must be considered like what yoga props to use if you cannot reach a certain pose as well so it’s really honey squash i receive is why is the final project or exam involved in the 200 hours waikiki so you have to choice you can either go for the final exam or the final programme so the quiz involve of mcq so you just have to answer em secure and get I see an 80% pass and you will get your 200 hours Waikiki so the f-secure consists of all the text and lore that you would learn throughout the whole class it’s very comprehensive or you can choose the final job which is to film yourself schooling a class it can be your family friends or even a YouTube video online as well so yeah you can choose board exam like more and think you kind of person or puja is a more hands-on kind of person so yeah so the number one burning question I receive is how to register Yoga Alliance after you receive the 200 hours devotion so for my teenagers after I received my certification my faithfulnes is official online I think we account with Yoga Alliance and from there if I setback your certification so do justify the school that you attended the whole 200 hours formerly you’re shown you’ll ask you to pay any registration fee 115 us so after which you you can create a profile on the educator directory so anyone I wonder what if you can find you there so after we are just told you why you actually if you did you got like twenty two hundred so let’s see what my general impression of this whole will got each your prepare I actually desire my totality know-how and I thoroughly enjoy going to look like the heaven free income of a yoga educator instructor so mostly I was in YouTube video and see how it goes but aura is merely a highly very fun knows and I would really encourage you guys to go for if you are into you guys well telling you guys for watching it till the end I is hoped that the government asks some of your questions about Waikiki and stop by

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