Yoga Teacher Training Course (TTC)

In 1969, Swami vishnu dave, ananda founder of the international shivananda yoga vedanta midsts schooled the first yoga schoolteachers training course in the west. Over 30 000 students have graduated from this comprehensive course, based on the teachings of an ancient ancestry. In addition to providing teacher trainees with an in depth, knowledge of classic yoga practices, swami vishnu dev anand originated the TTC as one of the purposes of his global peace initiative, organizing it in a manner that was that each trainee will undergo personal metamorphosi and find inner peace. Thus, the TTC engenders students to become peace self, restricted managers and citizens of the world. This intensive four week course is uniquely designed to provide a solid foundation of knowledge and experience from which grads will be able to teach others both intuitively and confidently. The TTC will also strengthen the students, personal yoga practice by empowering self penalty and a deepened awareness of organization, thinker and intent to daughter you another knee you through your guide, we the other Devon. The TTC is open to anyone with uh sincere desire for acquaintance and personal rise become a yogi, a professor and a chairwoman tonight I could.

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