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Important Aspects Of Yoga Instructor Ethics

In order to reflect the true purpose of yoga practice, an instructor must adhere to the ethics that hold a teacher accountable. Having proper yoga instructor ethics will help the teacher to accomplish their goal for the class- to serve the needs of…

What Is The Need For Yoga Therapy?

While yoga may seem strange to outsiders, it can provide practitioners with a variety of benefits. Those who practice yoga may have better mental clarity and focus and may also benefit physically as well. On a more basic level, it can be a great…

Yoga Therapy For Osteoporosis: An Effective Way To Find Relief

Osteoporosis is a serious condition that threatens millions of men and women around the world. Characterized by bones that thin with age to the point of becoming brittle, it can lead to fractures, debilitating pain, and lack of mobility. Yoga…

How To Choose A Yoga Mat?

You will require a yoga mat if you plan to do regular yoga at home or have decided to join yoga classes. It is an essential item to carry out all yoga activities properly and efficiently. It provides comfort and helps cushion hips, elbows and knees.

Some of the Benefits of Bikram Yoga

Yoga is an ancient form of art that is also known as effective low-impact exercise and has several positive effects on your stress level, mood and blood pressure. Hot yoga or Bikram Yoga is one of the popular forms of yoga that is widely practiced today, owing to its health and physical benefits. This form of exercise is practiced in a room heated to over 100 degrees.

Types Of Yoga And Its Weight Loss Benefits

This article is for people who are interested in taking up yoga. It describes what one can expect to gain from each style of yoga.

Yoga and the Struggles – The Rocky Road Philosophy

The first 3 months of starting your Yoga practice are wonderful. You find yourself in bliss feeling great all the time, confident, strong, powerful, like you can conquer the world. You feel new, refreshed, toned. You have a new perspective and feel smarter than you have ever felt before. You feel like you have really discovered something incredible. Then, something happens. Your practice begins to actually start working.

Tips To Select Durable And Efficient Yoga Mats

Proper dedication and regularity are essential elements of yoga practice. They bring quality results in quickest possible time. But, along with regularity, a yoga mat also plays a big role in achieving positive results. It gives comfort and helps a lot in enhancing practice experience.

Find Out Some of the Difficult Yoga Postures

The postures of yoga vary in degree of difficulty from simple and calming beginner postures to more complex and advanced postures which may take years of practice to master. But, it is advisable to practice the challenging postures under the supervision of certified trainers.

Explore Some of the Benefits of Twisting Yoga

It is already proved that yoga offers several benefits to your mind and body. All the postures of this art are known to offer wide variety of benefits, depending upon the joints and muscles used while practicing. The postures of this exercising system are intended to improve the fitness level, but they are also known for offering varied and significant health and mental benefits.

Utilizing Yoga For Chronic Stress

Stress is a common factor in modern life. Everyone has it. The stress of work, family, home ownership, keeping up with the Jones and the new era of “Pinterest perfect” creates a standard that no one is able to keep up. Stress itself can create…

How To Use Yoga For Sciatica Pain

As many health experts know, sciatica can be a painful condition to grapple with. This results from the fact that the sciatic nerves (which are the longest nerves in the human body) run from the base of the spine, through the muscles of the…

How Moon Salutations Benefit Mind, Body, And Spirit

Moon salutations, or Chandra Namaskara, are a unique series of asanas that are performed during certain kinds of yoga. This particular series includes a sequence of ten various poses, starting with a mountain pose and taking the individual through…

Yoga For Healing In Cancer And Other Illnesses

Since ancient times yogis have proclaimed the powers of yoga for healing illness and have prescribed different asanas to help with overall health of mind, body and soul. Now scientists are beginning to back up these claims with evidence that these…

Teaching Tips – How to Teach Yoga Effectively and Increase Your Passion

What are your next steps as a “yoga teacher”? How might you increase your passion for teaching and teach more effectively?

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