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Yoga – A Path To Peace

Losing weight isn’t always about eliminating foods, it’s also about adding new behaviors. When my colleague included yoga in her life, she seemed to easily lose weight and feel peaceful, in control. When both were stopped, weight returned, control left. Start with the yoga, be at peace with your body, and you’ll find that being at peace with food falls more easily into your life.

Yoga – A Solution For Depression – Grab Your Yoga Mat & Do Inverted Yoga Poses

Yoga helps alleviate depression by increasing brain chemicals that contribute to a natural physical high. Through the release of these chemicals, a depressed person can be lifted out of despair to feel more energized and cheerful. The most beneficial yoga postures for depression are inverted poses.

Equal Standing

It’s all about Tadasana. Standing at the front of the mat in Tadasana, which translates from Sanskrit as mountain pose, is the foundation of the asana yoga practice.

Yoga And Your Health

It is an acknowledged truth that health and Yoga are closely interwoven. Regular Yoga practice has been credited with bringing about improvements in physical health as well as mental and physiological well-being. More and more people are now taking up yoga in order to increase their flexibility, ease stress, reduce pain in the muscles and the joints and also as a way of dealing with several health problems.

Ashtanga Yoga – The Primary And Intermediate Series

The Ashtanga Yoga practice consists of the Primary, Intermediate and Advanced Series of postures. Each series is commenced with Surya Namaskara (Sun Salutations) and continues with a set of standing postures. Then, the postures which are unique to one series are practiced. The practice is completed with back bending and the finishing sequence. The finishing sequence includes shoulderstand, headstand and lotus.

Yoga, The Eight Limbs of The Science of Spiritual Self-Realization

For many people yoga simply means a relaxing and energizing form of exercise. Its gentle stretching and bending make the spine and muscles supple and relaxed, bringing blood to all tissues and organs of the body, and at the same time energizing them. The breathing exercises bring about a sense of peace and mental calm giving one the sense that we are in tune with our bodies and in balance with the universe.

The Ashtanga Yoga Method

Ashtanga Yoga was first mentioned over 2000 years ago by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras. Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a highly sophisticated method of Yoga practice, which was outlined in a sacred text called the Yoga Kurunta and refined by Krishnamacharya and Pattabhi Jois.

Yoga Solutions for Anger Management – Asana Practice for Energy Channeling

Among its diverse methods, Yoga has many viable solutions for anger, and anger management. If you look at anger as a form of energy, and Yoga as a method for channeling uncontrolled energy, you can see a new horizon, which is the beginning of the solution to anger management.

My Yoga Story

I began my journey with yoga because of a series of events that made me realize that I was horribly out of shape. I can now say Yoga has changed my life in numerous positive ways.

Yoga’s Formula For Happiness – Living Life to Maximum Potential

How many times have you heard someone say, “If I lose 20 pounds, then I will join a Yoga class?” What does 20 pounds have to do with starting your first Yoga class? Absolutely nothing! People practice this self-destructive method of restraint all the time, and not just in the case of Yoga.

Yoga, The Path To Happiness

If you would like to find true happiness, to learn how to connect to your inner self, yoga will open the door for you. Learn the secret path of tantra yoga. Believe – it is within your grasp.

What Yoga Class Should I Begin With? Description of Yoga Styles for Beginners

Yoga is gaining popularity in the western world, which raises the question to those who want to begin practicing… What yoga class should I start with? Iyengar yoga is a really good style for beginners because…

Yoga For Kid

If you are not aware yet, children too suffer from stress. They get this stress from their parents at home and even from school through their peers and teachers. Whatever the cause of stress, it must be controlled. If you know if a Yoga For Kid program, try introducing it to help keep kids healthy and stress-free.

Yoga in Thailand

For many years I have had an aching back and neck, I tried various therapies but no avail the problem continued. Yoga and its benefits and what more comes after Yoga, being nourished from the Sun or living on fresh air maybe..

Vedic Astrology, Ayurveda, And Yoga – Ancient India’s Sacred Sciences of Healing

Ayurveda, translated as the “science of life”, is inextricably intertwined with “Jyotish” (science of light), the sanskrit name for vedic astrology. In times past ayurvedic doctors in India were also vedic astrologers. The combination of these two sciences gave a complete system for diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the body, mind, and spirit.

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