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hello and welcome to my channel my name is julia and with me you get every one week a new video about yoga in front of feminine health and today i have one again pregnancy yoga video for you and that is ideal for your second trimester it is I tend to be more active, so maybe I like to do it in the morning or in between during the day when you feel like doing some activating exercises a little more energy to create and maybe not right before going to sleep no with that it is not too much on art to start you can take a pillow and sit down on the pillow look that you can see that maybe take back then i would come back and then put your hands on your stomach close your eyes come now your eyebrows will be completely relaxed on what his facial skin is the jaw is completely relaxed, feel the type of content and see if you start can your way of deepening something without it being exhausting just whether it is possible the unity motive to pull down to your uterus to your child with her statement is a little softer, a little quieter, take a few deep breaths into your stomach and connect yourself this way now with a little roommate and a little roommate are in contact with the baby and imagine how you would with each one fresh oxygen rich nutrient sends you a lot of love and connection have your eyes with the next one do him both arms up over your head carries you Long exhale hands in front of your heart made me open the poor bees cactus chest out except in front of you you give a tree a hug cinema comes to the chest expressed reason gave me a would from hands in front of your heart has given me an open the breast has made me the base and Imagine you pull your child very lovingly in the direction of the spine and exhale again and from me a line in length has ne time out bow message games like your left she pulls two humps towards the floor and your hand diagonally to the ceiling has a come after me The top back also took me to the other side that was one of my favorite exercises during mine pregnancy the bigger the belly, the more pleasant this exercise smells to create more space for you for your kind now for the child you can do every day breathe in get into the corridors and exhale in a gentle twist take your right hand on your right knee and twist very gently to the left feel how the spine stays long and I only speak so deeply that you continue deeply you can breathe in your stomach the rotation is in your chest than in your stomach you don't need one either varnishes turn too much if that is annoying breathe deeply in the neck very, very gently and lovingly a strict more from turning to the right left hand comes on the left knee the right hand inside you on the floor or maybe it's just the fingertips that hit the floor touch inhale i stretched you the length exhale inhale comes back to the center and can exhale into a ja fissler instead of the box you can put your fingers to one side Spread wrists just below your shoulders, knees hip-width apart apart and then we do a few modified ktq movements one has in the So don't make a hollow cross, just get long, says Menzi your baby upstairs, then gently and The child comes to the post office has got long with everyone as activate the pelvic floor aim navel in the direction of the spine and then you do it at your own pace if you like, close your eyes and feel the movement in your spine here doing something here for a healthy marine pillar, a healthy lower back and something at the same time to redeem the pelvic floor breathe activate pelvic floor need to point inward One last time, come back to the center, inhale and exhale that Act backwards up in the look down the dog bend your knees alternately let your head hang heavily maybe make it a few times like you yes and no move and then come here a still posture the feet are at least hip width apart maybe even more if the belly is already a bit bigger feet don't bite find mats set wide apart finds peaks activated feel a long line from both coccyx b are the coco that got me in and out comes back in the four feet move this hit back and forth from here with the next inhalation stretch the right leg backwards the ten looks in the direction of the floor and then take your left arm here, too, in the direction of the navel towards the spine, pelvic floor drawn in, inhale long, exhale knee and elbow come into the same direction you have several long and there you have to go round and so on at your pace he gave me a strict long stay here for a moment and read about it with me water beckons to come and then you take the couch at the back of the ten looks towards earth the address to this stroke long for the inhale exhale bend your key mine elbows work goes a little round one has my look to be long and so on is on the yoga mat so that the neck stays nice and long and very important here make sure you don't stand in a high cross yourself, keep yourself in the middle of your body once again not really long and then with the ahauser your team put the story on again the floor move a little back and forth ten have been set up here is a law to the back and top down shame and an admin 4 feet that is a little wider than your belly space if you come with the sowing moments of the team and four feet have been copied from the dog I still have 44 from the attitude of the child has with 1 4 füßler has looked down on me dog one more time and then we meet in the 4 we take our right foot between the hands for the deep lunge come up, take the left foot with the left foot slightly to the right so that the hip opens to the left, right forearm is up your right thigh and then you see your left arm breathing deeply over your head has with deep has me from back in the four finger moves that are here because the ten aufhauser when he looks from my broad Schüßler but his attitude bisky one has four feet one says looking down the dog one with four feet has come with your left foot between your hands come up the right ten come to the left so that the help opens a little to the right left forearm comes on your left thigh and right arm you pull over your head and breathe deeply as a motive you have this position in the four windows and then with the next one sowing look down the dog once gave me a wide knee here and from 1945 as an admin huskies has my feet you can look down the dog from here one has my right leg comes down direction ceiling three-legged hooters with the right foot coming to the outside of yours right hand the ten is allowed to open and you can either stay here or you could also put your left knee on the mat, look towards the floor after lengthening can you move a little forwards and backwards with depths your baby has it's relaxing don't count against each other depth of a 2 and they say back to the hague looking dog gave me some the left leg up thinner and scrap metal the left foot comes to outside of the left hand here again this position ten may be open maybe you have it right him on the floor and the next but one I gently back and forth breathe deeply take a deep breath and have so look down below a full species here and then inhale 45 watts with the child's posture this time we stay for 35 deep breaths then slowly come up so that you come into a rock seat take your knees hip-width apart breathe the table then the best of your stomach come a little forward but looks there but no end photo has his tailbone pointing downwards towards the ground and help me your arms have got back on their heels and give you a hug has with you I opened up as a tailwind child comes to the chest a few times at his own pace again hard and in arosa ten I'm sitting on my heels brings the teenie put one hand together, the other hand may be on your breast belly flow your eyes and come back to your breathing become very still feel his breathing come and go give yourself a moment of rest a moment of connection to your child for the connection between your hands between a heart with the adolescent person who is well protected in your stomach in no uterus then loosen your cell phone brings itself together in front of the heart and thank you yourself zinke thierse was a loving word breathe in deeply and breathe out through your mouth your eyes and came back with you in your day i hope you enjoyed this video don't let it like to know in the comments if you want more pregnancy videos and if you like you can also say in which week of pregnancy you would have been and it is so I can put together the videos individually for you, see you soon said goodbye

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