YOGA für Anfänger | 20 Minuten Home Workout

i’m welcome on the youtube channel it starts today my very first yoga video starts here on youtube and you’re there and I’m really happy that he turned on so Thank you very much at this point, I actually wanted you to be very precise You have to lead exactly through individual yoga postures so-called asanas but thought differently and thought we’d better start right away, let’s start with a little yoga sequence we can adapt to the individual posture still take a closer look and it’s much nicer if we go directly get started or I have put together a small beginner sequence that is really aimed at absolute beginners so if you are new to yoga always wanted to try yoga but never dared have found access or maybe just no studio near me this is exactly the right video for you i will guide you step by step explain everything in detail and lead through the individual basic attitudes she doesn’t need to be afraid of any crazy people at all make contortions or balance on your head or arm we can do all of that later 444 is more important in the beginning as a man to build a basis and to create awareness for our body and for ourselves ghost the rest comes by itself, yes you don’t need anything else but you even comfortable clothing is a pad and we can get started Coming comfortably cross-legged when you turn your buttocks back up out that you sit a hacker well in the ground only play with the next 1 has one cries the shoulders over the front up to the ears and exhale over the back of them one more hand with shoulders up to the ears statements over in the back below look last time so schulten circling with relish to the ears Exhale high next to a carriage hold your shoulders high and release it then again pull up your shoulders hold what you let go and then closes your eyes again for a moment what relaxes your hands on the kneel rest now push the crown of the head upwards towards the sky and stretch your spine, feel yours breath was in again and gets and every exhalation goes back and then start with your eyes closed half circles with your head to create the grass head over the front with relish that is very difficult from months here who circle again to the other side start the half circles over to the is generous first one and then to the on the other hand, what is completely going on here than again to the right and then it opens even when you are with the next unit arms over both sides and exhale hands before inhaling again as if through water as if by resistance raise arms, exhale, hands before the last time so poor Open over the strings, exhale foot then clasped hands and like you with the next one to breathe out then let yourself shoulder deep sea again imagine you want to put your palms on the wall over the then you left a deep mark length with the exhalation which I come over to the left side comes back to the center Breathe out to the right, breathe in, breathe out on the left side breathe out deeply breathe in feel like release the hands and put the hands up well in front of the trail with your fingertips forward the law is anchored on the ground and let your back lengthened bother you towards lake constance the next inhalation slowly wander back and the arms over both sides up and with the exhalation turn over to the right side puts the left hand on the right knee, namely right hand set up convinces with this classification the sends for much longer Crown the crown upwards and exhale the little bit deeper into the rotation next one gets to the middle raise arms exhale rotation after league right hand on left knee left hand placed next to you leave your head whole just about the profession wine aligned with the compliance find lengths with the exhalation turn a little more to the left side comes to the middle poor exhalation clasps hands behind what the palms of the hands change and with the next one, put your clasped hands backwards exhale to the upper body sing forward hands wool towards the sky next one around you, raise your hands to the back of your upper body and exhale solve and then comes from here in the four feet put your hands directly under your shoulders, knee-width apart and let yourself go don’t sag in here then pull your navel towards your spine Move your pelvis slightly forward and straight your hands are directly under the shoulders as in wide open thumbs pointing to each other middle fingers straight ahead and impress especially the thumb, index finger and outer edges of the little ones finger in the mat one with the next inhale come out guided hollow back data sucks the navel a round the back one gave me a high cross Bring the shoulders back away from the exhale abel suck in round yet Exhale such a high code view from over the mat abel run all around who breathe in high cross and breathe out neutral four feet and with the next an order puts the right foot on the back and then gives a jerk through the right heel which the right one was really good the next one act raises the right leg lowers the right hip the right foot is spotted more easily, that is, the right ten toes to the always in with the exhalation the knee goes towards the forehead the back was 1 had right leg stretch out from arrange knee to nose inhale stretch out from places knees destroy round inhale stretch exhale the left diagonal took with you to do this, take your left shoulder forward and backward again a little more back into the joint of an exhale knee and elbow want to book breathe in find length breathe out knees and elbows of the back printed all learn from says my knee and Elbows want to be long and off instead of everything off again for the neutral four feet then put your left foot on the back and put pressure on the left one for the one here was the complete left one then lifts the left leg and lowers it the left hip is back on the left foot, so the foot is spotted because he gave me a length to create here and with the exhalation it goes direction disturb rounder inhale left to stretch exhale knee towards forehead one has me again length and exhale her navel a kind of with Stretch and exhale the right diagonal arm towards you and sprayed wide on the back of the length of the right hand breathe in here breathe out knees and elbows want to find a length together exhale knee and 11 inhale and exhale knee and inhale find length and exhale everything will return to the neutral four feet then bring one leg one after the other back to yoga push-ups the so-called inclined plane and don’t let yourself fall in so much but instead of the puck, don’t give in so much up but makes the body stiff like a board hands are over the top shoulders navel pulls on it the pelvis gives slightly forward then breathes deeply one with the next sowing you have to follow in the back of your first gentle looking down dog like to keep your legs bend your back in the with the next one kind of commune on the tiptoe outside the right heel towards the book exhale with high toes on the left and inhale on the tip of your toes sowing my right heel towards the book inhale tiptoe exhale left inhale deeply tiptoe exhale both heels sink that kind of Commune on tiptoe and take a deep breath towards the thighs push create a lot of length in your back next inhale stretch your legs and exhale, let the ferry sink in the direction of the ground for the look down and impress the hands full in the mat and each other as if you could the mat Pushing it together at the front stands the buttocks backwards and at the same time up and creates here space between the individual vertebral bodies and when you leave from there here from step by step with your feet forward to the beginning of yours mat and come in the whole bend these are upper body depth no problems Lower back likes to grip opposite elbows so a bit from left to right which relaxes the head and neck and slow down again releases the hands and roll from here vortex for vertebrae upwards on the scalp last but not least for the upright standing and put your feet hip-width apart and make sure that the edges of your feet parallel coccyx sinks downward and gives slightly forward pelvis vertex pulls towards the sky mountain posture Gaddafi in the hands of half sun salutation breathe 1 likes to raise your arms over both sides after breathing out legs bent all over breathe in half bent forward long back Exhale very next inhale army opposite both sides gradually and exhale hands powerful foot breathe in again like this, raise arms, breathe out legs bend whole past inhale half preventively long exhale very next But now one has everyone over both sides and breathe out hands in front of their heart but pink inhale arms raise exhale flows into the whole by inhale bend your fingertips to exhale step into the inclined plane breathe in here breathe out guided over the knees look away like always in front of you guilt and too fetch lifts the upper body for the small group and pay attention to it that the elbows I make a wing to the side but the one elbows close to the body says one gets a little higher and exhale league with length again next one and shoulders roll back upper body lifting makes the cloth in here very slowly and nobody breathe in the back of the foot anyway and exhale again from the next one determined the feet Push back towards your heels and exhale, straighten your legs for the look down inhale exhale runners in the beginning of the man one get one half bend exhale fully bend forward when arms over both sides up and breathe out hands before breathe in again so breathe out flows into the whole pass back half a sequence, exhale, step back the for him inhale exhale guided lower elbows close to the body in made me shoulders roll back small curve and seeding mid-length refuse has me again lift a little curve and now release the hands of emmert hold this really only from the power of the lower back and impress all ten in the mat including the small one and puts the hands back up with it the intake and again a bit higher and with the exhalation league breathe in push yourself towards the rocks stand your feet and breathe out in the look down the dog inhale from here welcome to the mats beginning one half bend fingertips to the ground also inhale varieties whole raise arms over both sides and exhale hands before then the name remains pushes the arms breathe out through the strings flows into the whole breathe in as a preventive measure halfway to want to exhale inclined plane inhale here and exhale completely guided put the shoulders back over the knees to the floor little cobra longer neck from nobility medium length put down in front push yourself back direction heels turn over feet and exhale looking down a right leg Controlled lift up and exhale machete right and big step forward between the hands, the feet wander hip-width as if on two track and then let the knee aligned directly over the ankle left pointed raised the right hip pulls back then give strength to the legs and either come supported on the thighs or all the way up into the arms both sides up and sits deep and full inside warrior the left hip wants more forward, right back so that the hips are also here are leveled and let them be active through the fingertips upwards shoulders but deeply sing the name inhale here with the next exhalation bring your hands to the floor step in rush hour and take a deep breath the next unit mohib the left leg exhale left step forward between the hand the feet are again wide as on two tracks left knee With the left ankle aligned, bring the right heel with the hearing Next one and raise your upper body arms up over both sides pretty long the left hip wants more back the right forward and then like to boie the back leg slightly strive with the parting upwards and creating length in the lower back, the activity in the put your shoulders away from your ears breathe in here and with your fingertips next exhalation step into the dog looking down the feet are hip-width apart and the hands are fanned out and clenched math especially a lot of pressure in the thumb and forefinger with the next one Inhale walk with your hands towards your feet and then come to new york I put it on the middle of a mat breathe a backward lengthening sends the head towards the sky and then with the next exhalation, drones in your back, vortex by vortex in then lie on your back for the shoulder bridge wanda with your feet in front of you that you his fingertips can almost touch his heels put your pelvis crossed with your hands under your buttocks, back your shoulders together and there is pressure in the fist and in the feet with this inhalation alliance pelvis piece height the sternum wants tongue deep in and completely up and make sure that the feet are parallel and then there there is even more pressure in the basin of your feet in carinthia a little higher on don’t let your knees fall apart but instead energetically move towards each other towards the navel inward and tighten your face slowly the clasping of the hands on the shoulders comes apart again comes on tiptoe with the next agreement and then rolf vortex for whirl down pulls the knees to the pure embrace you make yourself one very small parcels then arrive when carl 7 lower back very enjoyable in the lower back a nice massage the circle in the other direction completely relaxed you can I want to be back in the middle one and stretches the arms out to both sides of the final lying one rotation throws a pelvis a bit to the right and keep your knees at hub height singing to the left, looking over to the right hand like to bring the left hand to the right knee and read it with the exhalation Right shoulder towards the floor singing focuses the breathing that the exhalation get longer than you inhale with the next one kind now bring your legs go back to the middle the pelvis piece to the left and leave the knee at the hub height singing to the right side the view goes to the opposite left is happy close your eyes and look very soft without looking anywhere to grip without focusing on something that is completely going on with the next one would breathe in the knees again to the middle hug the legs cd knees to yours loves to bring the head towards the forehead take a deep breath and get here the air on with the next exhalation that the Legs slide forward from com relaxed in the supine position and then remains like to relax here for a few minutes in your castle too to do this, roll your feet apart comfortably with the palms facing upwards and when you’ve had enough then slowly sit down over the side nice that you took part i hope you enjoyed it i like it leave feedback comment write me what you wish for in the future what she would like to learn and then I hope that we will meet very soon see you again on the yoga mat and do a lot of workouts together will be until then

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