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Yoga and Good Health

I first tried yoga when it was offered as a choice in physical education in high school. It didn’t feel like exercising at first, just some easy stretching. Then we got into some of the harder or more intense moves and I really felt the burn. But because I felt so good afterward, I continued to do some yoga. Now I am not one of those folks that can put my feet behind my head or balance on my hands while holding the rest of my body in a straight line, but I do enjoy the practice of the breathing and stretching to clear my mind and de-stress.

The Fear of the Unknown: Why Most Men Resist Yoga

Before yoga left India for its glossy makeover in the West, yoga was a practice offered only to boys, who would start to contort and bend their bodies from an early age as a part of, and not as the entire, practice of yoga. These boys follow a strict discipline to prepare their bodies and mind for a lifetime pursuit of an idealized state, often referred to as “samadhi,” which is too grand of a concept for a few words, but it could be understood as a total absorption of body and soul into the fabric of the universe. Most modern men who live in industrialized cities likely do not think that such an ethereal pursuit is essential to their livelihood and they are justified in their skepticism. After all, there are certain masculine goals that are a lot more visible in our era: a god job, lots of money, a fancy house, etc. It is then not surprising that men suffer more stress-related diseases than women and often have a shorter lifespan.

The Benefits Of Tantra Yoga for Women

Tantra yoga is a refined form of the ancient yogic sciences that calms the mind and promotes energy. It is quite different from conventional forms of exercise; we tend to consume energy in sports and other strenuous exercises, while tantra yoga actually generates energy. Taught by an experienced tantra teacher, tantric yoga is in fact a great boon to the modern woman.

Tibetan Yoga – Can It Really Help Lose Weight?

Are you looking for ways on how to lose weight? Want to find the right methods that will not tear you apart like strenuous physical activities and heavy gym equipment? Or maybe something better than fad diets that will not starve you to death or poison you gradually? If you want something new that can change not only your body shape but your outlook in life, then Tibetan Yoga is for you.

Is Yoga Good for Weight Loss?

If you take comfort in numbers, and you’ve been battling weight gain, you just might take comfort in knowing that about 40 percent of all adults in America are at least a little overweight. So you’re hardly alone in your probable disdain for the term “skinny jeans.” But let’s say you’re determined to put a little more distance between you and the rest of the adult population – not to mention you and the waistband of your “regular fitting jeans.”

Stretches To Grow Taller – How Yoga Can Help You Increase Your Height

There have been many discussions as to whether stretches to grow taller actually work and I am here to tell you that they really do and if you are interested in increase your height then something you may be interested in is taking up yoga! Why you ask? Below I will explain why this can be highly effective for anyone who wants to grow taller and what exercises you could go through even in the safety of your own home or even at the gym.

End Chronic Fatigue With Three Simple Yoga Techniques

Simple techniques found in yoga can help to ease fatigue — as a practitioner of Yoga, I’m often ask questions that pertain to Yoga. I feel most of the questions could be effectively clarified through meditation rather than from another person, but there are a few areas not often addressed with mainstream yoga techniques that I am pleased to share my thoughts and ideas about. Yoga techniques that helps to alleviate fatigue is one of them.

The Power and Growth of Hot Yoga

Since 1973 Hot Yoga has been the largest growing trend in the Yoga field. When studios began to open in Asia, they operated Hot Yoga classes for the first 3 years before other styles of yoga began to gain interest and popularity. And this has developed into a trend that began in the West Coast USA, and has been growing ever since, opening with studios opening internationally and inspiring new styles of Yoga, such as Bikyasa, or Hot Power Vinyasa, as it is commonly known on yoga schedules.

How to Maintain Health and Wellness With Yoga

Though often described as an optional health branch, yoga is a science in itself with intricacies that only the advanced teachers can explain. Though you can find many yoga masters in the west, most are born and educated in India.

Improve Yoga by Learning How to Clean a Yoga Mat

Clean-up of your yoga mat can be a ceremony in and of itself that you can set right into your day by day or weekly yoga sessions. Yoga need not be just about working out, it can be about a way of life.

The Benefits of a Hatha Yoga Practice

The Western world only now understands the benefits of yoga. The greatness and efficacy of yoga and its principles are being understood around the world and more and more people are enjoying its benefits.

Enjoying Hot Yoga

Hot yoga is popular today for it’s benefits of heating the body up and helping with muscular issues. Flexibility is enhanced as well.

Fitness From Surfing – Try Stand Up Paddle for Full Body, Core and Balance

Standup paddle (SUP) boarding is a relatively new yet a fast growing water sport. As one can decipher from its name, the sport of standup paddle boarding is a cross between the most popular water activities, that is, surfing and canoeing. Using a high surf-like board and paddles, the standup paddlers are able to garner a better view of the surroundings.

Find Inner Peace From Yoga

This article talks about different benefits that you can get from doing Yoga classes. This is perfect for people who are interested to try yoga.

Relieve Pain and Improve Functioning in Fibromyalgia Patients Through Yoga

Yoga has the power to cure and heal the ailments of Fibromyalgia patients. It has more impact than the medication used in this ailment.

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