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– Hey everyone, welcome to Yoga With Adriene. I’m Adriene and this is Benji and today we have another yoga for smugglers for you. So this one’s gonna help youslowly build stamina and help you feel good not just in yourbody but in your recollection as well. So hop on the rug and let’s get started.( luminous music) Alrighty chums, let’s begin standing today. Feet a little bit wider than hip diameter apart. And I merely wanna congratulate you, commend you, give you a virtualhug for taking the time to do this in addition to your feed tradition, your stream procedure. I think this is really importantand hopefully you can find what feels good here today whetherit’s in the body or precisely experiencing some quiet time to be still which we’ll do at the end of the practice. So important that we do thesethings in conjunction with our other rules so that we canfeel awesome and balanced and so that we can continue on. Alright, so Benji’s tired. He previously did his run.He’s takin’ a break.Let’s go ahead and bend the knees. We’re gonna send the trendies back. Thighs are strong here so engageand pass are gonna come right to the thigh bone. Then breath in, as you exhaleyou’re going to slowly drop back a little deeper into a squat. And as much as you can, try to resist this collapse of the shoulders so you’re gonna obstruct neat and long. Excellent. Then we’re going to turn the right toes out, turn the left toes out and then slowly trough the left shoulder into middle. Keep all four angles the feetrooted and turn your gaze to look past your privilege shoulder. You should feel an impressive opening in the left inner thigh, the left groin. We’re, of course, coming the hips opened by referring them mode back. Knees are stacked over the ankles. We’re breathing deep here. Spreading the sit bones left to right. Getting a nice construction in the thoracic. And the upper and lower back organization as well. Great, slowly come back to center. You’re going gonna go right into the other side.So if your legs are tired youcan take a rest in between but otherwise we’ll dip the right shoulder to hub. Same thing here. Breathing. Opening up through the privilege groin. Really considering if you can useyour breath to expand through all four areas of the torso here. Love it. Inhale, lengthen through the treetop. Maybe turn to look past your left shoulder a little bit more and then exhale.Let’s slowly come up. We’ll arrange the legs. We’re gonna turn the ends outfrom here so you can keep the toes exactly where they are. And we’re gonna bring the handseither to the heart or to the waistline so just whatever you prefer. And from here we’re going to lift the chest. Take a late gulp in, groundthrough the hoof and then you’re gonna gently, you’re not gonnacreate pressure but simply mash the glutes in, grip them in justa bit so you’re nice and participated kind of lighting up the core. Fabulous.Inhale in. Exhale, send the sits bones back. Peel, must be considered your hip wrinkles truly rind back as you look forward.Nice flat back sentiment now. Again, entrusts can be on waistline or pass at heart. Nice and easy. Lengthening through the part hamstring muscle now. Deep breath in. Exhale to come back up. Use your core, your core. Good, twice is that. Inhale in. Exhale. Nice and easy, would like to congratulate. Flat back position.Just do your best. Alright, delving into the heels to come back up. Reconnect with your breath andwe’ll do that one more time. Strong in the legs so liftyour kneecaps really a little here. Peel the hip puckers back. Beautiful, we’re kind of imagining the femur, the top of the thigh bone kindof hugging in as you send your hip grooves back. Awesome and then option for thisround to exhaust the fingertips down if it’s available to you. And you are eligible to even secrete theweight of the president down and embrace the joints. So an incredible and most therapeutic rule, stay wide-legged Forward Fold. Wherever you are take one more breath. And then use your breath andthat connection to center to slowly come back up through flat back position.And all the way back to stay. Great, let your fingertipsslowly dangle only down right at your feature torso. Feel the blood pour inverse tack. Inhale, pressure the shoulders of the ears. Exhale, stop them down .( rustles) Twice more like that.Inhale, wring and elevate. Exhale, drop it down .( sighs) Unwinding any tension in the baits, the shoulders that might have collected there. One more term, breath. And expel to drop it .( exhales) Beautiful. From here you can keep the toes where they are, hands can come to the waistline. We’re gonna choose exactly the ends in again. Beautiful then inhale in. Big power pose here. Exhale, you’re gonna bend just your claim knee. Time the right knee. Great. Now the hobo is gonna want tocome out here so try to keep the tailbone lengthening down. You’re going to really feel thisin the hip socket hopefully. Paws on the waistline. Beautiful, then straighten andthe fucking leg and you’re going to take it over to the left.Nice and easy. Left knee’s tracking left toes. Again, center butt normally isgonna want to come out here so lengthen tailbone down andlift up through the front figure. So maybe we create this collapsewhen we’re running we want to really train the body re-pattern to stack our spine in a way that will allow us to be the mostefficient in our movement.And when we’re moving efficiently then we’re able to create a more sustainablepractice which we’ll be able to grow which we’ll be able to getso many benefits physically but also mentally from.Okay, straighten that leg. We’re gonna do that one more time on each side but with the breath.So inhale in. Exhale, deflect your right knee. Sink low-toned. Inhale in to core. Dig into the heels. Exhale, bending your left knee, sag low-grade. So I’m really prolonging tailbone down here. Okay, cool. Rise up, keep the right toes where then there. You’re just gonna turn the left toes all the way in. And then, let’s actually grip the freedom end in exactly a little for a Pyramid Pose. So you’re gonna push the title trendy wrinkle back. Inhale in, hand on waistline or Namaste, Anjuli Mudra at the heart.And you’re just gonna take the halfway elevation again. Pulling the right hip creaseback, looking forward. Shoulders are gonna want to collapse now so keep it nice and open. Inhale in. Exhale out. Inhale in again. If it’s in your organization and it feels right, exhale, release the fingertips to the earth. Good, then everyone inhale to find expansion. Exhale to meet your channel all the back up. Nice and gradual and we’ll reversal it. So we’ll turn the right toes in, turn left to out. Pull the left hip crease in. Find that lengthening down through the back mas. Shoulders melt down the back. Shoulder blades,’ scuse me, melt down the back, soul lifts, inhale. Exhale, take it away. Breathing deep. Keeping the shoulders back. And then if it’s in yourpractice or if it feels right in your form perhaps exhausting the fingertips down for your final cycles/second of sigh. Beautiful, breath in. Exhale to slowly stimulate your path back up. Awesome, we’ll bring thefeet back underneath the trendies. Take a late breather in. And a long breath out. Awesome. From now we’re gonna cross the right ankle over the left.Inhale, contact for the sky. Exhale, take it down. Touch the toes. Beautiful, hang here for a cycles/second sigh in. And out. And then we’ll slowly inhale contact for the sky. Connect to your middle. You’re gonna step it back to hip extent apart. And then right back into theother side so cross the left leg over the right and when you’reready take the fingertips down contacting towards the toes. Don’t worry if you can’t get there straight off. That’s what we’re working on.That’s what we’re here to do. Make a cycle of breath here in. And out. Alright , now we’re gonna syncthat to a little breath here so you’ll inhale reach for the sky. Go hip width apart. We call this Volcano Pose. Full body awareness. Exhale, cross the right hoofed over, contact down towards the toes. Inhale, rise up. Ground through the foot. Exhale, fold. Left leg crossings over.Reaching towards the toes. Inhale, rise up. Exhale, sweeps and fold over. Inhale, rise up. Cross and fold over. And then one more time, justwith the resonate of your sigh. You got it. Beautiful, inhale, contact the fingertips up high-pitched. Feet hip width apart, Mountain Pose. Exhale, hands come to heart. Alright, from here zip the legs together, genuinely together. And nice and easy, inhale contact for the sky. Exhale, another Forward Fold this time with the feet together. And then from here you’re gonnaopen your foot up as wide as your yoga rug or, if you’re not on a mat, precisely a little bit wider than hipwidth apart and let your toes noted, fell out of the mat.Hi Benji. And nice and slow, shake it! You’re going to plummet your centerdown and we’re gonna come into a nice low diddly-squat. Now actually increased your breath here. If you need to lift the heels here, delight do. If you need to use your hands full palm or fingertips on the earth, please do. If it’s available, you might work to bring the palms together here. Big opening in the chest. No matter what variation you’re do plunging the shoulder blades again. Allowing them to melt down, down, down the back body. Take one large-scale gulp now. And then exhale to release. You’re going to come forwardonto all fours nice and easy. So you can center yourself on the rug. Let’s bathe it out with a bit spinal flexion. So inhale, descent the belly, open the chest. Exhale, round through. Inhale, lowering the belly, open your heart. And sharp-witted exhale as you round through the prickle. Good, inhale to a delightful neutral prickle, Tabletop Position, and from hereyou’re gonna curl the human rights of under, send the right legall the way out and then only attracted a semicircle with yourright toes all the way towards the left side of the mat.And then make your gaze to be addressed your privilege paw. Should feel frightening. Press into both palms evenly and, best you are eligible to, genuinely press away from your yoga matted. Getting a beautiful elongate in the right side body. Breathing into that title IT party, the front of the rightof crease, the psoas. Take one more breath.You got it. All the mode into the right neck. Yes, and then exhale, gradually fetching it back. Tabletop. Curl the left toes under this time. Kick it out whenever you’re ready. Then we’ll draw a semicircle the whole way around to the right side of the rug. Take your gape, your nose andlook at your left foot and feel that awesome opening and release in the left waist. Drawing a line from the left heel all the way to the left side of the neck. Great, slowly creating it back in. You’re going to stop theelbows now where the mitts were. And yogi’s select, you caninterlaced the fingertips now or you can keep the palmsrooted down for a forearm plank.Alright, so when you’re ready kicking both legs out. Shoulders are over the shoulders now. Neck is nice and long. Turning on the core just fora little lower back endorsement. We’re not going to be here long. So press away from your yoga matted. Building strength and stamina here. You can do some hip plunges if you want a little extra. Dipping left trendy down, right hip down. Otherwise time keep it nice, beautiful, aware. Static hamper. We’re here for ten. Nine. You got it. Eight, gaze directly down. Seven, six. Reach the heels back, five. Breathe deep, four. Three, two, on the one slowly lower your knees. Keep your shoulders where they are. Release the fingertips if theywere interlaced and you’re going to walk the hips back, walk the knees back. Puppy Posture. Start to open up to the shoulder girdle. Feel a freeing through the rib cage. Obviously great stretch in the back. Hips up high.Keep your toes, the transcends of yourfeet caressing down on the earth. Breathe, breathe, breathe. Great. Then slowly dig into the elbows. You’re gonna slide throughall the way to a Sphinx Pose. Inhale to open the chest. And then exhale, you’regonna bring your right elbow in towards the center of your mat. We’re gonna bend the left kneeand we’re going to reach back for a nice big-hearted quadruplet extend. So try not to collapse into your freedom shoulder here. You can work to slowly get that right, excuse me, left heel towardsyour left glute but clearly if it’s not there yet , no worries. We’ll only do our best. You can even grab your gasp leg or imagine.( snickers) Breathe, breathe, breathe. When you’re ready, sluggish and with domination liberate. We’ll switch to the other side.Bring the left elbow into the center line. Bend your freedom knee, contact behind. Notice if this one’s a little bit different. Only take your time. In time you can hook that shoulder over the toes maybe if the quads are really tight. No lethal reviews. Be kind to yourself, that’s why you’re here. Hey buddy , no. And then, again, with insure exhausting. Slowly generating a handsback underneath the shoulders. We’re gonna press back up and we’re to come all the way through. Swing the legs to one sideand come to lie on your back. Excellent. When you get there, bend the knees. Bring the hoof to the ground, we’re gonna kick the right foot up and we’re gonna cross theright ankle over the left thigh. Thread the needle here. You can grab and interlacebehind the left thigh here. I is hope that over the shinbecause it kind of hyperextends the knee and if you’vealready done a lot of activity, I think this is better.So maybe interlace behind the left hamstring. And then constricting the legs up towards the chest. Option to extend the left leg if you like. A little additional hamstring increase now. Perhaps option to rock a little side to surface. Now again, close your eyes now and Just breathe into the sensation. And then from here, slowlyrelease your left foot down. Keep your right paw going overyour left leg so you’re gonna cross it over your left leg andwe’re gonna alteration the hips to the right side of the matting andallow the value of the legs to continue their journeying down to the ground. You “shouldve been” and shocking lower lumbar turn here.You can open up to the right side. You can keep your handsresting gently on your rib cage. Whatever feels good.Bring the breather. A little lower back desire. And then slowly go ahead and exhaust that. We’ll draw the liberty hoof to the ground. Kick the left foot up high-pitched, cross it over the top of your freedom thigh. Same thing here.When you’re ready yarn the needle, lift the legs up. Breathing, breathing, breathingas you constrict your legs in. You can extend the right leg orwe can rock gently place to side. Or both. And then standing the rightfoot to come to the earth. Cross the left leg over the claim. We’ll switch the trendies, active switching, over towards the left side ofthe mat and when you’re ready continue the journey into this nice twist. Find what feels good now. These are the last few shapes ofour tradition so really just take some time here to be with the excitement. And then we’ll slowly begin to unravel. Release. We’re gonna just take a second now to windshield wiper the legs. Only detecting a bit internal gyration in the hip. Really take your knees to one side and then the other.Okay, good. And then we’ll come to one side. We’re gonna press up slowly. Come into our meditation tush. Really a second to get our thinkers right. To find stillness. You know, our passage practise is so much about ourmental headspace. It simply originates sense to me thatour cool down or these best practices that we do to make sure our programmes stand strong. Get strong and stand safe. It only spawns feel to me thatthey also incorporate a little nourishment for the brain. So as you’re ready, comeinto a delightful comfortable bench. You can allow your hands to merely dusk wherever they naturally did. Exactly delightful and purposeful. And sit up nice and tall. Close your eyes and be still. And we’ll finish with three depth gulps. Inhaling in through the nose. And as you’re ready, exhalingout through the nose or lip. Inhale in. And exhale out. And one final breath, breath in. Nice and easy as you breath out. Beautiful. Gently bring the palms together at the heart. Even if you time knew a tinybit of soothe now at the end, relish in it, adopt it and give thanks.Love you guys.Way to show up today. Take good care. We’ll finish by bowing head to heart. One final pull of the neck. A piou bowing. Namaste.( shining music ).

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