Yoga For Perimenopause: Hormone Balancing Yoga to Relieve Hot Flashes

Hatha Yoga Training

Hatha yoga training is the most common choice for many of the yoga practitioners who aspire to become successful yoga teachers. A full-time hatha yoga teacher training course, together with the preliminary basic training course, can exceed the specifications of the 500 hours program of the International Yoga Federation.

How to Become the Best Yoga Teacher With Training

Contrary to the popular belief, becoming a yoga teacher is not a very easy task. It is no wonder that many people compare a certification program to a major hindrance in their path. However, it is also a fact that the day a teacher gets his or her degree after their training; he or she considers it as a new beginning of the ultimate journey.

21 Days of Yoga – Probably the Easiest, Healthiest, Most Relaxing Way of Feeling and Looking Young

Yoga originally refers to the traditional physical and mental discipline which originated in India. In Hinduism, it pertains to a school of Hindu philosophy. It is defined as the total sum of activities-verbal, mental, and physical–in Jainism. Yoga then is simply the union and conjunction of the mental and physical areas of an individual, with the assumption of postures as the main form of exercise.

Health & Yoga

Disease is the disappearance of natural ease.Yoga philosophy aims at the prevention of the loss of our ease and peace. Most of the modern problems are due to wrong habits like — smoking, drinking alcohol, eating the wrong foods, over eating and stress.

Yoga Transformation – Easy As 1, 2, 3

Many people practice yoga for fitness or for therapeutic reasons, but not so many are in touch with the deeper dimension of yoga-spirituality-in the West. This is no surprise when spirituality is a life-long commitment to ethics and values, continuous improvement and reflection on life.

Yoga Teacher Training Course

Yoga, the sound word, is possibly derived from Sanskrit. “Yuj” which means to “yoke, join or unite” implies “joining or integrating” all aspects of an individual – the mind with the body and those with the soul – to achieve a happy, balanced and useful life. Yoga also facilitates the union of the spirit of an individual with the supreme creator.

Yoga Sequence For Beginners – How to Reduce Neck and Shoulder Tension

Do you spend a large portion of your day at work using a computer? After working for a period of time, how do you feel when you get up to take a break? Most likely, when you stand up, your neck and shoulders feels stiff and sore, or your lower aches and feels tight. Yoga offers you an easy and effective way to reduce neck pain and release shoulder tension.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Natural Yoga Mat

What is the most recommended yoga mat and what are the advantages of using one? Well this article will endeavor which mat is best suited for you and why it is so. The natural mat is the best one so far. It is getting many of good reviews ever since its first appearance in the market. The materials used in this are pure rubber extracts.

Stress Management – Yoga – An Ancient Practice For Modern Stress Relief

If you’re looking for an enjoyable way to reduce stress, then consider doing some yoga. Learn how to use this ancient practice to reduce the stresses of the modern world.

Explaining the Tibetan Five Rituals

The Tibetan Five Rituals or rite is a series of yoga exercises designed to refresh the body and mind. They synchronize all of you body zones so that work together instead of against each other.

Yoga Basics and Their Effect on the Yoga Practitioners

Yoga is undoubtedly the best remedy for almost all kind of diseases. But there are few yoga basics that make yoga complete.

Yoga For Beginners – Five Easy Ways to Improve Your Yoga Practice

Have you recently started to practice yoga? Or been to a few classes? The following five tips will help gain greater value from your yoga practice.

Practicing Hatha Yoga For a Better Life

Hatha Yoga is based on a principle that a strong balance has to be achieved among mental, emotional, physical and spiritual states. Basically, it emphasizes that these states should be in harmony with sun, moon, earth and water.

Are You Considering Yoga Teacher Training?

Once you start practicing yoga, there are very few people who don’t develop a love for it. It’s difficult not to, after all you’re likely to experience not only a boost in your overall health but also an increased level of relaxation as well.

Infertility Yoga – How it Can Help You Conceive

Infertility Yoga can bring a lot of hope to your situation if you are struggling with infertility problems. This form of Yoga has its focus in strengthening the reproductive system by relaxing the mind and body. Normally practiced to enhance health and well-being, the ancient Indian tradition of Yoga is very effective in dealing with problems concerning sexuality and infertility.

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