Yoga for Nausea Relief, Morning Sickness, & Fatigue (20-min)

The Purpose of Yoga – Creating the World From Within

Here is a riddle: What is the number one objective of all men and women? Once you find it, possession of it will be difficult. Here is a hint: People will give anything and everything to possess it, but it is illusive, a rare find, and not easy to hold onto.

The Purpose of Yoga – Creating Happiness From Within

The ancient Yogis created a science of breathing, which we know as Pranayama, but very often new Yoga students do not see the higher value in this practice. The new Hatha Yoga student may only see a value in the physical Yoga postures.

Yoga – Harmony Of Body

Although one is not a sport, the Hatha Yoga (Yoga for the Health) is the one that you will be able to make, of initial form in center of Yoga. Its practice develops our physical part looking for the balance of the different flows from energy of our body. In fact, a session of Yoga is made up of a set of exercises based on the accomplishment of different positions that will help to obtain optimal to a muscular tone and a flexibility.

The Stratospheric Rise Of Yoga Brings Opportunities And Challenges

To match the increasing demand for yoga, more and more yoga centers are opening all the time. For those of us looking for something new, or just starting out for the first time, the choices can be daunting. As you search for a yoga style that suits you, if you don’t find the right yoga style or teacher right away, then keep looking. With so many options you’re bound to find something soon enough. The health benefits of yoga are worth the search and you’ll learn plenty about yoga, your body and yourself along the way.

Yoga, Dogma, And Faith

Can Christians practice yoga? This article explores what yoga exercises really do, and seeks to rectify some of the misunderstandings around the subject.

Office Yoga – Four Physical Techniques for Corporate Yoga

Which asanas and techniques would work best in an office, when space is an issue for office Yoga classes? Pranayama is most important, but let’s look at solutions for Yoga posturing, and getting better blood circulation in the legs, within a finite amount of space.

The Purpose of Yoga – Inspiration and Goals

People often say, “Yoga is not about goals.” “Yogis should sit on a mountain top and meditate.” “Yoga is not about competition.” In each of these statements – there is some truth, but not the whole truth. Patanjali must have had goals to write and complete the Yoga Sutras.

Everything People Need To Know About Yoga

When those who don’t know about yoga think about it they imagine someone who is impossibly supple stretching into all kinds of positions that the majority of us would find it impossible to achieve. However yoga isn’t complicated and can be undertaken by anyone of any age. Yoga isn’t all about getting into impossible positions, there is so much more to it that that and yoga can benefit people by a wide variety of things not only illness.

Certifications For Yoga

You can be one of those special people that make a career out of yoga. If you are interested in teaching yoga on a full time basis, you will need to get yourself a certification in the practice of yoga. You will need to provide yourself with a college enrollment in one of the better colleges that will teach not only the yoga poses but also the religion behind the exercises and the Indian culture.

The Purpose of Yoga – Accepting Change

If we observe the Yamas and Niyamas, or The Ten Commandments, we should not change our morality because it is in fashion. On the other hand, our neighbors may be of a religion, which we do not really understand.

How to Succeed as a Yoga Teacher

Upon successful graduation from a Yoga teacher training course, many new Yoga teachers feel they still need some direction. After spending five months, up to years, with a Master Yoga teacher, Swami, or Guru, the new Yoga teacher has left the nest, but where should he or she go from there?

The Purpose of Yoga – Building Self Image

Many times, Yoga teachers refer to the inner self or the observer from within. In a Yoga class, you may be instructed to observe without judgment, but how can we stop judging? We judge things all day long.

The Purpose of Yoga – Finding Yourself

If you are able to handle any situation that “comes your way,” your mind and body have been trained, conditioned, and prepared, for most of what life has to offer. It is not a coincidence when someone responds to a stressful situation with logical solutions and answers.

Yoga – Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is an ancient practice that helps create a sense of union in body, mind, and spirit. The most important benefit of yoga is physical and mental therapy.

Classes Providing You A Way To Get Certified In Yoga

Have you ever thought that you may like to try to practice yoga? Does it seem to be a fun and exciting thing for you?

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