Yoga for Miscarriage Recovery | Healing Meditation and Visualization

Yoga Business Plans Need Proper Information

You may be a good teacher of yoga. But this does not qualify you as a master of making yoga business plans. Preparing such plans requires hard work and lots of information. Being a yoga teacher you may dream of opening a yoga institute though. But making a business plan for this may be a tough deal.

Yoga Cures Rheumatic Fever

Ayurveda, a science of life, states that Rheumatic fever occurs due to accumulated ama in combination with the aggravation of vata dosha and can be cured by its ayurvedic herbal formulations accompanied by modified diet, life style and a regular yogic practice which is tailored according to individual body constitution. Yogic management of Rheumatic fever includes…

Yoga For The Elderly

Growing old is also the time when you are more susceptible to some ailments. This makes the application of yoga for the elderly even more important. The best of all the good qualities of yoga for the elderly is the chanting of Om at the end of every class.

Facial Yoga – Is This The New Face Lift?

While it is undeniable that the benefits of yoga are endless and far reaching many are still skeptical of a new trend being called yoga facial toning. The yoga element will definitely produced positive results but does it actually give you a face lift without the surgery?

How to Choose Your Yoga Pants

Be a fashionista Yogi. We’ll teach you how to pick the perfect pair of yoga pants for your next session; because you need to stay free, relaxed, and beautiful no matter how tough the yoga positions go.

Warming-Up for the Yoga Poses

Doing a warm-up is necessary before the actual yoga poses. Yoga is a powerful activity that’s why you should condition both you mind and body before your session starts.

Tantric Yoga Positions

Tantric yoga positions should be started with a mind free from impurities and full of peace. It can help you get away from the bad habits of smoking and drinking.

The ABC’s of Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga focuses on the release of serpent power or Kundalini energy located down at our spine. Thus, it is considered to be the most powerful type of yoga.

The Healing Powers & Benefits of Yoga

The calming effect and health benefits of yoga give a generous impact for the body and mind. It helps a person relax and exercise at the same time. It is indeed a total healing.

Reduce Neck and Shoulder Tension – Four Simple Yoga Practices to Reduce Neck Pain

Do you suffer from neck pain, tense shoulders and stress? Four simple yoga stretches and breathing techniques to ease tension, stiffness and pain in your body.

Become a Certified Yoga Teacher – Do You Have a Passion for Your Job?

Among Yoga teachers, there is a common thread, which we may refer to as a “calling” toward teaching classes. A passion stirs inside each one of us to become a yoga teacher because we see how much the Yogic path has helped us personally. We see what a difference Yoga can make in any person’s life.

Yoga For Losing Weight

With America tipping the scales on obesity, and weight-related health problems, it is more important than ever for all of us to stay fit. Many of us have already gone past the ideal weight category. We need to find our way back to a healthy, fit form. Yoga cannot entirely replace the benefits of regular aerobic activity, such as walking, but yoga can provide the basis for a healthier lifestyle.

Yoga Instructor Ethics

The mission of a yoga instructor should be to serve the needs of the students in the class. That cannot be accomplished if intimate relationships are being cultivated with students, and unhealthy emotions blur the student-teacher boundary.

Yoga Ethics For Instructors

No overruling organization for yoga instructors determines official, professional behavior standards, or even certification. Yoga professionals still debate over where certain lines should be drawn. Yet, certain ethics are inherent in the yogic path, and yoga instructors will do well to adhere to them.

Yoga and Back Pain

Yoga increases flexibility by stretching and lengthening the muscles of the body. Stretching is a big help for any kind of back pain. Yoga poses require students to stretch and hold their bodies in a variety of ways that lengthen interconnecting muscles.

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