Yoga for Men – How to Start Yoga as a Man (Tips, Tricks and Advice)

Yoga and the Economy, Part II – The Economy of Yoga

Learn why yoga is perfect for the everyday person in economic hard times. This article explores the words of two modern yoga masters who describe the purpose and benefits of yoga for the average individual. This article then introduces three limbs of yoga which contain exercises and observations particularly suitable for dealing with the elements of a recession.

What is Yoga? 101 Bite Sized Answers

“What is yoga?” is answered in 101 bite-sized pieces. Yoga for real life – and the answers have little to do with whether you can put your foot behind your head. Quick, useful, elegant explanations for what yoga is and how to apply the teachings to your life. Yoga for the rest of us.

Yoga For Happiness – Santosha For Successful Relationships

How can Yoga help someone with establishing and maintaining good relationships? Successful relationships require mutual effort from both sides. Whether a relationship is with someone at work, at home, or with a friend, there is a need to maintain a stable connection.

Five Reasons Why an Online Yoga Teacher Certification Course May Be Right For You

There are many reasons why an instructor or intern would take a Yoga teacher training course online, or through correspondence. The following is a short list of reasons why established teachers and potential interns would consider online, or correspondence, Yoga teacher training programs.

Questions About Yoga Teacher Certification Through Correspondence Courses

Have you ever been curious or skeptical about how correspondence courses, for Yoga teachers, work? Below is a question and answer session about educating Yoga instructors through distance learning. These courses are online, or correspondence programs, designed for the education of new, or established, Yoga teachers.

Yoga For Happiness – One Key to Successful Relationships

Jnana Yoga is often considered the “Yoga of truth.” This form of truth, in Yoga practice, is found through self-discovery and by carefully performing honest self-analysis. Yet, all that we change from within will not change the world around us, unless we interact with it.

Teaching Hatha Yoga – What to Do With the Competitive Student

Have you ever wanted to stimulate your competition-minded students, but, at the same time, were concerned about safety precautions? Here is an example of a way to design lesson plans for new Yoga students with limited range of motion, but who thirst for a challenge.

Teaching Hatha Yoga – Explaining the Benefits of Relaxation

Among the many benefits of Hatha Yoga practice is enjoying a state of relaxation. If you have been practicing Yoga for a while, you might think this is a “no brainer.” Yet, you cannot expect someone who has never practiced Yoga before, to automatically know the benefits.

Hatha Yoga – Preventing Anxiety in Trying Times

How can Yoga help you overcome anxiety in the worst of times? For some people, life is a good dream; for others, it is a daily nightmare, and for the vast majority of us, it depends on the circumstances. If you look at a list of symptoms for anxiety, it is very diverse, but Yoga has many diverse techniques to address each one of them.

Thick Yoga Mat – What You Need to Know

In my experience Yoga is one of the most enriching and invigorating forms of exercise you can do. It can compliment the workout regime of the most active health enthusiast as well as enable simple and easy physical activity for those who are quite sedentary during the day. This includes 9-5 office workers who are at a desk all day.

Basics and Benefits of Yoga

Can the power of yoga really cure us? Is it true that if you have a medical ailment, yoga could be the answer to your prayers? Have you heard about the story of Sue Cohen? She is an accountant, 54 years old who was diagnosed with breast cancer. She claims that after her surgery, she could not lift her arm at all. That was around 5 years ago.

Yoga Myths BUSTED

As a yoga teacher who primarily focuses on teaching yoga to absolute beginners, I know that there are lots of questions out there about what exactly yoga is. Each time I begin a new session with beginner yoga students, we spend some time in the first class discussing what yoga is, and what yoga isn’t. We also dispel some of the misunderstandings that people may have about what it is that we are going to do in our Absolute Beginner Yoga class.

Top Yoga Cures For Winter Blues

The middle of winter can be a depressing time for most of us! But there is hope – read these 10 quick yoga and health tips which will cheer you up in no time. From Dru meditation techniques to mood-boosting smoothie recipes to ways to make your baths a divine experience – winter blues will become a thing of the past when you use these entertaining tips.

8 Tips on How Yoga Can Help You to Stop Worrying

Most of the time we worry about petty issues. We take pleasure in worrying about things. This article provides tips on how to use yoga to stop worrying.

How to Choose the Perfect Yoga Class For Your Type

Given the endless choice of yoga styles, how can you find a yoga class that’s right for you? What are the four questions you can’t afford not to ask your new yoga teacher to make sure you are in safe hands? Take the mystery out of choosing the perfect class for your fitness level and aspirations. The most popular styles of yoga are reviewed, and you’ll learn which style matches your body type the best.

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