Yoga for Men | Episode 16

Are You Looking For an Ashtanga Yoga Mat?

Jenna had never really been into exercising or working out all that much, but when her doctor made the recommendation that she start getting some regular exercise, she started looking into yoga. Since she never exercised before, she had no fitness apparel to wear to class, but she quickly found some great options at a local department store. The yoga studio had suggested that she bring her own Ashtanga yoga mat to class, too, but Jenna didn’t know where to buy this.

What Do You Look For With Clothes for Yoga?

Shawna had been attending a weekly yoga class for about a month. She was a regular at the gym, and so she had some running-style shorts and tank tops that were her usual workout clothes, but these clothes seemed really out of place and uncomfortable to wear to the class. Shawna felt as though she was constantly having to rearrange her clothes or adjust the positions of her clothes slightly because of issues with her apparel.

Are You Looking for Good Yoga Information?

Francine had recently divorced her husband of fifteen years, and she was feeling frazzled to say the least. When she looked in the mirror, she saw a stressed out, middle aged woman who was not in the best physical shape of her life. One of her good friends was talking about this same subject with her recently, and she suggested that Francine try yoga because it could help her to feel more centered, as well as improve your stress and fitness levels.

What Are Some Specific Prenatal Yoga Tips?

Bridget recently found out that she was ten weeks pregnant. This was her second child, and while her first pregnancy was relatively easy, she didn’t want to push it in regards to exercising. Since Bridget had been active before pregnancy, her obstetrician told her to continue with light exercise like prenatal yoga.

What Type of Yoga Clothing for Women Should You Buy?

Rachel recently started looking into taking a yoga class for strengthening and toning after her doctor made the recommendation. Rachel wasn’t quite sure if yoga was the right option for her, and after discussing her concerns with a friend, her friend invited Rachel to attend the weekly class she went to. After the class, Rachel was thrilled with how great she felt, and she signed up to take the class with her friend on a weekly basis.

What Types of Clothes for Yoga Class Should Be Purchased?

Sarah was so excited for the opening of the new yoga studio downtown. Her best friend Mindy had been working hard to prepare the place with the right kind of equipment, even having a small area for yoga clothes. This was ideal since they lived in a smaller community and someone would have to drive a hour for clothes or order them online ordinarily.

Why Is a Bikram Yoga Mat Required?

Toni looked up and down the list of workout classes at the local wellness center and came across, “Bikram yoga class”. What? She had heard about other yoga classes, but had never seen this one before.

Are You Shopping for Yoga Clothes for Women?

Sarah loved to workout, and she spent three or four afternoons a week at the gym doing various workout classes or hitting the cardio and weight machines. Because she spent so much time working out, she had an extensive wardrobe of fitness apparel. So when Sarah signed up to take a yoga class at a local yoga studio, she didn’t think twice about what she would wear.

Are You Interested in Yoga Tips to Make Your Classes More Enjoyable?

Megan used to love going to her yoga class, and had been going to the same class two times each week for many months. When she first started going to this class, she would leave the class feeling relaxed and invigorated by the workout. In more recent months, however, she often left the class feeling letdown and as if she wasn’t getting quite as much of a workout as before.

What Should You Look For in a Bikram Yoga Mat?

Donna had been taking a traditional yoga class for years. She started in a beginner class and has worked her way up to more challenging poses offered in an intermediate-level class. Because she has been so involved in yoga for years, she had a huge selection of yoga clothing for women in her closet as well as an Ashtanga yoga mat.

Are You Looking for Yoga Tips for Weight Loss?

Mikayla’s doctor recently told her she needed to not just get some more exercise, but that she needed to lose several pounds as well to improve her health. Mikayla considered various fitness activities, and she kept coming back to yoga. Yoga had always interested her simply because it just looked interesting and relaxing, but she wasn’t sure if taking a yoga class would actually help with weight loss.

What Are Different Kinds of Yoga Programs?

The scale kept going up and Mark decided he needed to make some changes. His doctor said he needed to lose 30 pounds and recommended yoga as one of his options. He also suggested several yoga programs in the area that were offered at a local wellness center.

Are You Looking for the Best Yoga Mat for You?

Kim had an immune disorder that required her to be extra diligent about hygiene. She had heard from a few friends how dirty communal mats at yoga studios and gyms were, and so when she signed up to take a yoga class, she knew she needed to bring your own mat to class right from day one. She really wanted to take some time to sort through the options available to find the best yoga mat for her.

How Will Learning Yoga Information Help You Become Prepared?

Cindy had started to become frustrated with her ashtanga yoga instructor and decided to look into other class options. The next day she found out that there was a Bikram yoga class starting in two days, so she made some calls and found out what she needed to do to attend. Cindy also asked what specific yoga information was needed to come to class.

What Qualities Are Needed When You Purchase Yoga Clothing for Women?

Jaime was helping her sister Audrey purchase yoga clothes, as she needed some new additions. Audrey had been wearing the same clothes for several years and it was obvious. This is why Jaime suggested going to the mall and seeing what they could find.

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