Yoga for Fertility, Conception, and Creativity (35-min) Second Chakra Yoga Flow

Teaching Peace in Yoga Class

In conjunction with the Global Mala Project designed to unite the worldwide yoga community on the UN International Peace Day (September 22, 2007) I have been inspired to teach yoga this fall through the mantra of yoga as peace in action.

The Purpose of Yoga – Self-Worth and Action

The fact that you are reading this article is not a coincidence. You saw the title and decided to take action (Karma). The next logical step is the realization that you are constantly required to take action in order to succeed in life. We cannot completely give up on life, while we exist on this earth. So, as long as we are living, we might as well take positive action, which bears fruit (Vipaka).

What is Advanced Yoga Training for Stress Solutions?

How can an ancient health maintenance system, such as Yoga, have stress solutions that apply to the people of today? Yoga has not stood still for the last 5,000 years. In fact, Yoga is a science, which constantly grows and evolves with each passing day. Therefore, Yoga has evolved to face humankind’s daily problems.

The Purpose of Yoga – Affirmations for Self-Worth

Yoga offers many methods for increasing self-worth. Feeling worthy is a daily struggle for most people. Affirmations are much like Japa – in that they should be repeated mentally throughout the day. This can also stop the obnoxious craving many of us have for constant praise. Many people like to talk about themselves, but the true motive behind this is to seek outside approval.

The Purpose of Yoga – Stress Coping Solutions for Survival

Let’s look at some of the contributions Yoga has made in the field of stress management over the past 5,000 years. With that said, we know that Yoga is the oldest existing form of stress management. People have always had stress, when gathered into cities, but why do we see higher stress levels in concentrated populations?

Mind Body and Spirit Yoga – Benefits of Yoga for the Mind and Body

For years mind body and spirit yoga has been used for many forms of healing and relaxing and its benefits have been proved over and over. There are many forms of yoga and finding information on the web can be overwhelming.

Ten Reasons to Attend a Yoga Retreat

Have you ever been on a yoga retreat? If not what is holding you back? The cost of the retreat is well worth the benefits. Read on to find ten of many reasons to attend a yoga retreat.

Yog Versus Yoga

Is Yoga, also known as Yog, the philosopher’s stone whose touch can rid mankind from all sufferings and miseries? Will Yog bring self-realisation to man and help him in finding the answer to his eternal question: Who am I? Read on to know the answer.

Practice Hard, Heal Fast? – Yoga Flexibility & Stretching Exercises

As a yoga teacher, I’m always telling students to go slowly, breath deeply, and take it easy; but there’s always one person who doesn’t hear a word I’m saying… the guy who grits his teeth, grunts, moans, and sprays sweat across the room every time there’s a posture change.

Ultimate Hip Mobility – Yoga Flexibility & Stretching

ULTIMATE HIP MOBILITY with 3 Poses practiced for 10 minutes per day. The two big muscles that are often blamed for tight hips (though they’re not the only culprits) are the iliacus and the psoas – sometimes called the hip flexors or iliopsoas. These tough tissues enable us to lift our legs when we’re lying on our back, or lift up our torso in a sit-up.

Go Deep in Backbends – Yoga Flexibility & Streching

Most yoga students HATE backbends, but desperately want to learn them. The truth is that most yoga teachers also HATE backbends, so often they don’t teach them very well or very often. WHY ARE BACKBENDS SO HARD? Backbends shouldn’t really be called “backbends”, but instead “full body bends” because they involved so much more than just your back.

Student Can Do Yoga to Soothe Anxiety, Depression and Insomnia

Many students have used a yoga program, under supervision from a yoga specialist and their physician, to go off antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications. It’s a complex process that involves a combination of active yoga and restorative yoga.

The Mind – Body – Spirit Connection to Good Health Through Yoga

It is generally accepted that what the “mind conceives, the mind achieves” well, this is true of health too. If you see yourself as healthy and happy you probably are. Yoga has utilized this approach for centuries revealing to literally millions of people the joys of how a healthy mind and body will translate into all other facets of your life.

Yoga Primer 101

Yoga supports a holistic approach to medicine, and thereby fitness. Yoga is one of the few practices that looks at the big picture of your overall health and allows you to take care of your entire mental and physical wellbeing.

Teaching Hatha Yoga – Discount Offers and Free Classes

Have you ever wondered what draws, and keeps, students in your Yoga classes? The answer is quite simple – All you have to do is look in the mirror. During the course of a week, I am lucky enough to speak with Yoga teachers from around the world, so I will give you an inside story.

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