Yoga For Energy And Focus – A Yoga Flow For Women

Pilates Outfits – Pilates Made More Comfortable With the Right Clothes

Pilates is currently one of the most popular physical fitness methods that is suitable for both men and women. The moves help strengthen your muscles, improve your flexibility, and teach control and balance while improving your physical and mental well-being.

Yoga – The Best Exercise For Total Wellbeing

When you are looking for a way to relieve stress, a way of toning up, and getting in touch with your entire spiritual and physical being, then you might want to think about yoga and meditation. Yoga is both physical and mental. The muscles and postures you use help your breathing, and give you muscle tone, but yoga also helps you deal with stress.

Sex and Health – Part 3

Sex and Health with Back Pain is a patient guide to restoring sexual abilities lost to back pain. Raise your hand if you have ever felt the stirrings of arousal but were so tired you opted for bed instead (I know my hand went up on this question, when I realized the connection between sex and yoga it took me to a whole new level in both areas).

10 Great Reasons to Go on a Yoga Retreat

Are you continuously running around endlessly finishing that famous TO Do list? Do you ever see the light at the end of the tunnel? Most of us are operating on a sub-conscious level and routine- based life. But when we DO get a glimpse of the present moment ( I do when I practice or teach yoga especially), we realize that it is time to take a good break and breathe. It makes us happier. While you don’t need any reason to take a good break, like going on a yoga retreat, I’ve compiled 10 reasons why you should.

Tibetan Yoga

I consider Tibetan Yoga the forgotten yoga. Classic Tibetan Yoga is a series of five postures. I have updated the Five Tibetans into a series that I believe is better.

The Yoga Sutra

The Yoga Sutra, one of the six darshanas in the Hindu school of philosophy, is a set of 95 aphorisms written somewhere between 1,700 and 2,200 years ago by the Indian philosopher Patanjali. Patanjali is said to be the compiler, not author, of the Sutras as they were traditionally for generations passed down by memory from teacher to student. This does not lessen the impact Patanjali had on the world of yoga. His assemblage of this once oral tradition formed the theoretical and philosophical base for all Raja Yoga and is still considered one of the most organized and comprehensive definitions of this practice.

The Bhagavad Gita

The Bhagavad-Gita, the most famous of all yoga texts, is a passage of 701 verses in the Mahabharata, one of the three major ancient Sanskrit epics of India and is said to be one of the three longest epic poems in the world. The Gita, as it is commonly referred, recounts the conversation between Arjuna, the reluctant warrior, and Krishna, his spiritual advisor, just prior to the climactic war on the battlefield of Kurukshetra where Krishna reveals that he is God Himself. Essentially, the dialogue between these two men, accounted over the eighteen chapters of the text, explains the meaning and purpose of life and existence.

Yoga’s History and the Different Styles of Today

Although the exact origins of yoga are unknown, it is thought to be about 5000 years old. The earliest indication of the practice can be traced to what is now known as Pakistan where stone sculptures of figures in poses and meditation were discovered. The earliest traces of written reference to yoga came about 3500 years ago in the form of the Vedas. The Vedas, also known as the Upanishads, spoke of yoga, sacrifice and ritual. They wrote, “When the five senses and the mind are still, and reason itself rests in silence, then begins the path supreme.” This calm steadiness of the senses is called yoga.

Yoga For Beginners – Four Essential Yoga Breathing Exercises to Cleanse and Strengthen Your Body

If you are new to yoga, it is essential you learn how to breathe correctly. To help you gain a better understanding of your breath, try the following breathing exercises. As you practice your breathing exercises, you will notice your mind feels calmer, steadier and you are more able to focus.

Living Om – Yoga, Fun and Fitness For Kids 2-6 Years Old

In today’s fast paced world it has become very challenging for many parents to commit the amount of time required to connect with their children. Through yoga we can hope to attain skills in overcoming these challenges to you, the significant adults in children’s lives. How can Living Om benefit children?

Natural Yoga – Your Body’s Inert Ability to Heal Itself

Just what is yoga? Practiced in India for centuries, it is now a health rage everywhere. Some even claim that it has Hinduism practices tied to it. How can one benefit from it?

Cotton Yoga Mat and Yoga

During a yoga session, complete relaxation and proper concentration are essential, and how could one get connected to the higher realms of consciousness if body discomfort is disturbing? The choice of the wrong yoga mat can often ruin the practitioner’s efforts to achieve some form of mental relief by the asanas. A cotton yoga mat for instance could provide just the comfortable and peaceful space you need to perform the body postures in the safest and best of conditions.

Yoga and the Economy

It is fall 2008. We have a new president-elect, the holiday season is in our presence, and snow is falling here on a beautifully thick gray day in Midwest America. Normally, based on these factors-being an especial lover of gray late-autumn days–I would say things are good.

Yoga for Weight Loss

There are many weight loss programs available in the United States today, but using yoga for losing weight has many advantages over the vast majority of programs out their. Obesity in the United States is at an alarming rate and increasing.

When Yoga Sets Your Emotions in Motion

In yogic terms, there is no separation between mind, body and spirit. The three exist in union. What happens to the mind also happens to the body and spirit. If something is bothering you mentally or emotionally, it is likely to show up in your body. As you work deeply with your body in yoga, emotional issues are likely to come to the surface. Yoga asanas (poses) help us focus our minds and release any inner tension we may be holding in our bodies.

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