Yoga for Core – Strength & Flexibility Slow Burn Workout At Home

Why Do You Want to Become a Yoga Teacher? – Seminars

For some of us, that question could easily be re-phrased as, “Why did I want to teach Yoga classes?” Whether you are thinking about teaching Yoga in the future, or have been for the past ten years, it is good to review where you have been, where you are, where you are going, and why you are on the journey.

Teaching Hatha Yoga – Creative Networking

For Yoga teachers, who work as independent contractors, this economy is a test of creativity. Although there may be class cutbacks, at your local health club, a local chiropractic clinic may be searching for a Yoga instructor to work “in house.”

Yoga Certification – The Gateway to the Job of Your Dreams

When discussing teaching Yoga for a living, you might not think you deserve to be happy, while performing work. This seems to be the main objection to a rewarding career: “It’s not a real job, unless you are suffering miserably.”

Yoga in Practice – More Yogic Tips For Time Management

Yoga teaches us to “live in the moment,” but how can we apply this principle toward time management? We often hear people say, “I need more time,” but how can we get more than 24 hours out of a day? Truthfully, we only have 24 hours, so there must be something to getting the most out of each day.

Discover How to Develop Siddhis – The Pscychic Mind Powers of the Yogis

For centuries the Yogis of India have been perfecting the mastery over their mental powers. Discover what some of the things they can do and how you can train yourself to develop the same psychic mind power.

Chanting – An Integral Part of Yoga

Chanting is an integral part of yoga practice. Using sound waves to attune your body, mind and breath.

Yoga For Back Pain Part 3

Exercises You should start yoga exercises the moment you decide to get pregnant and continue with your exercises until the last month. The targeted yoga exercises for low back pain works systematically on the lumbar sacral region. By giving your back pain a little more attention as soon as it surfaces, you can control it very effectively; especially with the help of yoga exercises.

What is Holy Yoga?

Holy Yoga is a spiritual practice of mind, body, and soul with reliance on God. Holy Yoga provides an opportunity for Christians and spiritual seekers to grow closer to God through physical movement.

Yoga and Love, Part II

Love is the feeling of being complete, of oneness, of wholeness. We feel love when we are united with our deepest Self. Without that, can we feel truly united with another?

Yoga and Love – Part I

Tales of love surround us. Popular songs, amorous movies, romance novels, grocery-store tabloids-all sell “love.” Yet do these starry-eyed dramas rife with reckless and chaotic emotions truly portray its ways? Passion and possessiveness, jealousy and infatuation – can these be love? Don’t these actually reduce the expansive love of the Spirit to grasping, grabby desires of the ephemeral flesh?

Yoga With Intensity, Not Force

As teachers, we must ensure that our students work intensely, yet without force. We generally assume that working forcefully is working intensely. Not so! Force is the opposite of true intensity. We force when we are not fully present in the body, not listening, not aware, not alert – just working blindly.

Yoga and Kindness

Once I was teaching in Idaho, and the class was full of beginners. I noticed two older men in the back of the room, struggling with every move they made. I gave them my best despite their lack of promise, and treated them with kindness.

Yoga For Back Pain – Part 2

A double blind study published in the December 2005 edition of the Annals of Internal Medicine showed that 3 months of a specifically designed yoga practice gave significant relief to subjects suffering chronic back pain. Even the doctors now understand the importance of yoga and advise pregnant women to practice yoga for back pain.

Yoga For Back Pain – Part 1

Many back pain sufferers find yoga to be very effective in reducing their pain. Yoga with a series of yoga poses designed to support back health and relieve back pain through the continued practice of yoga. Basic Flexibility for pain prevention, with a series of poses and designed to prevent back pain through improving basic spinal flexibility, strengthening the core and the spinal support muscles, and becoming comfortable with the movements that control flexion and extension of the spine.

How to Choose a Great Yoga Mat the Easy Way

Want to find the best yoga mat for you? Yoga mats come in many shapes and sizes. Let’s discover how to find your perfect mat.

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