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Modern Stress Relief – Try Ancient Yoga

A lot of us today are under stress everyday, but we still have to be in control. If this persists, we quite often be affected by stress with bad eating habits, production of more stress hormones, and by manifesting heart risk factors.

Kid’s Yoga and T’ai Chi – Resolving Childhood Obesity

Resolving Childhood Obesity Through Yoga and T’ai Chi. The yoga and t’ai chi practice of imitating Power Animals is the oldest form of exercise known. It is also a Natural Fat Fighter–A Natural Obesity Obliterator.

The Magic of Energy Organizing Music

Modern science has proven that everything in the Universe is purely and simply ENERGY vibrating at different rates. Depending on the rate of vibration, this ENERGY manifests as different forms.

Kids Yoga and T’ai Chi – Creating Healthy, Loving Relationships

Did you know that healthy children laugh about 300 times a day? It’s natural to have fun and imitating animals–experiencing the wondrous ways their bodies can twist, bend, move, and freeze in stillness-and feeling energy flowing in their body is truly joyful for children and, for that matter, adults.

How to Become a Yoga Teacher

If you want to instruct students in yoga classes, first you will need to learn how to become a yoga teacher and the steps that are involved. Most yoga instructors go through teacher training programs that end with a certificate after a certain number of hours.

How Do You Choose Between Yoga Mats?

My friend Jaime called me when I was finishing up at the fitness center. A hour ago we had finished the yoga class together, and Jaime had said she was going to go shopping for a new yoga mat. However, at the moment, she was standing in front of a bunch of yoga mats confused on which one to get.

How Will Learning Yoga Poses Help the Body With Flexibility and Balance?

Grace was trying to do the Eagle pose, but was struggling to get past one point. It was all about balance, and she admits to most people that this is a weakness. However, it’s the main reason why she’s going to yoga class and trying to get better at the yoga poses.

How Can Yoga Positions Help the Body the More Advanced You Get?

Amanda is leaning how to do the different yoga positions, which has provided her with a lot of health benefits. Before she started attending yoga class, her body felt like it was falling apart. Now, she feels the best she’s ever felt, and it’s even improving her concentration levels and mental focus.

Yoga by the Numbers – A Novice Yogi’s Introduction to Patanjali’s 8 Limbs

If you have practiced physical yoga or “asana” for a while, you may start trying to learn more about the history and philosophy of yoga. In doing so, you will quickly discover the penchant of ancient Indian yogis to use numerical lists. With so many lists, categories, limbs, branches, facets, and components, it can be overwhelming to the novice, western mind. This article highlights the 8 Limbs of Yoga in a way that makes them easier to understand and keep straight.

Bring Your Yoga Mat in the Most Convenient Way, Get Yourself a Yoga Mat Carrier

Engaging in yoga is mainly for one primary purpose, to relax! Going through different exercises enables not only your body but even your mind and soul to reach solitude and calmness. A great escape from everyday life problems and anxiety.

What You Want To Know About Yoga For Newbies

Getting started on yoga is an exciting start out to a new physical and spiritual world. No other form of exercise will put you more in touch with your body and your mind. What is frequently known as yoga exercise here inside the West really has many forms in India. In its country of origin Hatha Yoga, the physical element of yoga is only one branch of this ancient discipline.

What Are the Advantages of Hand Yoga?

We all know that health and wellness are the keys to a happier and longer life. Modern phase of living can be very stressful, draining out our system every now and then. We need to gain back that strength and energy in order to continue living healthily and productively.

Yoga Teaching Courses

Yoga is becoming more and more popular around the world. The need for trained instructors who have completed a qualified yoga teacher training (YTT) or yoga teacher certification (YTC) program is also increasing. (Yoga Teacher Training and Yoga Teacher Certification mean the same thing, the title of the program depends on the preference of the school.)

The Real Reasons Yoga is Ideal For Your Wellbeing For Ages

Yoga does not seem to control the same type of regard from present day society as it used to in the past. Globalization has a damaging impact on this historic concept. To make it simple for the common man to comprehend, the whole philosophy may be lowered to a simple concept.

Ayurvedic Yoga Retreats – A Nice Experience With Nature

Do you want to have a deep yoga experience but do not find time from your daily routine? Or you have enough time but distraction from surrounding can’t let you concentrate on your exercises and meditation? Then yoga or ayurveda retreat is the best available solution for you. During retreat, a family who is experienced in yoga or ayurvedic philosophy tries to make you feel all about yoga and meditation.

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