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Everything About Yoga You Should Know

Time passing challenges people to newer and newer adventures. The same happens in life. Once with aging, the body starts to feel the heavy pressing of health conditions. Doctors and specialists dedicate their entire work in finding the best treatments.

Best Place To Do Yoga Retreat

Yoga is a Sanskrit word which means to join. When we practice yoga it is a union of our body, mind and soul. When we talk about yoga retreats, we imagine of a serene place close to unspoiled Mother Nature, surrounded by lush green trees, meadows and of all a perfect view.

Second Chakra Yoga Poses

Hip openers are second chakra yoga poses. Deeply explore sensations in this 2nd chakra area from pubic bone back to the sacrum, by performing 2 poses in a restorative way – on your back. End strong with a standing pose. This might be a great way to start your day. To end the day, you could reverse the order. Start standing and end lying. Experiment.

Reducing Tension in the Foundation Yoga Pose Tadasana

Foundation yoga pose Tadasana might be a bore or chore. How to make this basic standing pose feel light and possibly bring a spontaneous smile?

How Yoga Can Change Your Life

Do you lead a stressful lifestyle, get some back pain every now and then and feel tired all the time? Perhaps you have a heard a lot of people talk about the wonders that Yoga has to offer but never thought you would ever be able to do that. Well, after reading this perhaps you will have a better understanding about yoga is all about.

Yoga Teacher Training: Attention Deficit Disorders

There are many reasons why people attend a Yoga teacher training. Some people obviously attend to learn how to become a Yoga instructor, but that’s not the same goal for every intern. One of my classmates was there for a spiritual quest, while another wanted to learn how Yoga teachers master focusing mental energy. In this world of texting while driving, some people forget the virtual world isn’t reality. Multi-tasking has turned some of us into zombies. At the same time, adults and children are having difficulty reading, because they scan words instead of reading them. The reason: Too many messages enter the mind at one time.

Teaching Yoga to Runners

Runners can gain many benefits by making yoga training a part of their fitness routine. Yoga training complements a running routine by providing deep stretches to the muscles that are commonly tight or overworked due to running. It will help prevent injuries while keeping some of the aches and pains associated with running at bay.

Partner Yoga For A Healthy You

When looking for health and fitness tips, you might encounter some people suggesting partner yoga. This may not be common for most fitness buffs, but this kind of partner practice can also help people achieve better health. If you are not familiar with this, partner yoga means two people who practice yoga together.

What Is Yoga Therapy: A Healthy Alternative to Prescription Drugs

Yoga is so much more than the physical health routine most people associate with it. Yoga Therapy mines the entire science of Yoga as written about in the Yoga Sutras for tangible practices that bringing health and healing to issues that confront us in modern life. The vast, ancient teachings of Yoga hold answers to the big and the small problems we encounter.

Yoga Teacher Training: Knee Pain

When attending a yoga teacher training intensive, Paul gave a lecture about pain that I could never forget. Basically, he said: “We usually take life for granted, when we are healthy, but when we are in pain, we can think of nothing else.” Yogic science directly addresses suffering and does its best to let us enjoy a pain free life.

Yoga for Bone Density

Studies show that Yoga helps to fight one of the most common diseases affecting older Americans. Osteoporosis, a disorder that results in the loss of bone density and the thinning of bone tissue, affects 20 percent of American women over the age of 50. Bone loss is gradual and for some adults it may start before the age of 40.

Yoga and Sleep

Chances are your yoga teacher isn’t with you before bedtime, unless you go directly to bed after your class. It’s hard to fall asleep when your mind is still actively working through the events, concerns and anxieties of the day. Sometimes your body feels exhausted, but when your head hits the pillow, sleep does not come. Millions of people suffer from sleeplessness, which causes a whole host of other problems and health concerns.

Yoga Instructor Training: Weight Loss

Sometimes, statistics seem worthless. If you watch a political debate, you will see both sides turn statistics upside down. In yoga teacher training, we hardly discuss weight loss, but when you start teaching prospective students will gather around you to learn ancient yogic weight loss secrets. Yoga instructors often point to the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center study, which put yogic exercise in a favorable light in relation to weigh reduction.

Yoga Poses To Lose Weight Fast

What is Yoga? Is there any Yoga pose to lose weight? Well Yoga is an exercising method mainly originated from India. This was an ancient technique found among the natives of India and is known to do wonders for your health and body. As a result, it slowly spread to all other parts of the world.

Yoga for Lowering Heart Rate

Over the past decade, Yoga has steadily gained favor with medical professionals as a complement to standard health care. Researchers say that roughly 85 percent of all illnesses have an emotional component. What better to address physical and mental health than this ancient healing art?

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