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I’m delighted to be sharing this Mother’sDay yoga and meditation practice. Welcome in! If you’re new here I’mKali and this is Chocolate Twist Yoga. On this channel, I create yoga classes thathelp you to feel better in your body and to amplify your vibration. Stick around! Share,like, and treat yourself with tenderness. Grab a couple props if you like to use them tosupport your body and let us begin. Special thanks to my Patreon membership for making this possible.Learn more in the description. So we’ll start off in child’s pose so let’s take the setup. Bring theinner edges of your big toes to touch.Separate your knees about as wide as your hips and you’regonna draw your hips back towards your heels and let your belly come against your thighsand reach your arms all the way forward. Let your forehead bow downand let your spine round. And in this shape let your awarenessjust spread into your breath. Let your breath spread intoall the areas of your body. Join me with a centering breath of gratitudein and hold your breath in at the very top. Deeply sigh your breath out. And make your way to all fours hands andknees, arms shoulders distance apart legs hip-distance wide.On your in-breath push,the floor away lift your chest and your hips. On your exhale press down through your hands, yourshins and feet as you round through your spine. Let’s do two more.Inhale to lift chest liftships lift draw your shoulders back. On your exhale press down through your hands your shins and feetto round it out. Let’s do one more inhale to lift and exhale to round. On your in-breath come to a neutral spine. Drawyour hips back to child’s pose. Reach your arms all the way forward and on your in-breath bringyourself upright take your hands behind you press your hands down as you lift your chest andyour gaze. Now if you need a variation, I’ll show one here on the screen. Hinge forward reachyour arms forward let your forehead bow down. And bring yourself upright take your handsbehind you lift your chest, lift your gaze. On your exhale hinge forward arms forward and then come all the way up. Last one. Handsbehind you. Lift your chest, lift your gaze, and then hinge forward this time we’re going tocome to down dog so take your hands forward tuck your toes under as you lift your hips up and backto downward-facing dog.On your inhale lift your heels high away from the floor. Bend your leftknee as you lower your right heel down and back. On your in-breath lift your heels high we’llswitch sides. As you exhale bend your right knee lower your left heel down and back. Liftyour heels high straightening both legs, and now lower both heels down and back. Liftyour heels chin to your chest gonna press off the roots of your toes and shift forward toplank pose. On your exhale draw your hips up and back into downward-facing dog. We’ll do twomore. Chin to chest come forward to plank pose and exhale to downward facing dog. One more time.Stay with me. Chin to chest come forward to plank lower your knees , come all the way down to yourbelly and untuck your toes.Point your elbows back. So, three is the magic number today. Onyou’re in-breath press down through your hands and feet lift your chest and exhale to lower down. Twomore times inhale press hands and feet to lift. and exhale to lower down. Inhale presshands and feet to lift. Tuck your toes going to draw your hips to your heels andthen untuck your toes and sit back on your heels. If this is uncomfortable you can takea variation by crossing your legs. Take your right hand to your right and reach your left armup to the left. On your in breath bring yourself up you’re going to switch sides. Left handto the left, right arm reaches to the left. And then switch right hand down left arm reaches. Left hand down right arm reaches. We’lldo one more on each side. Right hand down, left arm reaches opening through the sidebody. And left hand down right arm reaches. And then bring yourself upright. Hinge forwardand make your way back into downward facing dog. Lift your heels high away from the floor.Loweryour heels down and back. On your in-breath lift your right leg up and back. Bend your right knee.You’re going to make circles with your right leg, open circle so you’re going to lift the rightleg up and around and then straighten the right leg look forward step your rightfoot forward right next to your thumb. Lower your left knee down and you can pad upyour knee with the blanket if you need to. Untuck your left toes. You’re going to hold yourright knee in your hands and then open the right leg to the right. If you need blocks beneath yourhands you can also use those, and gently rock your hips side to side so this gives us an opportunityto work a little bit deeper into the hips. People really enjoy working into the hips.I’mone of them and I hope you do too. Aaaaahhh… Alright, now come back to steadyand center. You’re gonna take your right hand to guide your rightknee and foot to point forward. On your in-breath press your feet down circle yourarms wide and overhead let your palms face forward cactus your arms and sighyour breath out. Aaaahhh… Two more times. Inhale, arms reachcactus and sight it out. Aaaahhh… One more time inhale lift andcactus and sigh it out.Aaaahhh… This time arms reach up. Let your palms touchtogether lower your hands to frame your right ankle. Tuck your left toes under and lift yourknee. Pivot your left foot down and reverse your warrior taking a half bind. Breatheinto the right side waist and side ribs. On your exhale lower your hands on either sideof your right ankle. Pivot your left heel from the floor going to step your right leg into plankpose. Take a breath and plank lower your knees down bend your elbows come all the way down toyour belly. Untuck your toes point your elbows back press your hands and feet to lift your chest.Exhale to lower down.Remember three is the magic number. Inhale press hands and feet to lift exhaleto lower down. One more time. Inhale to lift. Tuck your toes to all-fours, draw yourhips back and up to downward facing dog. On your in-breath lift your heels high and asyou exhale return your heels down and back. We’ll take the second side. And on you’re in-breathyou’re going to lift your left leg up and back bend your left knee and make open circles to theleft with your left leg. And just working into the hips as we ease a little bit deeper into ourpractice. Now reach the left leg long and look forward. Step or carry your left foot forwardright next to your thumb. Lower your right knee down and tuck your toes. You’re going to holdthe top of your left shin with your left hand and open the left leg to the left and gently rockside to side.So just like on the previous side if you need to pad up your knee, definitely doso. You can also use blocks beneath your hands. This feels so good. And be sure you take the timeto sigh your breath out as you need to. Those type of utterances help us to release pent-up energyand stagnation. Alright. Come back to steady. Use your left hand to guide the left foot and kneeto point forward. Now press your feet down take a wide circle of your arms up to the sky palmsface forward cactus and sigh it out. Aaaahhh… Inhale, arms touch the sky cactusand sigh it out. Aaaahhh… One more time inhale, arms reachcactus inside it out. Aaaahhh… Inhale, arms touch the sky lower your handsto frame your left ankle tuck your right toes under and lift your knee.Pivot your right footdown you’re going to reverse your warrior with the half bind. So the right arm wraps around yourlow back as your left arm reaches way up and back. On your exhale lower your handson either side of your left ankle. Your right heel pivots off the floor step backinto plank pose. Take an in-breath in plank. Shift forward lower your knees come all theway down to your belly.Untuck your toes and point your elbows back. Press your handsand feet down to lift your chest cobra three. Exhale to lower. Inhale to lift. Two.Exhale, lower. Last one. Inhale to lift. Tuck your toes draw your hips back and upto downward facing dog. Take a deep breath in with me and hold your breathin a little bit longer. This time, deeply sigh it out. Aaaahhh… Fantastic! And lower down to hands andknees. Cross your ankles behind you take a seat beyond your heels. Alright. Now extendyour legs all the way forward. Side your right hand between your thighs pick up your rightleg and lower the right knee to the right and adjust yourself so that your right leg alignswith the left side of the mat. Alright, place your left hand to your right knee take your righthand behind you and flex through your left foot. On your in-breath elongate from the base of yourpelvis all the way up to the top of your head. As you exhale, draw in toward the central channeland rotate around the channel to the right Inhale to breathe a bit deeper.Find a little bitmore length and dimension through your chest , exhale to twist navel to your spine. Firmthe palm of your right hand down look over your left shoulder and extend your left armforward palm to the sky thumbprint to index, seal of wisdom. on your in-breath gonna liftyour hips as you reach your left arm way up and back and exhale to lower down.We’lldo two more inhale push through the heel of your right hand to lift your hips. Left-armreaches forward up and back. Lift your gaze and on your exhale lower down. We’lltake one more. Inhale to lift and reach. And exhale to lower down. Inhale take both armsup to the sky and then exhale fold any amount over your left leg. Inhale take your arms up to thesky and lower your hands on either side of you. Use your right hand to pick up your rightleg and send your right leg forward. Alright. So we’ll go ahead and take thesecond side. So extend your legs forward You’re going to slide your left hand betweenyour thighs pick up your left leg and lower your left leg to the left. Alright, so your rightleg aligns with the right side of your mat. Flex through the right foot and place your righthand to your left knee take the left hand behind you.So use your inhalation as an invitation tofind a little bit more height as well as dimension and use your exhalation as an invitation to finda bit more hugging in toward the central channel and rotation around the channel at the same time.Inhale to breathe deeper, find lift and dimension. Exhale see if you can touchupon the sense of consolidation and rotation and press the palm of your left handdown gaze over your right shoulder and reach your right arm forward–thumbprint to index–on yourin-breath lift your hips reach the right arm up and back and exhale to lower down.We’ll take twomore. Inhale to lift and reach stay connected to your breath and as you exhale return yourhips down. We’ll take one more. Inhale to lift and reach your right arm lifts way up andback. So you’re opening through the side body and then exhale to lower down. Alrightgreat! Take your left hand outside of your left. Oh wait. Take your arms to the skyand then exhale fold over your right leg. Good! On your in-breath come all the way up. Loweryour hands on either side of your hips. You’re going to pick up your left leg and bring it allthe way up and down. Alright, now we’re going to cross your legs and come into all-fours hands andknees. Arms are shoulders distance apart your legs are hips distance wide.On your in-breath pushthe floor away lift your chest. Lift your hips on your exhale press down through yourhands, shins, and feet as you round. Inhale to lift and exhale to round. One more inhale to lift. Now draw your head and hips to theright and circle on around, aaaaaah… two more times so twist and side binds last one as well as signingyour breath out your mouth helps us to release pent upemotions energetic blockages.And pause. Take a deep breath inand now head and hips to the left and circling around go slowly and stayconnected to breath. I’m right here with you. And back to lifted head and hips and cross yourlegs behind you take a seat beyond your heels all right and let your hands rest on your lap.Good. And lift your chest. Place your fingertips on your shoulders you’re going to lift androll your shoulders up back down and around. Alright now pause and place your hands on yourlap again draw your shoulders from your ears. Now turn your head to the right take your right hand to hold your left shinand draw your chin toward your right shoulder. Let your shoulders draw down from your earsplace your left fingertips on your left shoulder and soften your mouth and jaw and spread your awareness through thetissues that line the left side of your neck Our neck is the physical structure that sitsbetween our head and our heart and there’s also energetic psycho-spiritual interpretationsfor that as well.Alright and now take your right piece fingers to your right temple lefthand to your lap and guide your head upright and lower your hands down. Shich is why I love todo neck opening poses before meditation because it really primes the body and prepares the mind forthat type of deeper more subtle body practice. Alright so we’re going to switchsides turn your head to the left. Draw your chin towards your left shoulder. Now youdon’t need to shrug just let the shoulder descend. It doesn’t matter if your chin touches or not.And take your left hand to hold your right shin and your right hand rightfingertips to your right shoulder. And just notice if there’sany gripping through your jaw around your eyes or mouth and let those areas go.Lips soft jaw relaxed. And spread your awareness alongthe right side of your neck. And place your hands in your lap. Use your leftpeace fingers to guide your head upright and sigh it out as you lower your hand down now interlacethe fingers. You’re gonna hold the back of your head in your hand. Now on your in-breath liftyour chest spread the collar bones wide as you lift your gaze. On your exhale round your spinedraw your chin toward your chest. Inhale to lift. Exhale to round. Stay connectedto breath. Inhale to lift. Last one. Exhale to round and nowgently rock your head side to side. And return your head to steady. Join yourpalms to touch together and place your thumbs on the inner edges of your brow and on yourin-breath guide your head all the way upright keep your eyes closed maintainan inner gaze and awareness and rest your hands on your lap and sit tall Our body our mind is so primed forreflective contemplative meditation practice.And stay with me for these next coupleminutes just to dive in a bit deeper. And guide your awareness into your breath. Let your breath surrender into your body. And right now bring before youthe presence of your mothers those who have birthed and raised you. Those who have poured intoyou with love and generosity. Those who have shared their genius, theirsass, wisdom and even their shortcomings and bring them before you now. Stay attuned to your breath. And bring before you your grandmothers, your great grand, your great great grands. Alll the way back to those supreme queenmother goddesses that whispered your name right at the origin of time. And through the winds ofstruggle within the valley, the deep wisdom of the sea, and throughvictories at the highest mountain, your name came through, through the winds of timein order for your physical existence to manifest Mothering is not easy, It is often thankless and mothersdon’t always get it right. But as they say, when youknow better you do better. And with all the mothers beforeyou right now, feel their vibration moving in your direction.Place your right hand to your chest yourleft hand to your belly and take witness to this beautiful vibration. Energetic vibration. Biogenetic pulsation of life.The imprint of our mothers. Feel the residue of theirvibration pulsating within you now. and with deep awe, tremendous gratitude, and as you’re ready, forgiveness. And spread that to all of themothers that have encircled you. Just keep it right here. Join your palms to touch togetherat the center of your chest. Roll your shoulders open.Sit up a little bit taller and open your eyes. I want to thank you so muchfor sharing this part of your yoga journey with me. If you made it this far, fantastic! Pleasedrop three crowns in the comments section. Be sure you check out the description box fora journal prompt to extend your practice and if you’re looking for to the full practice ofthis practice today be sure you check out my Patreon membership.Links are in the description.I will see you next time. Peace. One love. Namaste.

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