Yin Yoga for the Sacral Chakra – Creativity & Sexual Energy

Pain in the Butt – Part 4

By pushing into your hands and fingers into the floor your can level your body, a little move here and a little move there. Experiment to see what works for you. To make it a deeper pose you can bring the body up into a Cobra type pose and vary the back bend as you wish. This is a really good all round exercise.

The Healing Power of Yoga – Seven Ways Yoga Postures Support You Through Grief

Many people nowadays see yoga purely as a form of physical exercise. However, yoga has an ancient history and tradition of supporting people through emotional suffering and physical pain. From personal experience, my practice of yoga has helped to ease my pain and sense of loss following the loss of my dear brother and cousin.

Saucha – Cleanliness in Yoga – Part I

In yoga, cleanliness is called saucha, and is very important on the yoga path. I hope this article will help explain the reason for its importance.

Saucha – Cleanliness and Yoga Part II

As we become more refined, we would take care to look at that which needs the most attention. For most people, the bathroom is the dirtiest place of the house. Saucha of the house starts with the bathroom. Making sure the toilet, showers, and the sink are spotless will help you cultivate respect for your body, because it is the bathroom that you see your body the most.

Yoga For Our Children – And Our Future

Does it seem to anyone else like so many things in are world are going wrong at the same time? The economy is declining, gas prices are astronomical (At times, over $5.00 a gallon where I live), the war in the Middle East, global warming… And the list goes on. It can be pretty depressing at times.

Will Your Studio Have Enough Students This Summer?

As Summer approaches, the weather becomes warm for most of us. Where I live in Southern California, the hills and mountains have been covered with flowers that are just now fading.

How to Do Simple Yoga

Contrary to the popular belief, doing yoga does not necessarily require you to subscribe to the whole new age trend. There are simple yoga techniques you can follow for the mere purpose of physical fitness and relaxation. Yoga is all about…

Four Easy Yoga Postures For Chronic Back Pain

There are hundreds of Yoga postures (asanas) to choose from, but what should a person, who is in constant pain, do for relief? Below are four of my favorite Yoga asanas for helping clients who experience back pain.

Incorporating Yoga As a Way of Life

Our health is very important to us. However, whenever we are ill, most of us generally resort to drugs prescribed by a doctor. Now these drugs may be effective to a certain extent and for a certain period.

New Mums – Seven Easy Ways to Deal With the Stresses of Coping With a New Baby

The practice of yoga is a powerful way to calm the mind and release strain and tension in your body. Yoga exercises help you learn how to relax. As you gently stretch your body, calm your mind and quieten your worries, you feel better.

Yoga – Just What is it Anyway?

When you think of yoga, what do you think about? For most people it is some waifish person bending into a pretzel position that leaves them with only one thought, “How?” While such yoga poses are part of an experienced practice, it is not the whole of yoga. So what is Yoga?

Tadasana – Hatha Yoga’s Mountain Posture For Chronic Back Pain

Yoga has hundreds of postures for relief of back pain. It should be noted that learning from videos is advisable for Yoga teachers, Yoga therapists, Ayurvedic doctors, physical therapists, and medical doctors. However, if you have limited Yoga experience, please consult with your physician before going to a class or session.

Yoga Therapy For Chronic Back Pain – Six Tips You Should Know Before Your First Session

Once you have received the “go ahead” from your physician, you can begin to explore options for private Yoga therapy sessions or a class that suits your needs. After you have found the right Yoga teacher or therapist, there are important aspects to be considered.

Yoga – Better Remedy For Stress Relief

Yoga is a very old routine which dates as far back as 4000yrs, and is said to have originated from India. This act was said to have been formed from the act the various acts, stance and movements of animals. The main goal/aim of yoga is to bring about unity of the mind, body and spirit, which is the center of one’s existence and oneness.

Yoga Lifestyle Means Yoga Fashion Clothing

In the 1960’s, Yoga was a healthy way to get “high” instead of using drugs. Almost 50 years later, Yoga has become so popular that something that was once considered as being weird and “out there”… can now be found in even the smallest towns across the U.S. Along with this popularity has come the “yoga lifestyle” as well as the “yoga clothing!”

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