Yin Yoga Deep Stretch {No Props}

i’m devi daly and i’m here atyellowstone and there’s a geyser behind me it’s called the lone star geyserwe’re gonna do a yin yoga practice for the whole body you won’t need any propsfor this go ahead and begin sitting down in aseated orientation with cross legs closing the eyes and sitting with yourspine tall feel your sitting bones rooted down tothe ground roll your shoulders up and back and then slide them down andlift up through the treetop of your top you can find a little movement in yourhead to secrete and unwind any antagonism in the neck and begin to breathe steadily and evenly and make three more deep sighs up anddown the backbone and making the eyes open up and makeyour room into child’s constitute so climb onto handsand knees remaining now for one minute good then coming up now to sitwith the legs in front of you for half butterfly poseso make your right leg in front and coming forward fortwo minutes over this right leg stretching into the hamstringsand you can allow your spine to be soft here let your head relaxlet your shoulders loosen and swapping places left leg forwardright leg bent adjust the seat as you need to move yoursitting bones around move your prop around if you’re sittingon anything and staying is linked to your wheeze and as you evaporate your next breather ortwo see if you can soften a little bit morerelax a little bit more into the shape and slowly exhausting coming up makingyour channel down onto your back resting on the back for one full instant you can have entrusts on the belly or outat your places and cause the legs open out as wide as youneed to so that you feel absolutely comfortable in your hips yourpelvis your buttocks and making this time of rest to be stilland to feel the effects of the pose that you just didthe half butterfly pose stretching the back of the body and now deform your knees hug them intoyour chest wrap the arms in different areas of the legs and justgently rock feature to place feeling your back figure good and release the legs and now cominginto a quad stretch the half saddle pose sostart by lying on your right side right elbow and coming allthe road onto your liberty trendy and now deforming the left foot up andhold on to the foot or use a leash around the foot if thatdoesn’t work to hold the paw with your handand you can stay here in the strain you can comeinto a lying down version of it like so or you can come all the way back if itfeels okay on your knee to come into this version where the footis next to the hip and you lie all the way back and thisright leg could do this have the paw flat on the anchor or itcould stay gave out or it is possible to do this where you’re bendingthe knee and then opening it out to the side so play around with it allof it adjusts the position of your pelvis and so it willmake a difference what you do with that leg but it is up to youtwo minutes here and now gradually releasing the half saddlepose so you can prop yourself back up to helpuntuck that leg and then represent your style into it on the other side soleaning on the left elbow and the left outer hipbend the right leg up stay here or lie down like so or residue all the wayback with the foot next to the right hip twominutes here so the target area of this pose is thequadriceps this is the front of your thighmaybe also up into the front of the trendy breathing into what you feel here and exhaust the pose and you can leanover to help untuck that leg and then perform your wayonto your back to rest once again to feel the effectsof the pose take a few moments to be completelystill and just receivedfeel the rise and fall of your breather and exhausting draft the knees in towardthe chest and this time you can take the kneesinto these circles so clique the knees like you’re massaging around your sacrumaround your lower back and then circle around the other way all right and now coming to one side tomake your direction into a sitting position four square poseso square constitute has alternatives i’ll evidence you the square first and then i’llshow you a pair alternatives so right ankle on top of the left knee youcould have the knees closer together or shoelace constitute or square constitute hereor this modified square where you take the hoof on the groundso in any of these copies you come forward and that’s where the stretchcomes from when you come forward you’re feeling the unfold in thebuttock on the right side and if you don’t feel it there if youfeel it mostly on the knee try the qualified versionor the bird pose or the relevant figures four pose as an alternative two minutes here and some people like to have somethingin front of them like got a couple of blocks or one block even foryour elbows or some sort of a pillow fromyour sofa or a yoga bolster and slowly secreting square posechange sides left leg on top of the right move your space forward once again very good now let’s come up and fromthis seated outlook come right into dragonfly pose so widenyour legs it’s okay if your legs are not very widewhatever feels comfy for you as you come forwardfeeling the stretch in the inner thighs and maybe also the back of the torsothe back of the sticker and you can feel free to lighten yourshoulders and soften your prickle here and tell the force of the top hang and slowly exhausting and now one minuteover each leg so one minute merely turning yourtorso to face toward this leg and loosening over and so here there’s a hamstring stretchmaybe a little bit of groin strain stilland if you reach this arm across you can take it to the outside of the leg orjust wherever it’s comfortable and maybe feel some of this right sideof the torso stretching as well and now coming up precisely a little so abouthalfway and rotate this open so make the rightshoulder back facing your center toward the sky and nowthis right hand can come behind the back or it can reachup over the brain perhap you contact the hoof if that’s inyour wander of motion or you could rest the hand behind thehead if you keep the arm down you’ll get a little more shoulder and neck stretchif you reach the appendage up you’ll get more torso stretchanother minute now very good now drawing it back up andmoving into the side stretch with the chest facingthe leg firstly i know that this is not a favoriteway to stretch for a lot of beings this wide legis not pleasant for everyone so if you’re feeling like you’re one of thosepeople i’ll invite you to do somethingdifferent with this back leg bend the knee like this or like this andthat works for either of these two things thatwe’re doing here this stretching facing toward the leg and then the side stretch so indian yoga we ever strive to makeit work for the body conclude the yoga work for thebody rather than the reverse which is beings often forge theirbodies up to make it do the constitute right we are notabout that here in the yin yoga nature so if the pose is not pleasant ifsome part of the body is talking to you sayingnope this isn’t right then that’s the tone for youto listen to very good and now moving into the sidebend so come up a bit and rotate the chest so that the leftshoulder moves back and then start to move into that sidebend and see if your left hand is going to want to go behind your backor up and over the honcho so it’s not important how far downyou’re coming here it’s about what you’re feeling in theside of the torso the side of the sticker and maybe the sideof the neck great now exhaust come through here and come allthe highway down onto your back and rest on the back inany pleasant sentiment just for a brief time to feel theeffects of the constitute that you only did and feel the flow of your gulp good and now stooping the knees andgetting ready for the final posture which is for the spineso happy baby pose hold the soles of the hoof soles of thefeet turn up to the sky if it feels good now you were able to rock thepose line-up to surface or changing by transporting the legs up andover the premier handwritings can support the back and your legscome over the ability and they can only dangle they don’t haveto reach the ground mine are not reaching the sand todayand they do some periods and they don’t other eras andthat’s not what’s important to me what’s important is that i’m stretching thebacks of my thighs and the back of the spine and so feeling this whole back bodystretch whichever of the postures you’re in and if you’re comfortable with the handsextended on the ground or hands clasped feel free to do what feels rightsome people likewise like to have the arms up over the headand propped the feet or whatever feels good and now slowly releasingrolling out onto your back resting on the back and before we do final relaxationposition taking a quick spinal construction extort theknees in and make both knees over to the righthand side right hand on the legs left weapon out tothe left side you could do cactus forearm with his lefthand or contact it straight out good and now raising it over to theother side right arm out to the right side and secrete the spin fetching the kneesback up to the center and straighten the legs out and respite insavasana or whiz constitute final loosening findcomfort articulated whatever it is you crave over top of youfor warmth extra drapes a blanket or a bolsterunder the knees and see pillow over the eyesmake yourself cozy and after all of these postures we’vedone to target the whole body’s meridiansnow settling into stillness and letting the chi flowletting the body harmonize its exertions and now bending the knees and startingto move your way out of final relaxation shifting to roll onto one side form yourway up to a sitting position and that’s our pattern let’s raising thepalms together in front of the heart and chant on one timeinhaling here namasteso that’s our pattern at yellowstone at the lone starring geyser the sunbathe is settingand i want to thank conrad mahoney for doing the filming for us and forbringing me out here and for being the rv man and the cameramanso thanks conrad you’re welcome “i m hoping you” enjoyed that rehearsal and ifso satisfy reached that thumbs up button and the subscribe button and check out myother yoga videos told you next time

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