Whole Body Yin Yoga {1 Hour Full Class} | No Props

hello my friends I’m Devi Daly andcoming up is a yin yoga practice for the whole body with a little of yangyoga mixed in not too much you won’t need any special yoga props for this just a couple of things that “youre supposed to” have lying around – a covering anda strap – so any kind of blanket or even a towel that you can roll up to lieback over – and a strap, so a region, a puppy rope, a garb loop, anything like that so go ahead and are you ready and I will see you in a moment I’ve got this edge that’s, what, about three paws long. And so get your blanket into something that you can start rolling from something about twoand a half/ three feet long and then a neat tighten wheel is what we’re going for – a rolled yoga mat too acts this purpose we’re gonna lie back over it for theupper back and start out with this upper back extend – so making that bun under your shoulder blades like so like not for the purposes of the lower back is important – it’s not here, it’s up here really just think about going it atthe back of your feeling, behind your heart and then the transcends of the shoulders dipdown, the crowns of the shoulders come to the earth, the arms come out over top ofthe bun rather than down so that we get thisopening of the thoracic sticker which is the part of your spine connected to your ribs – and we’ll rest now for three minutes to begin, so once you findyourself in this position you’ll say “what do I want to do with my legs? ” – wellthat’s up to you – you can have them bent like this, you could have them opened out like a butterfly, soles of the foot together, you could have them straightahead with the legs closer together or wider apart and enjoying a nice middle opener – do whatyou can to lengthen the back of your neck also, so that the kuki-chin is comingdown toward the chest a bit if it’s hard to do that, it might be that your bun is too large.Settling in with this first posturenoticing what’s demonstrate with the body today noticing what’s pose with thebreath today and now gradually releasing, so you’ll bendyour knees and rotation slowly over to the side and then manufacture your road up off ofyour roll right up into a sitting position for butterfly pose – and sositting with the soles of your feet together you might have the blanket folded up to come underneath your bench or you can do it without a blanketif you prefer and so three minutes here in butterfly so as we make thebutterfly pose having the legs farther in front of you or closer back is up toyou – if you fetching them closer back you might feel it more in the legs, if youtake them farther forward you might feel it more in the backbone as you relaxforward – and so letting the spine relax here is important – the shoulders softenthe manager can tighten not really going for a straight sticker but instead precisely a soft a soft back and now gradually exhaust, unfurl the backbone, and come upright and all the way down onto your back for a nice one-minuterest on the back – taking this time on the back to feel the effects of the constitute so any cozy berth on your back give yourself permission to spread outto take up as much space on the floor as you’d like give yourself permission to make this time time and this gap to care for yourself to nourish this form, tonurture this thing is, to receive and accept nurturance from the earth from the earthbelow you and now deflecting the knees reap them intowards your chest and fold the arms around the legs and you can clasp thefingers if it working for you or time one hand on each knee and cliff place to sidefeeling your back good, and now come back to center, andcoming into cradle pose so taking your liberty knee in and embrace the handwritings around the right knee as you give your left leg forward so expanding the back ofthe neck and make the arms be active, if you want to you can kind of engage thearms a bit drawing the leg a little more in but if the, the leg it self, we wantto keep it tightened so there’s no need to flex the foot or try and do anyparticular act with the leg there merely instead cause it loosen and proceed it in so this way we can feel the sticker pulling the more you draw that leg inthe more you might feel that stretch of the prickle anywhere from your tailboneall the way up through your lower back middle back and maybe even up into theback of the neck good and now take an inhaling breathinto your belly and face-lift up to engage the abs bring your forehead toward yourknee and with your breath liberate your premier back down exactly sounds the back of thehead to the ground and lift up again and again tap the chief down lifting up thirdtime and sound the intelligence back up and now last hour face-lift up staying this timeand reaching down to hold the bottom of your paw one-legged happy baby pose introduce the foreman back down onto the ground you might be holding the outside or theinside of the paw either way is fine and if it doesn’t work to hold your footyou can do the knee instead and open the knee out to the side one minute here and now releasing this leg and takingthe hoof on top of your left knee so right foot on top of the left kneecoming into a spinal change so first skew your trendies to the right a few inches andthen give this knee come over to the left side so your left hand comes on theoutside of the leg and then you can scoot your trendies around enough so thatyou get the weight all the way on to the outside of your left hip and contact yourright arm back your knee may or may not come all the way to the ground and if itdoesn’t that’s fine we’ll hamper here for three minutes and if you want somesupport if it feels disagreeable with the leg not hitting the soil then youcould have a pillow or a block or whatever is available underneath yourknee and your shin and your foot breathing into the twist of the spine that’s the primary war of this poseis changing the spine, and what the legs and the arms are doing are just kind oftools, they’re not the most important thing of the pose the main thing of the constitute is what’shappening between the hips and the shoulders the spin of the sticker and exhausting, drawing it back to thecenter and one more thing on this back various kinds of a epic one-sided sequencethat we’ll do with these fastens the strap or the belt comes up around the foot and the leg straight up for a hamstring pull, you can have one part of the strap in each paw like this or you could have one hand containing both partsof the fasten – up to you three minutes once again – and so theangle of the leg will be different for everyone mine happens to go sort ofstraight up but that’s not really what it has to do you might be more here oryou might be more over the president if you’re more flexy in this direction your leg might be way up over there just discovering the unfold in your hamstrings that feels like you’re targeting the province, going a strain now but also you’re targeting the sphere coming a elongate now but too likewise simply having a stretchthat you can breathe into softening into the shape and now for the last minute here takethe leg out to the side so both parts of the strap come into your right hand andopen the leg out and you can experiment here with whetherthe toes angle towards the ground or not see what feels good, give yourselfpermission to explore and secrete the leg comes back up to thecenter and now giving the leg come down and put your strap aside and precisely reston your back after all that goodness on the first slope, take one minute of resthere before we change to the second side notice how your fucking leg feels, thewhole right side of the body after changing elongating the leg feel your sigh and taking both knees into the chest nowwrapping the arms around the legs gently rock slope to surface and take your rightleg straight out so you’re clasping the entrusts around the left knee this time, starting the sequence on the second side carry the knee, gripping it in, make thefoot and the leg tighten breathing into your back organization and takean inhaling wheeze all the way into the back form, with the expel lift your head up toward your knee engaging the abs and releaseyour pate back down and a second time lift and liberate , now third elevator and backdown and last time lift up stay up reach down brace thebottom of the hoof one-legged happy baby pose one minute make it work for you, give yourselfpermission to modify any of these postures – it’s not about going the poseright it’s about doing what feels good getting the target area of the pose hereit’s the spine, the left of the sticker, the hip on the left side giving yourself permission to take care of this mas and now releasing, take this left foot ontop of the right knee and cross it over into the twist again, you can bump thehips to the left first to help yourself get into the twist and want to make sure you don’t feel like you’re too much in a backbend so keep on bumping that title trendy under you till you feel like you’re just more in a construction rather than a back bendingposition you contact your left arm out to the side you take your right hand ontoyour knee and breathe taking the leg back up to the center andfinding the strap placing the belt around your right foot or your left footand taking the left foot up into the air with the leash maintaining it in whateverkind of clasp feels right for you and feeling that stretch into thehamstrings building sure it’s something that you can breathe into what’shappening in the back of your left leg easing up if it’s too intense and then opening your leg out to theleft side so both parts of the strap in the left hand and gradually producing the leg back up andtake the fasten off and give the leg hover down coming into another residue of oneminute give yourself permission to spread out, to sprawl out so that the intensity can move whatever is happening as as a result of these last-place postures what’shappening in the body, how can the vigor move more freely through my shouldersthrough my hips through my sticker feel your appendages and your legs feel these handwritings feel these paws and feel the field beneath you and crouching the knees reap them hugthe arms around the legs hoist your head up toward your knees pressuring into aball and freeing your thought back down so go ahead and roll over onto one sidecoming up to pass and knees and then taking dragon pose so dragon pose withthe right leg forward and your hands can be in a number of places so the choiceshere you could have the handwritings on either side of the leg which is kind of ourstandard dragon pose or they can be both on the inside of the leg or some kind ofa hybrid where the joint “re coming in” the knee and one pas is here, so tipi armstipi pass like this might give you a little more altitude, a yoga block under thehand if you like, or you can be flat on the entrust, some people too are happy to dothe Gecko version of the constitute to be down on the elbows so three minutes now, youcan find your form, fish around for what feels right, and one tip-off is to maybeexperiment with telling this hand be way out to the side, so it maybe if you’reon a yoga mat it might come off the yoga mat and see how that feels, the target area of Dragon Pose is this front of the thigh and over the breast ofthe hip so whatever you’re doing, making sure that you’re getting some kind ofstretch there in the breast of the thigh and the front of the hip on your leftside in yin yoga some constitutes like this oneinvolve one part of the body being a little more active, doing a little moreyang so that another part of the body can exhaust and loosen into the nice longfascia stretch so in this case my arm is regarding me up and I’m gonna allow myelbow to lock out so that I can really remain in the bones as much as I can andthe upper organization has to hold itself up the backbone of it to get this elongate in theleg I need to lift in the breast torso but then the feeling in the back of the legpretty much from my waist down is one of sinking in, descent in, secreting andrelaxing and gradually releasing and now taking aone minute transition in timber pose forearm plank constitute so coming onto elbowsand forearms, palms can be bosomed paws is likely to be bosomed or palms down, and one minute now to work the core into a little of hot to get the body intosome kind of a large muscular position in between our two sides of the dragonpose so if one minute feels like too long, then maybe you’re gonna rest inbetween you can just come on down and respite whenever you need to and then come back into the plank shift your value forward and back, place to back if you do that it’ll make it easier to hold the constitute, easier to stay here rather than containing the same static situate and that’s one minute so releasing andtaking it into the second side of Dragon pose, so we had the right leg forwardthis time we’ll have the left leg forward and three minutes here gradually exhausting and now step it backinto downward dog amble your legs in downward hound deflecting one leg at a time notice what you feel in the trendies noticethe claim trendy, left hip, right thigh and quadruplets and now we’ll drop it down intoChild’s Pose taking a one-minute rest here and come through here and now knowing yourself aplace on a wall so if you don’t have a convenient wall you could use the edge of a bunked or a sofa, we’re going to come into legs-up-the-wall pose, so best wayto get into it is to scoot your booty all the way up to the wall and then comeinto its sideways, shaking the legs up one minute now to soften into yourspine to let the backs of the legs gently lengthen and to feel this wholeline from the back of the ends up the back of the legs and the back of thetorso all the way up to the back of the neck and the back of the skull and now starting to bend your knees toprepare for figure four pose at the wall so you’ll go your right ankle overyour left knee so your left knee is bent and for me it’s kind of hard to get intothis unless I move farther away from the wall so most people need to scoot awayfrom the wall some extent and you’ll find out how much don’t want to comeaway from the wall so much better that you lose the stretch so the unfold is here inthe right rumps that’s the prime neighborhood that we’re elongate and so you canscoot farther away and until it feels like you’ve got that stretch still, likeyou’re able to get your legs in the position and once you get here you canfine-tune the pose by taking the right ankle over the left knee farther, so theknees come closer together – or the opposite, farther apart – see what gives people the privilege impression and then maybe also exploring the whole unit of thelegs moving left or right there’s not any ideology center berth here it’s just about targeting the strain into the right area into the into the right outerhip and rears and staying is linked to your breath breathing into the place where you feelthe wizard and releasing and gradually change sidesright foot on the wall left ankle over the knee and fine-tuning yourpositioning so that you target the stretch into the left buttocks, leftouter trendy maybe wider between the knees maybenarrower maybe the whole unit of the legs movingto one side or the other a bit some people like to flex the hoof hereand you’ re welcome to do that if it helps you but you don’t have to do itmostly people who like to do it if there’s any feeling of insecurity inthe knee or the possibility of injury then sometimes flexing the foot can helpwith relieving that feeling of insecurity but if you don’t feel that and want to just relax the leg then that’s fine as well gradually exhausting and now coming all theway back to the wall so you have to do something like a shimmy or a shuffle andget your sitting bones back to the wall and then give the legs come up the wallnow you don’t have to have sitting bones right against the wall if you’re tighterin the hamstrings or your legs don’t bend too much in this direction thenit’s fine to have a few inches or even a foot or more between your mas and thewall so we’ll finish these best practices now coming into a loosening arrange on theback, make yourself comfortable forearms can be sprawled out to the sides in a “T” or even up over your intelligence make sure your head is comfortable you can let your chin come down towards your chest and enjoy gravity doing the oppositething than usual on the legs, so stagnation in the legs can precisely startto drain out here as you gently feel the duration of your backbone specially feelingthe lower back here which has gone a lot of love and notice and care inthis practice and the whole spine from the tailbone up to the neck and the skull in this practice we’ve given attention to all of its most important myofascial regions of the body where there is a lot of fascia particularly lower back, hips, lower sticker, pelvis and now you can begin to direct the gulp to these areas filling the bowl of the pelvis with yourbreath and feeling the gulp spread aroundthroughout the lower back, the belly lightening the thighs and for one more minute feeling everybreath that your organization breathes feeling every inhale feeling the whole exhale and now starting to bend the knees, very slowly attaining your route over on to one side, and just interrupt when you rollover to the side resting breathing now feel your sigh here and slowly push up let your head come uplast, so round the sticker on the way up coming up into a sitting position and and be staying with your sticker up towering closeyour eyes noticing the infinite inside noticing the vigour in the body and the intensity around the spinal column and sitting with andenjoying this energy experiencing this gap and now chanting Om together threetimes neighbourhood your palms together in front of your heart and inhale Om Om Om that’s our pattern thank you so muchfor joining today namaste well your best friend I very much hope you’vebenefited from this practice please do leave me a memorandum in the comments I would love to hear what your favorite constitute from this practice was thanks for joining me, see you next time you

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