Which yoga texts would you recommend for yoga teacher?

It all depends on the number of hours that youassign to study history and again philosophy. So if you have a limited number of hours, I would definitely focus on Tantra because it is the background of Hatha yogaand so then I would study a little bit of only an introduction to Tantra. What itis, there’s so many misunderstandings about it should employed it in the claim context andthen are concentrated on the central text of Hatha yoga. And the history of how to yoga if your time islimited.If you have a little bit more of term and for a teacher training program, then I wouldhave a entire cross-examine of its own history. And that will give people, even if it only do like a genericsurvey. That will give everybody a so much better. Thorough view of the organic development of yogain general and then you’ll be able to place hatha yoga within that larger framework so it willgive you a totally different understanding of how you will own. You can own the lore inthat route right in the feeling of constituting it yours. You know, simulating it much better. And then fromthere you’re in a much better position to decide what you want to teach, what you want to emphasizein your teach. Yes, it had to predict. You could say is where for the first time we seea fully fledged system of urachal Hatha yoga, right? As I said, the system seems before theyaround 11 century, but the first descriptions “were having” of those practices don’t even use theterm Hatha yet.So it comes a little bit later, probably in different areas of the 12 th century. Andseeing that evolution is very helpful. But if you had to zero in onslaughts, I wouldstill consider the hot opera Deepika, because as I said here today for the first time. Yousee the whole thing in a systematic fashion ..

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