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The Common Element Between the Six Branches of Yoga – Yoga

Most people have a general misunderstanding of what Yoga is. It is something much broader and deeper than exercise methodology; it is all of life. Yoga is one path to personal freedom and liberation.

Best Effective Yoga Exercises For Slim Waist

If you are tensed and finding yourself in the whirlwind of tension then you need to take rest and do some yoga. It would give you mental peace and a healing effect to the body.

Yoga For Better Sleep

The ability of yoga to reduce muscle tension, slow your heart rate and calm a racing mind provides the perfect recipe for a good night’s sleep. There is growing evidence that small behavioral changes in the evening can make a big difference in getting a restful sleep.

Bikram Yoga Explained

There are numerous styles of yoga around today and by far one of the most popular is that of Bikram Yoga. It is a style of yoga that was developed by Bikram Choudhury and a company based in Los Angeles, California. Bikram Yoga is more commonly known as Hot Yoga and is practiced in a room that is heated to 105°F…

The Many Benefits of Yoga

The benefits of yoga revealed. Find out why yoga is one of the most popular exercise programs chosen by celebrities and sports stars alike.

Yoga in the Workplace

Originated from a Sanskrit word meaning “Union”, Yoga is a philosophical system aimed at regaining harmony of body, mind, heart and soul. One has to understand that all forms of yoga helps in educating methods of concentration to control the mind & primitive consciousness, and bring the physical body under control of the will.

Yoga Teacher Training Aspects – Ethical Guidelines

The typical 200-hour Yoga instructor certification course contains ten hours of ethics discussions, but how many adults really need to hear it? Apparently, anyone who is in a position of authority must be reminded of guidelines for proper conduct.

The Role Flexibility Plays In Improving Your Health

There is so much health information available nowadays-it’s a real challenge trying to keep up with it…I’m sure you feel the same way. And it’s easy to overlook many important health issues that can be very beneficial to your health and longevity. That’s why Healthy Answers helps to provide you with answers on topics that don’t get all the attention they deserve.

Making Sure You Pick the Right Yoga Class

Regardless of the type of yoga you choose to do, make sure you find a class with an instructor who knows how you are doing, physically and mentally. If you want to get the most of the class, for your mind and body, you must pick an instructor who asks you, before you start the class, how you are, physically and mentally. Once that information is known, you can safely move into the wonder of yoga.

Yoga Teacher Training Aspects – Teach your Students about Tranquility

Yoga has been shrouded in mysticism for thousands of years. This is not a bad thing, as the goals of Yoga are far beyond the pictures you see on the covers of Yoga magazines today. So, what are the real goals of Yoga?

Who Me, Yoga?

In looking for a regular exercise routine, I stumbled upon yoga, which I had thought was some marginal new age form of exercise. I found it to be the best exercise that I have yet to come across and I am completely sold on yoga.

Yoga Can Benefit Skiing and Snowboarding

Look around your everyday surroundings when the weather report is a bunch of moaning about a storm front that’s coming with lots of snow and the “weather guessers” are warning that travel is going to be a mess. Are there people who are grinning from ear to ear? Do you know what they’re thinking?

Yoga – The Perfect New Year’s Resolution

There is a case to be made for the practice of yoga as the perfect or universal New Year’s resolution. Stop and think about the focus of most resolutions and the various reasons people chose to make them part of their New Year goal setting.

Is Yoga For The Face Really Yoga?

The muscles in the body just like the muscles in the face will plump up and reposition when they are proficiently exercised. Without the resistance and contraction of the muscles, the body, like the face, will not receive the results you desire.

Understanding the Benefits of Yoga

The benefits of yoga are numerous. That is why more and more people would like to get into it. If you are just about to embark on the journey of learning the discipline, you should know more about what yoga can do for you. Here are only some of what you can expect from practising yoga.

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