Vinyasa Flow Yoga for Flexibility (25-min) Flow & Glow Yoga

Yoga, Is It For You? Some Of Your Questions Answered

If you practice yoga even only once a week, for an hour each time, you will definitely feel the benefits. The more you practice the more benefits you will feel.

How Paul Brunton Was Directed to Go to Bhagavan Ramana Maharishi – Part I

Paul Brunton was a British philosopher, mystic, and traveler. He was born in London in 1898. He came to Chengleput, a small city near Chennai to meet the great sage of Kanchi, His Holiness Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Swami. The great sage recommended him to go to Maharishi Ramana. His experiences with Maharishi Ramana inspired him and he has written a book, “A Message from Arunachala”

Yoga Can Get Your Diet on the Right Track

Thousands of years ago the Indian sages established a paradigm relating to the nutritional value of food and shared their wisdom with their people. Today our food scientists are finding just how far advanced these ancients were in their understanding of nutrition, and how today’s people can benefit from the teachings of Yoga in relation to diet.

Enhance Your Yoga Experience With The Latest Gear

One of the great advantages of pursuing yoga is that it doesn’t require much in the way of gear.

Learn The History Of Yoga

Five thousand years of experience and experimentation lies behind what we today recognize as Yoga.

Yoga Teacher Training: The Spiritual Aspect of Yoga

How much of the spiritual aspect of Yoga should be incorporated into Yoga teacher training? Swami Vishnu Devananda, founder of the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centers, believed that spiritual and physical aspects were the two most important, in relation to Hatha Yoga.

Chair Yoga to Ease Shoulder Tension

Here are some exercises that will relieve the feeling of tightness that comes from sitting in one place, e.g. driving, studying or working at a PC. The great thing about the exercises is that they can all be done sitting in a chair, without any need for yoga mats or lying down.

Guide To Yoga Supplies And Props

Do you really need to go out and buy yoga supplies? Learn why props were introduced, an overview of the different ones available, and what they tend to be used for.

Getting Started With Yoga

The truly great thing about yoga is that it is for everybody. It doesn’t matter if you are strong or weak, big or small, young or old. Anybody can do it and there are a variety of ways to practice it. It can be five minutes of relaxing meditation or thirty minutes of hard workout. It is all up to you and the method you choose.

Beginning Yoga, Finding A Yoga Mat

You have decided to start yoga classes. Wherever you practice yoga, be that at home or at a yoga studio, there is one piece of yoga equipment you will need and that is a yoga mat.

Why Zen Yoga Poses Can Improve Your Health

Zen yoga is very different in attitude and experience to traditional Indian yoga. Like tai chi, it is very gentle, and well suited to helping people prevent ill health. Learn about the principles it is based on, and a basic guide on finding the best zen poses for each individual.

Yoga Approach to Meditation

The purpose of meditating is to make a mind switch from any disturbance or involvement in external circumstances, responsibilities, or stressful situations and to enter calm states of inner consciousness.

A Short History of Yoga

This article traces the history of yoga from as far back as the ancient Vedic seers of India, to its current popularity today in the west.

Tips For Choosing Yoga Training Courses

The plethora of yoga training available makes it confusing for prospective students to choose one that will meet their needs, as well as provide a good foundation for teaching when they are qualified. Learn more here.

Top Tips About Yoga And How To Get Started

Get started in yoga! Discover how to get started in this relaxing pass time today!

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