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Yoga Instructor – Choosing The Right

Practicing yoga is a complicated process. In order to ensure complete benefit, it is important to make sure that one is performing the exercise in a correct form. For this, you need to trust a yoga instructor. Here are some guidelines you should follow in order to choose the right yoga instructor for yourself.

The Yoga – Pilates Debate – Which is Better?

Practitioners of yoga and Pilates alike have long engaged in the yoga Pilates debate- as they try to decide which one is more beneficial. This article will highlight a few benefits of each discipline so that you can decide which the better choice is for you.

Why Yoga Works for Fitness

3 Reasons Why Yoga Works for Fitness As many Americans become interested in yoga training, many want to know why yoga works so well for transforming the human body from flabby and soft to sculpted and tone. Below are three reasons why yoga is such a good choice for physical fitness. Unity of Body Mind and Soul Many yoga enthusiasts credit the concept of unity as the number one reason why yoga works so well to keep both our physical and spiritual selves in great condition.

Selecting a Yoga Center and Yoga Apparel

If you are interested in yoga classes, selecting a center for yoga and yoga apparel are important for getting started. Below you will find helpful tips for helping you select the best center for yoga and yoga apparel for you.

Back Pain Free With Driving Yoga Part 4

When getting out of bed, don’t even dare trying quick movements. Instead, you should slowly edge your way to the side of the bed and then push yourself up with your arms. That way you don’t use your back muscles as much.

A Holistic Approach to Yoga

Yoga is a unified approach to self-development which is designed to balance and harmonize physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and well-being. To achieve union between body, mind and spirit Yoga combines postures, deep breathing, meditation and relaxation. Various poses help to reduce many physical symptoms benefiting both the internal and external body. The heart and circulatory system are enhanced while muscles are toned and strengthened. Yoga is not goal-oriented or forceful and can be practiced by all ages and levels. In essence, it is a positive approach to enhanced fulfillment, self-awareness, peace and quality of life.

Bhakti Yoga Is For Everyone, No Matter What You Believe

There are many forms of yoga to practice, some are physical, some are spiritual. Don’t let your religion keep you from looking at them all.

Karmic Yoga – Living In The Now

These are interesting times. The world is changing rapidly nowadays, or at least we are learning about the changes much faster than previous generations. The main difference between those generations and ours is our familiarity with new technology. We read faster; we learn earlier; we communicate more quickly; transportation is faster; and we even push papers faster.

Yoga Types – Which One is Right for You?

With all the different types of yoga in existence today, choosing the right one can be hard for a beginner. It’s important to choose the variety of yoga that’s right for you in terms of fitness level, your spiritual and physical goals, and you health. Here are a few of the most common types of yoga to help you pick the best one for you and your situation.

Yoga Fitness Equipment For The Beginner

One of the great things about yoga is that you can practice anywhere, without any equipment at all. It’s also possible for just about anyone to do yoga, no matter what their age or fitness level, although adjustments may need to be made to the exercises. When you perform yoga, you should be sure to wear comfortable, loose clothing made from natural, breathable fibers.

Yoga History 101

Yoga is thought to date back around five thousand years. Some have even stated that it’s a product of shamanic practice in the Stone Age, because of cultural similarities between Neolithic settlements at Mehrgarh and modern Hindu beliefs. Many modern Hindu practices, including ideas, symbols, and rituals, do appear to relate to evidence found at Mehrgarh, causing some people to speculate that the two groups had similar intentions – healing and advancing beyond the human condition.

Is Ashtanga Yoga Practice Right For You?

Founded by K. Pattabhi Jois, Ashtanga Yoga is also called Eight Limb Yoga. In this form of yoga, the road to purification is said to be formed of eight different spiritual practices. The first four “limbs” of Ashtanga Yoga are Asana, Pranayama, Yama, and Niyama. These practices are meant to cleanse, and are called external practices. The other four spiritual practices in Ashtanga Yoga are internal practices.

The Great Benefits Of Core Power Yoga

What is core power yoga you may ask? Well it is the practice of a particular style of yoga that focusses upon the core/middle part of our body – the area where power is generated. I am not surprised at the popularity of core power yoga amongst its practitioners, as the yoga moves it incorporates strengthens our abdominal muscles which in turn greatly improves our posture.

Back Pain Freed with Driving Yoga – Part 3

In a fixed task such as driving, optimal trunk stabilization is essential for the healthiest driving posture, with the least stress to the back and neck, and the most efficient operation of the controls (steering wheel, foot pedals). This trunk stabilization is due to spontaneous activation of four key muscle groups: the lower abdominals, the pelvic floor muscles, the diaphragm (the main breathing muscle), and the mid-back muscles.

Yoga Mat – All You Should Know About A Yoga Mat

One of the most important investments you require to make even before you start off with your program of doing yoga is purchasing a yoga mat. This is one of the most crucial investments you need to make. Here is what you should know about the yoga mat.

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