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Yoga Blocks Are A Good Support System

Any exercise when done correctly would help in getting the proper results. Every part of the body would be rejuvenated by getting your exercise right. The yoga blocks used for doing yoga asanas would create extra strength which you need.

Yoga Bags – A Helpful Medium

Practicing yoga is very easy provided one does the yoga according to ones capabilities. It wouldn’t be advisable for a 50-year-old person to attempt yoga for the first time and start doing poses which are done by 20-year-old.

Yoga Kit – A Help For Better Yoga

There are different kinds of yoga kits which are very useful for people who are ardent yoga followers or for those who may follow it someday.

Yoga in Practice: A Peaceful Planet

Non-practitioners often accuse Yoga practitioners of too much self-indulgence. The common concern is that too much self-awareness will cause the Yogi, or Yogini, to worship the inner being. Before you get too excited – you and I know this is not true, but the world needs some time to adjust to Yogic philosophy.

Yoga – An Early History

A look at the early history of yoga.

Selecting A Yoga Class – 3 Tips

Not only are all classes not the same, the yoga instructors aren’t the same either. So, what should you look for in the ideal yoga class for yourself?

Yoga Exercises For Pregnant Women

Did you know that yoga is recommended for pregnant women? Read on to find out which exercises will they derive the greatest benefit from …

Beginning Yoga Breathing – All You Need To Know

In yoga, breathing is everything. Here are a few pointers to bear in mind while starting out with yoga breathing.

Yoga Clothing – What To Wear For Yoga?

With all these options of yoga pants,shirts, t-shirts, sweats available – what should I wear?

What to Look for When Hiring a Yoga Teacher (Part 1)

How can you tell which Yoga teacher is the best fit for your health club, ashram, spa, or wellness studio? Does it depend on a particular diploma, style of Yoga, or who their Guru was? Let’s go over a bit of credential history and a checklist for finding the ideal Yoga teacher.

What to Look for When Hiring a Yoga Teacher (Part 2)

The best selection is a Yoga teacher with a balance of all these factors. The one dimensional Yoga teacher is not an optimum fit for any organization. Within this current climate of liability suits, safety is the most important factor of all.

Karmic Yoga and the Breath

As we breath we breath in oxygen. We breath in sub atomic particles and molecules that repair, or recreate, the damaged parts of the body. As we exhale carbon dioxide and the parts of the body that have been discarded along with toxins and poisons are carried out of the body. We are being recreated using the parts of other people, plants, animals and the other. This is done by the creative power of what many of us call God, or spirit.

Yoga Therapy

The Yoga Therapy or ‘yoga-chikitsa’ refers to the treatment of diseases by means of yogic exercises which may be physical or mental or both. It is a specialised form of yogic culture. This mode of treatment has been practised in India from very ancient times. Many references to yoga have been made in the Upanishads. It was, however, Maharishi Patanjali who in about the first century B.C. gave a systematic account of the traditional yogic teaching.

Yoga Teachers, Prepare for the New Year’s Rush – Part 3

This is the last article of this series, and by now, you should be getting some fresh ideas that will help you design a couple of new Yoga classes in your studio.

Yoga Teachers, Prepare for the New Year’s Rush – Part 1

The doors will fly open on January 2nd with enthusiastic mobs of Yoga students. What can you do to prepare for the busiest stretch of the year? How can you keep their interest all year long?

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