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What Is Ashtanga Yoga?

In Sanskrit Ashta means eight and Anga means limbs so it can be termed as the eight limb path and is based on Yoga Philosophy of Patanjali. As history of yoga is very rich it helps people in all its manner and this is one of its form which is also known as Power Yoga. Each of the eight limbs has an important part to play for a better and healthy living looking ahead to make life less stressful and happy.

Intuition Through Yoga

Einstein through his intuition perceived the theory of relativity. Einstein recognized the intuition and placed a high value on his intuition. Sudden flashes and logical thinking both are ensured by meditation. P.D Ouspensky says, “Yoga increases the creative capacity of man in all spheres and domains of life, gives him the possibility of direct penetration into the mysteries of nature, discloses to him the secret of eternity and the enigma of existence

Benefits Of Yoga For Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful things many women want to go through and are going through. It is something which many women look forward too and with the increasing joy there is also fear factor. Fear about your baby’s health, a smooth delivery, mood swings, fatigue, morning sickness, constant craving for strange items, increasing weight and overall the feeling about pregnancy can be overwhelming.

Yoga – A Help During Your Menstruation Days

As everyone does yoga including women there are days during which you are extremely tired due to the bleeding. During such times yoga helps in removing the pain which many women have and go through all their life. It is very important that to know that in yoga during menstruation there are some poses which should be avoided and some poses which will help in easing your pain.

Asanas To Help You Out From Your Backache

Yoga is very important in our daily life and it can create positive impact on your health. By doing some asanas would be very good for your back. As the lifestyle and the way of working has changed which causes many of these ailments. The food habits with high on fat, cholesterol and other unwanted things just add up to your ailments.

Polarity Processing – a Simple Yogic Tool For Getting “Un-Stuck”

When you’re feeling stuck in old emotional, mental or physical patterns, Polarity Processing is a simple & powerful tool ~ based firmly in yogic principles ~ that can help you get un-stuck. The technique has been given to the world through the contemporary Teacher Leslie Temple-Thurston, who is based, with her organization CoreLight, in South Africa and Santa Fe, New Mexico. So here’s how it works.

Find and Maintain Your Perfect Weight – the Yoga of Mindful Eating

A common experience, among those who have practiced some form of yoga(or qigong or meditation) for a sustained period of time, is the experience of having ones weight stabilize, and maintain itself ~ almost magically ~ at the “perfect” level. But this sort of natural equilibrium, around weight and food choices, for most people takes a while to cultivate. So, in the meantime, what to do about this eating thing? This body-weight thing?

Resurrecting Your Sexuality – Two Yoga/Qigong Practices

The Taoist world-view, and its associated yoga/qigong practices, is based largely upon an understanding of the flow of energy, within and outside of the human body, and includes an understanding of sexual energy which is far more sophisticated than anything produced by western culture. How exactly this happens is the subject of a vast field of enquiry & practice called Internal Alchemy.

Yoga in Practice: Anger Management – Part 2

So how can this violent chain of events, within the mind, be prevented? How can the ego and intolerance be controlled? – Through self-realization – also known as, “Vichara.”

Yoga in Practice: Anger Management – Part 1

Yoga has been able to help many of mankind’s ailments, but what about anger management? How can Yoga prevent rage and the burning desire for revenge? Many people say: “Don’t get mad, get even.” Is this what we are talking about?

Circles & Spirals – The Center of a Yog /Qigong Practice

Every Yoga or Qigong practitioner at some point discovers that circluar or spiraling actions (of body or mind) tend to augment or circulate (in a useful way) their energy/qi/life-force, while more linear or perpendicular actions tend to drain or decrease energy. This article explores this phenomenon.

What is Yoga? Asana in the Context of the Six Yogas System

In the west, the term “yoga” is usually associated with the practice of Yoga asana – physical movements & poses. Yet asana is just a tiny slice of the entire “pie” that is the Yoga tradition. This article places yoga asana in the larger context of the Six Yogas System of Hatha, Raja, Bhakti, Jnana, Kritya & Karma Yoga.

Dancing For Your Whole Life – Yogic Advice From the Vijnanabhairava Tantra

This article explores a verse from the Vijnanabhairava Tantra – one of the most revered of Yogic scriptures (from the tradition of Kashmir Shaivism). And finds in it advice for how to be more fully alive even (and especially!) in the face of our inevitable death.

The Blissful Body of the Yogi(ni) – Yidam Practice & Yoga Asana

Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche, a Tibetan yogi often compared to the great Milarepa, when addressing the issue of Yidam practice within the Vajrayana vehicle of Tibetan Buddhism, has said: “It is the blissful body of the yogi or yogini that is the true Deity.” So what might this mean? And how, if at all, is it (or could it be) related to the practice of Yoga asana?

Is Free Online Yoga Safe?

Informative article about free online yoga

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