Unwind Shoulder Knots & Hip Tension – Day 5

Yoga in Practice – How to Get the Most Out of Your Mind

In Yoga, mental health is approached from a pro-active mindset. Optimum mental health is the gateway to learning, self-worth, emotional stability, and communication with others. Let’s look at Yoga’s approach to getting the most out of our minds.

Yoga in Practice – Teaching Yoga With Humility

Yoga has similarities to many other philosophies in regard to humility. However, Gurus and Swamis traditionally chose their students. In fact, much like traditional martial arts students, Yoga students traditionally saw training with their teacher as a privilege. Prospective students would seek out a Yoga teacher, begging to be accepted for instruction.

Yoga For Drivers’ Neck and Shoulder Pain – Part 2

Recommended by Prevention Magazine Yoga: Relief from Neck and Shoulder Pain offers a comprehensive look at gentle yet effective yoga poses to relieve tension, increase strength, and improve posture in the neck and shoulders. Lillah provides clear guidance for the safe execution of each pose, suggestions for correcting common mistakes, and non-weight bearing alternative poses for therapeutic needs.

Advantages of Yoga Video in the Home

Yoga is technically a form of exercise and meditation to help you get all of the aspects of your life in balance. One of the best training aids is a Yoga video or DVD. You can keep repeating the same exercise at home by rewinding the presentation until you get the exercise correct.

Hatha Yoga – What to Expect in Yoga Class

Yoga is everywhere. In ads from McDonalds to mattresses, people are shown striking a yoga pose. Television characters are running off to a yoga class. Friends and family own yoga mats and blocks and videos. Local studios are opening up, classes are being offered at churches and schools. So, it seems like everybody is doing yoga, but what exactly is it that they are doing?

Yoga and Stress Relief

Benefits of Yoga has been know to man since ages. Yoga is considered to the best medicine for any kind illness. Read this article to know how Yoga can help one relieve from stress.

Yoga in India

An exercise routine that has taken the world over was discovered in India around 3300 BC. When the Indus valley civilization was uncovered, many seals with figures in yoga poses were discovered. So it had flourished in the Indus valley.

How Yoga Can Strengthen Your Body and Soul

Yoga is best known as a type of exercise system that stretches and strengthens the body through various poses known as asanas. But yoga goes far beyond just a mere exercise routine.

Comparing One Yoga Mat From Another

Yoga is technically a form of exercise and meditation to help you get all of the aspects of your life in balance. One of the most important accessory is a yoga mat. This becomes very personal as when you are in a group it identifies your space.

The Benefits of Proper Yoga Instruction

Yoga is technically a form of exercise and meditation to help you get all of the aspects of your life in balance. You will achieve this with proper Yoga instruction.

Yoga For Work-Life Balance

Yoga was a big thing during the 60s. However, it soon began to drop in popularity. People undertaking yoga as an exercise soon lost patience with the activity, due to its slow but steady results, and turned their interest to a faster pace of exercise such as aerobics.

Choosing the Yoga Mat For You

The most vital piece of equipment to practice the art of Yoga is the yoga mat. It is important to ask yourself several questions before making this choice.

Yoga in Practice – Two Steps to a Clear Mind

Have you ever awaken to a sluggish day? For some people, this is a continuous cycle in life. Their minds might be “jump started” by caffeine, but they do not have a clear plan for the day or their lives. Let’s take two constructive steps toward clarity of mind.

Hatha Yoga- Who Can Do Yoga?

Heard everyone talking about yoga? Interested in trying it yourself? How to find a yoga class that is right for you.

Yoga – The Origins of Yoga

The search for finding new methods of staying fit has brought about modern exercise systems that are based on ancient techniques once used for the purpose of developing the mind, body and spirit. One such example is the practice of yoga. The origins of yoga can be traced back thousands of years ago to India where it was practiced religiously as a method of bringing together the mind, body, and spirit. Today, while the positions remain the same the emphasis is more on a physical level.

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