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– What’s up, everyone and welcome to TRUE, Your 30 Day Yoga Journey. I am your leader Adriene and today, day 1, babies, we’re gonna focus on motive. So hop into something comfyand let’s is starting.( tightened ensemble music) All right, your best friend, let’s begin in a nice pleasant set. Come on down to the ground and slowly as you’re readydraw the pass together, you guessed it, at the heart.Now take a minute to close your eyes here, which could feel a little funkyif this is your first time. But close your eyes, sit up nice and tall and begin to notice your breather. We’ll be easy into our excursion today so you can relax your shoulders. You can give the reputing intellect a breaking and perhaps you accept the invitation here to simply feel your highway through this ride.Inhale in and exhale to bow the heading to the heart. Now pause now and gentlybegin to deepen your breather and if you like you canset a little intention or consider your motive. What brought you here? What’s causing you to participate in TRUE? And at the least, you’re getting a neat stretchin the back of your neck. Then once you feel like you’ve explored that question, what’s your inducement, or once you’ve deep-seated a littleintention for yourself, take the deepest breathyou’ve taken all day, maybe all year, and as you expel, releasethe mitts to your knees, stow the chin into the chestand then slowly lift it up. Here we go, big inhale, pressure the shoulders up to the ears. Pause here, crush andlift, mash and heave and then exhale, loosen the shoulders down. Super simple, let’s go again.Inhale, crush and heave, sit up nice and tall. Squeeze, pressure, pinch and then exhale, shoulders sucked down. One last-place duration, squeezeand elevation, get in there and then exhale to secrete, awesome. We’re gonna send the fingertips forward. Spread the fingertips, you caneven wiggle the fingertips. A little spirit fingershere never hurt anyone and then you’re gonnaplug the shoulders in. Move nice and slow aswe take the right arm over the left and thenwe’re gonna use the left hand to really steer the rightarm into a stretching here.So the tendency is for theright shoulder to come up. See if you can draw theright shoulder down. This is a shape many of ushave encountered before in our lives maybe in a gym class ora simple stretch post-workout. But what offsets thisdifferent is how you move, again your rationale, thefeeling behind every flow. For me that’s what utters yoga unique and it’s all about being trueto how you feel in the moment. It’s kind of like picking out an organization. You want to be true to howyou’re feeling that day , not just put on the pink dress, am I right? Slowly release, send the fingertips out. You can jiggle the fingers. Sit up nice and towering and thenleft hand’s gonna cross over this time and you’re justgonna come into a delightful pull, again considering how you move and how youexist in this movement. We’re just like dropping right in.And at the very least, againif it’s not quite snap, it’s okay to really enjoy thestretch, this time for yourself, off your telephone, away from your work projects. Drop the left shoulder down, exactly actively lock the left shoulder, drop it down, take one more breath and then slowly release everything. Mitt are gonna come now to the side. So fingertips are gonna reachout and then come to the sides here and then we’ll walk thefingertips back only a little. Loop the shoulders, lift the chest. Big inhale as you lift thechin up towards the sky.Pause now, breathe, just openingup through the figurehead torso. Close your eyes for a repetition of sigh, precisely notice how you feel and then draw the bellybutton in, liberation. Fucking arm proceeds over the leftagain, give yourself a big hug. So if not for love, if that’s not part ofyour motive, then why? At least that’s what I’m inviting us to think about on this journey.So give yourself a big hug andif you can, close your eyes and see if you can justreally feel this embrace. Start to deepen your sigh and again, at the very least you’re getting a neat extend in the upper back form. Then slowly secrete, fingertips come to your side and then walk’ em back. Maybe the pinkies come alittle bit closer this time as you open up through thechest in the forearm to chest. Inhale, elevator. Legs are heavy now, soul elevations, chin elevates. If the knees are coming up like this, dude, “youre not” alone. It took me forever to find this room. So accept where you aretoday, be kind and then one more breath here, everybodythis big power pose as we’re opening the heart, opening themind up for this experience. Then gradually release, select the bellybutton in and this time left over over the claim as to give yourself a big age-old grip. Maybe you really inchthe fingertips in there. Heyo, and then close your eyes if you can and only try to feel this out.Feel this embrace and when wetake the time to really feel this embrace, we’re sendinga certain signal to the brain and of course it’s differentfor everyone, that signal. Inhale and breath to liberate, awesome. Mitts are gonna go forwardonce again and this time we’re gonna continuethe outing forward as we come all the wayonto hands and knees. So moving forward nice and slow. So no segmented movementhere, especially for those who have practicedyoga before or a great deal, see if you can move with a certain ease, with goal, with your motive.Let your action reflectthat, the why, why you’re here. So often we’ll situate an intention and then it doesn’t really is an indication in the free movement of persons. So that’s what we’re looking at today. Spread the fingertips, march the knees underneath the hip sites, wrists rightunderneath the shoulders. Then press away from youryoga mat and check it out. We’re gonna play with thisa lot during this series. So see if you can slip your belly down, precisely kind of drop it andlet it all hang loose and then hear what you can find when I invite us allto take the figurehead torso and draft it up to meet theback body, what happens? Navel draws up, lower ribs grip in, we augment through the upper back figure, we pulp away from the yoga mat.Stay now or writhe the toes under. Inhale in and expel, liftthe knees and tell them hover. So this is a series for beautiful people and babies all around the world. So explore things that feel good for you and omit the things thatdon’t vibe with your body. Take one more breath now, you might start to shake and tremble, feel the heat and then slowly lower the knees.We’re gonna bring thetwo large-scale toes together. Knees go as wide as the yogamat and then listen carefully, we’re gonna inhale, dropthe belly to look forward. A little cow constitute variant, claw through the fingertips and then exhale, cat posevariation, round through the sticker and then send it all the wayback, forehead to the earth. Beautiful, claw throughthe fingertips, inhale, draw a line with yournose forward up and back, lower the belly and thenexhale around through. Chin to chest and then all the way back and now notice the tendencyto kind of rush through this. Altogether. But we’re going a littledeeper here this succession. So see if you can really slow it down and move with meaning. Easing into your rehearse, easing into the year with a mindfulness. Inhaling to come forward and breath to roundand send the hips back.Now, close your eyes or softenyour gaze and start to catch the sound of yourbreath now as you move. Find a little rhythm. Find what feels good. Great, do one more. And the next time your hipsgo back, removing the palms. Really press into thefingertips and if you require, you can sway gently place to side. Start to amp up your gulp. Now know that your meaning, your purpose for the day lives inside. You can give the thinkingmind a interrupt and as we begin to move the body, time payattention to the feeling. Plant the palms, lift the hips up, march the knees backunderneath the hip places and now we go with reallyconscious placement of the mitts. Upper arm bones rotate out. We’re gonna curl the toesunder and now “theres going”, the celebratory firstdownward pup of our tour. I’m such a geek. We’re gonna rind thetailbone up towards the sky.So for everyone wherever youare in your yoga journey, think of peeling up to downward dog now. Often people think the heelshave to touch the yoga rug but they don’t, you can quote me on that. Bend the knees, lift the hip spots, the hip puckers up high. So often we’re really focusedon getting those heels down but oh my gosh, we’rebypassing all this yummy material, all this stuff that is truefor our person that we’re just neglect because we’retrying to get to the shape. So it’s no problem if youwant those ends down. But I’m here as your friend to invite you to look for more.To truly are compliant with whatever agitation is going on in your mas today. Hopefully you’ve amped up the breath a little to reinforcement you in this pose. When you’re ready, inhale, lift the right leg up high. No higher than the hiphere, just nice and rank. Turn all of your privilege toes down. Then take a deep breathin and then as you breath, change forward, upper body’sin board for merely a red-hot second and then we’ll pace theright foot the whole way up. Pivot on the back foot, take your time here, there’s no rush. It’s not a hasten, it’s not a competition. Find your ground and then slowly rise up, entrust together at the heart. And be considered that redden of energy Money can’t buy that And that’s good becausethis streaks is free Okay, so we have warrior one legs. What is warrior one? But we’re gonna bring the palms together. Press into the knifeedge of that back hoof, engage your left inner thigh. Then same thing chaps, instead of forcing the trendies to square towards thefront, and this is not just for fledglings, thisis really for everyone.We’re starting this space on purpose. Lengthen the tailbone downand really allow your hips to open towards the frontleft corner of your mat and then notice ifyou’re like me even here trying to press and kind to the front. Just give yourself a little time and space to feel out what needs to happen. Eventually front knee mightcome over that breast ankle.You want to feel a nice dominance, a connect through the legs. Once you feel, and you can look down. Often I’ve been invitingpeople in my recent practices to various kinds of seefeelingly and not look down. You can look down today, getting that delightful foundation and then formerly you feel like youhave it from the waist down, let’s draw the bellybutton in and up. That bond, thataction of hugging breast torso to meet the back bodyand then check it out. You’re just gonna from your core, dudes, from here you’re gonnaslowly turn to warrior two. Entrusts stay at the heart. And then notice what firedup here, right glute, okay. Maybe I needed to adjust my stance a bit. Also notice that themovement established from here, from the centre for human rights. Breath deep, be patient and then stay here or as you’re ready, send the fingertips out. Pull the pinkies back and then send your gaze, your focus, your drishti out pastyour title fingertips.Sink down a little lower, bide connected to your centre, your core. Beautiful, then keep thelower body where it is. Keep this connection to center. Send the title fingertipsforward and then we’re gonna draw a big line allthe road up to the sky. Pause, take a deep breathin and then on an expel, perhaps you take it back. Big stretch here, pullthe claim digit back. Inhale, face-lift your heart and then exhale from your hub, same thing, navel proceeds in. You’re gonna cartwheel the whole way back. Don’t jerk yourself around here, we jerk ourselves aroundplenty off the yoga mat.So move with purpose now as you swiveled all the way back to a delightful low-grade leap. Inhale to look forward. Exhale to flower the palmsand stair it to plank. Now lower the knees now for half timber if you like or press up again, that act of hugging frontbody to meet back organization. Reach the heels back, deepbreath in, you’ve got this and then exhale, downward puppy. Pedal it out again, take stock. What’s going on in my body today? Forget the heels, whatabout the rest of your form? Claw through the fingertips.Listen to the sound of your breather and then we’ll breath, lift the left leg up high when you’re readyjust about to trendy rank. Then if you’re like girl, myleg doesn’t make it that high-pitched, that’s okay, then we’ll playwherever you’re at today. Turn the left toes down. Take a late gulp in and then exhale, gradually shift forward, upper body’s in plank, light up through yourcore and then step it up. Pivot on the back foot. Bend the breast knee, take your time and then when you’re ready, we’ll slowly come up, entrust at the heart. Strong legs. So this constant dance of resisting armies, we talk about it all thetime now on the channel, the polarities and the invitation herein truth is to really work our highway back( chuckles) to that symmetry, to that balance thatalready exists inside. Then the catch-2 2 is itchanges every day, so commencing from the ground up every time. Front knee over breast ankle and then don’t worry about the picture.Focus on the agitation, simply the intention offront knee over figurehead ankle and then pull the left hip crease back, fire up through the outeredge of your title hoof. Engage the freedom internal thigh. Inhale, raise your sternum to your digits. Exhale, unwind the shoulders down. Notice where you feel the wizard. Front of the right hip crease, core, back body, legs. Then initiate, return your navelin and up and here we go. From there we’re gonna gradually turn from here to the right. Then perhaps the legsadjust here, maybe not.Create portion throughthe spine, deep gulp. Press into the knife edge ofthat back hoofed , now stay here or when you’re ready send thefingertips out left to right. Pull the pinkies back, make energy radiate waybeyond the fingertips, chaps. We are so much more than our forms. I’m just going right there onday one. I’m sorry, everyone. Merely kidding , not sorry. Navel gleans in and upagain, breathing penetrating. So the point is just thatwe remind each other, and this is for me toothat it doesn’t stop here. And that’s what’s so fun aboutthe 30 dates is we can take this time to play and use ourimagination and creativity.All liberty. Lengthen tailbone down, contact left fingertips forward up and back. Don’t give up, bigstretch up towards the sky and then exhale tocontinue all the way back. Big stretch today, breath. Exhale from your centre, bellybutton draws in and gradually with limit, guys, we’llpick up the cadence later, nice and slow with regulate we come all the way back to our delightful low-toned pounce. Pivot on the back paw, breath, open the chest, bigstretch now for the legs. Smile and then exhale, flower the palms. Step the left toes back. Plank pose. Lower the knees at any time for half plank and both variants certainly select the front person up to meet the back mas. Now inhale in, out with the age-old, in with the brand-new and exhale, lion’s breath, tongue out. Two more, you got this, inhale. Exhale, lion’s wheeze, tongue out. Last one, you got it, inhale, look forward.Exhale, lion’s wheeze. Gradually lowered the knees. Shift your legs to one side and come back to your seat. So whatever leg that iscrossing in front here, take that leg and accompanying it in. So button the cross of your legs. Notice how it feels funky and weird. So there are gonna bemoments along this passage that feel funky and weird andjust want to thank you with all my heart and soul forsaying yes to the exploration and you’re my superstar. Take a moment to sit upnice and towering and start to control your sigh fromthose crazy lion’s gulps. Allow the mitts to rest gentlyon the thighs or the knees. Really take a minute againto notice how you feel. Trust that it’s all there, it’s all inside and what this journeyis going to do or invite you to do is to uncoverwhat’s already there. An unveiling. We’ll gently generating thehands together at the heart. Sit up delightful and tall, perfectly incarnating the shape. Sweet. Gently bat your eyelashesopen, day one in the books.So honoring the educator within. Our true intention, ourreason for being here, which by the way you don’t have to know. Honoring that innerwisdom, we’re gonna bring the thumbs up to the thirdeye today or the countenance bone. This home of suspicion. From here we’ll take onelast breath in together. Then breath to bend. Namaste.( loosened ensemble music ).

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