Total Body Slow Flow Vinyasa Sequence

Four Ways to Beat Insomnia With Yoga

Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Have you ever woken up feeling anxious and fatigued from lack of sleep? Maybe your sleep is disturbed as you are kept awake listening to your partner snoring. To get a good night’s sleep, it is essential you find a way to help you relax and quieten your mind before you go to bed. Simple breathing and gentle yoga exercises are great ways to help soothe your mind and prepare your body for a restful night of sleep……

Yoga For Inner Harmony and a State of Happiness

What is happiness and why should Yoga have anything to do with it? Is happiness being successful? How do you define success? As you know, each of us cannot reach a state of happiness in the same way.

Yoga For Your Heart

Are you tired of watching commercials about how your “bad diet” causes all of your heart problems? What about people who eat healthy and have heart disease? These commercials are usually prescription drug advertisements, which profile everyone with heart disease in a negative light.

Teaching Hatha Yoga – Developing the Art of Communication

If you ask any Yoga teacher if he or she needs improvement in communication techniques, you will receive a variety of answers. After all, Level 1 Yoga teacher training courses usually cover cueing, demonstrating, and assisting; so how much more can there be to optimizing your communication skills in a Yoga class?

Back Pain and Being Overweight Part 1

If you already suffer from back pain, did you know that your office chair maybe adding to the problem? Your office chair may not be helping your back problem at all. In fact a low quality office chair can actually be causing more damage to an injured back. Office chairs can cause an increase in pain in the neck, back, arms and shoulders. As a matter of fact the way some office chairs are constructed, they can and extra pressure to an already aching back, and add extra stress to the spinal discs.

Yoga For Mind and Body

Life today for many people is a stressful situation. Yoga teaches us to be at ease so that when these challenging life situations arise we can deal with them constructively and find better health.

Back Pain and Crystals Part 6

Fairy Quartz is a fledgling Spirit Quartz, showing the milky white laser wand point and a light coating of smaller crystals growing on it. Fairy Quartz has a very soothing energy, which brings peace and calm to those in its energy field, including the groups, families, and individuals.

Teaching Yoga – Giving Pause

We often try to do our students a favor by packing as many instructions into each class as possible. We have an urge to teach everything we know about every pose, particularly after taking an inspiring workshop with a master teacher. I have observed many beginning teachers who chatter non-stop throughout class, a consequence of the lethal mixing of tense nerves and the desire to impress.

Teaching Yoga – Feeling Peace

Like a fish unaware of the polluted waters it lives in, we are so surrounded and infused with stress that we don’t even know it’s here. As yoga teachers, part of our job is to teach our students to become aware of when, where, and why they are stressed.

Yoga For Beginners – Five Useful Habits to Adopt to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

The practice of yoga exercises is just one aspect of living a healthy and happy lifestyle. To live a holistic and balanced lifestyle, you also need to include relaxation, wholesome foods, breathing and positive thinking into your daily routine.

In Times of Economic Distress, Turn to Yoga?

Well Yoga is hopefully the plan of many Wall Street fitness centers and personal trainers. With the rising costs of gym memberships and an even more lack of clientele, many fitness professionals are looking for cheaper alternatives in helping others maintain a healthy lifestyle. In the October 16th, 2008 edition of the New York Times, author Mandy Katz writes, “ON Wall Street, when the going gets tough, will the tough get yoga mats?

A Well Rounded Fitness Program Will Benefit Your Yoga Practice

A well rounded fitness program should include cardiovascular work, strength training, core strengthening and flexibility training. As a Yoga Instructor, I use weight training, pilates and cardio exercises to benefit my yoga practice. Some people use Yoga to benefit their exercise routine. Either way a balance of different types of exercise will produce rapid strength, respiratory and flexibility gains.

Yoga In India – Road to All-Round Health Benefits

Yoga is a form of exercise that promotes physical and mental health as well as spiritual contentment. It literally means union with God or the divine being. Yoga in India can be practiced not only at famous centers but also with many experienced professional instructors.

Does Yoga Offer Any Health Benefits?

Yoga has been practiced by ancient mystics and philosophers for thousands of years. Most people who hear the word yoga immediately think that this particular activity is simply a way to increase flexibility. In reality however, yoga offers so many more health benefits. Aside from its weight loss properties, yoga is also known to offer certain preventative medicine properties.

Can You Benefit From Basic Yoga Poses? Or is Yoga Really Just Stretching?

Basic yoga poses can erase some of the tension we hold onto in our muscles due to stress. By simply breathing into some poses we can give our brain a rest from stress and give our muscles a little stretch so they can let go of tension. It is physical and mental at the same time.

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