Top 5 Yoga Poses To Remove Belly Fat | Beginner Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

4 Things to Avoid to Maximize Yoga Benefits

As we strive to progress in the path of our yogic journey there are certain things which should be avoided. A calm and mind is required for our progress and things which create uneasiness in the mind hamper our progress. I would like to discuss few things which should be avoided.

10 Simple Ways to Bring Ayurveda Wisdom Into Your Life

Ayurveda wisdom believes in a progressive approach to total wellbeing, and that adjustments to ones lifestyle create holistic balance. The concept is that all disease begins with an imbalance or stress in the individuals consciousness, emphasizing mind-body-spirit integration that seek to treat the person as a whole. Self nurturing through diet, herbal remedies including aromas, yoga, meditation, sleep, and breathing, is truly the most natural thing in the world.

Yoga Therapy For Chronic Back Pain – The First Step Toward Relief

When considering Yoga therapy for chronic back pain, you should have the endorsement of your physician or medical specialist. Reducing the back pain in your life can be a team effort. It is important to realize that many forms of therapy work well in harmony with medicine and each other.

Fun Yoga For Children

Learn how to make Yoga exercises fun for kids, and read about the benefits it can bring for your children. These exercises are great for health, fitness and weight loss.

The Purpose of Yoga – The Difference Between Happiness and Control

Let’s look closer at Yoga. How can Yoga undermine the control of a dictator or a fundamentalist group? Has humankind learned anything from past mistakes?

The Purpose of Yoga – Problems With Training the Mind For Success

Each form of Yoga addresses your health in some way. Let’s take a closer look at the problems, which hold each of us back from our true potential, and how Yoga can help us live a more fulfilling life.

What Should I Pay For a Yoga Teacher Course?

Where do you start, when considering the many paths of Yoga teacher training? It is always best to compare Yoga certification programs to each other. There are many factors that you might want to take into consideration. Unfortunately, much of your decision making, when choosing a course, depends on time, obligations, money, and flexibility in your schedule.

Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Specialist Training

What should be included within a prenatal and postnatal Yoga teacher training? It is agreed that anyone, who decides to become a prenatal Yoga specialist, should be a competent and certified teacher to start with. When deciding to take the journey of education toward prenatal Yoga certification, one should consider the amount of continuing education involved.

Teaching Yoga For Happiness

Think back to a time of no responsibility, with a wide-eyed view of life and reality. When we were kids, how many of my friends said, “When I grow up, I’m going to become a Yoga teacher?” If memory serves me right, the answer is: “None.” Now, let’s fast forward to the present.

Yoga in Practice – Three Steps to Train the Self-Critical Mind

Yoga practice reveals many hidden truths and the ability to train one’s mind for balanced thinking about self-image. For example: Who is your worst critic? If you are like most of us, you can find that critic just by looking at yourself. How can Yoga change the life of a self-critic?

Yoga Classes in South Bend

South Bend, Indiana is not necessarily the first city that comes to mind when someone mentions the word “yoga” despite the word “bend” in its name. South Bend, after all, is better known for its predominantly Catholic Christian culture, and its almost fanatic support of their Notre Dame University sports teams (football in particular). Not one of those common pieces of knowledge could actually make you think that South Bend has anything to do with yoga – at least not significantly.

Lower Back Pain With Yoga Part 1

Lower Back Pain Relief -The Good News. The good news is that by doing the right back exercises in the right way, you have a great chance of stopping your lower back pain and keeping your back healthy and strong. Lower Back Pain Relief most doctors agree that when you experience lower back ache, you should continue with your daily activities in moderation.

Kids and Yoga – The Perfect Activity For the Over-Scheduled Child

Yoga known all over the world for its cleansing and relaxations abilities. In this article, it emphasizes the benefits that a child can get from it.

Bikram Yoga is My Friend

Since I started doing the habit of Bikram yoga, I’ve always felt very happy and light in doing my life tasks. I must say that Bikram yoga is like a friend to me. If my friends want to bring out the best in me, this type of yoga has given me several opportunities to do the right thing, with great perseverance and sense of motivation.

Ten Quick Yoga Tips to Beat Stress

Feeling stressed? Tired? Overwhelmed by all the demands made on your time? Choose one of these easy-to-do yoga stress busting tips to relax, unwind and regain control.

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