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What Are the Benefits of Yoga?

The Yoga system of wellness is a culture that’s been used by the yogis in India for 1000s of years. It has roots hidden deep in the past.

Yoga To Avoid Lenses

There is a deep correlation between the eyes and the mind. Eyesight is greatly improved when the muscles of the eyes are relaxed. It is said that vision occupies 40 percent of the brain’s capacity, therefore when we close our eyes; relaxation is induced in the brain. Eye health corresponds to the level of relaxation it experiences in which yoga plays a significant role. A yoga routine replete with asanas, pranayama and meditation helps in achieving peace and tranquility. Yogic Eye Exercises 1. Sit in the Sukhasana (easy pose) with legs crossed and your spine, neck and head in a straight line. Look directly to the front at eye-level and breathe normally. Move your eyes upward and downwards stay for two seconds. Close your eyes for two seconds. Look to the right, left and front for two seconds. Close your eyes for 6-8 seconds. This completes one round. Start with 2-3 rounds and increase up to four rounds. 2. Rub both palms together. Close the eyes and gently place the left palm over the left eye and the right palm over the right eye. Do not press the eyeballs. Breathe in and out slowly to release stress. Repeat 2-3 times.

Tips On Purchasing Your Perfect Yoga Outfit

Yoga is a special form of meditation to give you the serenity that you need in this chaotic world. During yoga practice, you should be able to relax and meditate with absolute comfort.

Ayurveda Yoga Teacher Training Program

Ayurveda and yoga not only complement each other but both sciences actually embrace each other as they share similarities and fundamental principles on many levels. Ayurveda and yoga should go together to achieve optimal health, peace, and longevity.

Teaching Yoga as Therapy

Yoga, in itself, has always been therapy – in every shape and form. If you look at a promising athletic child, or a student in a wheel chair, you will clearly see healthy results, which are mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual, in nature.

Teaching Chair Yoga – The Real Need for More Trained Instructors

The need for instructors, who can teach Yogic health maintenance, from a chair, goes far deeper than any of us thought ten years ago. Here are just a few reasons why there is a growth opportunity for competent chair Yoga teachers.

5 Important Yoga Tips For Everyone

Yoga is a very popular form of exercise. However to have a safe practice and effective practive, certain guidelines need to be followed. This article provides some important tips that would be beneficial to all Yoga practitioners regardless of your skill level.

Become a Certified Yoga Teacher – Inexpensive Options For Training

Have you been looking at different options to become certified to teach Yoga? Maybe, some of the prices have caused you to take a step back. One of the first ideas that come to mind is – how long it will take to pay off a six to ten thousand dollar loan.

Physical And Mental Benefits Of Yoga

Yoga is known for being one of the most beneficial exercises in the world, and also incredibly fun and enjoyable as it can be practiced by people of all walk of life and ages. Maybe you have even tried yoga and discovered that it makes you a different and better person. But what are the types of health benefits can you expect to enjoy from doing yoga regularly?

Kids Yoga – A Viable Option for Busy Parents

At a time, when physical education is experiencing serious cut backs in public schools, children need healthy activities. Good health is a habit that needs to be developed at a young age. There are league sports available, but children are not all the same. There have always been children who shy away from league sports.

Teaching Hatha Yoga – Instilling Positive Thoughts in Your Students

For anyone to change, they must first be aware of the need to change. However, developing a presence, in the moment, is rare, if the mind is untrained. To train the mind toward self-realization requires daily practice and meditation.

Yoga Empowers Divorced Women – 7 Benefits That Will Change Your Life

This article emphasizes the 7 key benefits of yoga for women going thru the loss of a loved one – be it a divorcee or widow. It explains how the practice promises peace of mind and balances mind, body and spirit for a richer, more rewarding outlook on life.

Yoga For Better Female Sex Satisfaction

A sexual problem is that prevents a female from experiencing satisfaction from sexual activity. Yoga asana and breathing exercises help in obtaining the optimum health state. Lack of desire, painful intercourse, inability to get aroused and sexual climax are some problems that can keep a woman from experiencing satisfaction during sexual activity. Physical health, psychological health, stress, depression, fatigue, menopause, over weight and lifestyle are some of the contributing factors to the above-mentioned problems. How Yoga Helps: 1. It breeds confidence by clearing your mind and focusing on breath helping in being more aware of yourself.

Yoga Therapy

What exactly is Yoga therapy, and what are its origins? Should a Yoga teacher consider becoming a Yoga therapist? Where will Yogic therapy go in the future?

Yoga Therapy

Yoga is an ancient and extended system of psychotherapy. The points of difference between the psychotherapy of the East and that of the West are the emphasis laid by the East on body poise, breathing, and the objectification of the body. The spiritual aspect of Yoga is only in part frowned upon by psycho-analysts, as there is a school of psychologists who accredit their cures to the establishment in their patients of a renewed sense of well-being and of confidence in God.

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