ThetaHealing® Teacher Training with Vianna Stibal

Namah Shivaya so close the eyes how much you like not much! You buy my TV. She lie so I’m here at the ashram, the yoga retreat. We like it now as district of healers, because it is the perfect environment to grow, but not only because it has a really strong spiritual force and because this island is really grounded in really spiritual vigor. But because, because of all that, it has to offer. Ah Apache ride Oh my Shiva ah, she vaya when the you know when I’m coming to the Bahamas. I know that it’s, time to just relax and even though I come – and I actually is currently working on beings, and I. Should here it 39. S kind of fun because it’s, like it’s like sugar, place to a healer, because you know the people actually heal really fast, and you did a little bit of creed crotch and everyone just like she. You are well aware fetches up your confidence grades. Genuinely high person becomes just super mellow, I entail he only becomes like this little all choose and chanting, and he precisely adoration to chit-chat and it things about that that true-life, he enjoys the singing and the musing, and he enjoys that, and so we just and we Had love to take the walks on the coast and kind of enjoy just sort of being in each other’s company. Without you know the rush of moving now – and there were I everything -‘s here, and so it’s it’s kind of its kind of a little special little getaway home to be.

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