Yoga For Swimmers

Summer’s here and the hot days are calling us to the beach. Whether you’re a casual dipper or a serious swimmer, yoga can truly help with your stamina in the water. Swimming like any repetitive exercise that brings about excessive use of certain muscle groups and the under use of others. However, if you participate in a variety of strokes as opposed to one type, you can lessen this concern.

The Great Benefits of Yoga

Many people do Yoga for different personal reasons. Some people want to be more flexible, while others use Yoga as a way to relax. If you would like to have a more toned body then Yoga is an option for you. You can also use Yoga to relieve pain from past injuries. Maybe you have a bad posture and you would like to improve it, Yoga can help with that.

The Multiple Styles of Yoga And What Will Be Best For You

Yoga in Sanskrit stands for union and denotes a unification or balance between the spirit, body and mind so there exist a state of harmony. That is an ancient holistic approach to individual enhancement used for decades.

The Different Types of Yoga – An Introduction to The Most Common Yoga Styles

Yoga is a training system for body and mind that can be traced back more than 5000 years. Yoga focuses on what is here and now and on being present. Therefore yoga has become more popular than ever – it brings back focus on the present, in a world that is constantly changing and where humans are often focusing on the future instead of the present. There are many different types of yoga and they are all a development of the ancient form of yoga. However, as a beginner it can be very difficult to know which type of yoga to try out with.

Building Chataranga Dandasana From the Ground Up

Often times we descend down into Chataranga Dandasana from plank pose. The usual modification given to beginners is to bend the knees and place them on the ground and then lower down. Another approach is to start on the ground and lift up. To make this easier we can practice (or teach) lifting up a part of ourselves at a time. That is the approach talked about in this article.

How To Choose A Yoga Mat Bag

This is a short article on the mostly overlooked, but really important product – the yoga mat bag. The article will describe how to select the most suitable bags depending on your needs. This article discusses various aspects of shopping for a yoga mat bag and provides tips by an expert in yoga and yoga accessories.

Is Yoga A Sport?

Over the last couple of decades, yoga has really been gaining popularity. Women seem to have more of a handle on it than men. They understand all of the subtle nuances that make it what it is.

Change Your Life With Yoga

What do you think when you hear the word, “yoga?” Maybe you recall the so-called “flower children” of the 1960’s sitting in a circle with their bodies contorted in seemingly impossible positions. Allow me to ask for your open mind as you read further.

Frequently Asked Questions About Yoga Postures and Classes

Get answers to your questions about common questions about yoga. Never wonder if you’re the only one thinking these questions again!

Prenatal Yoga, Postnatal Yoga and Childbirth

Yoga is the perfect activity for pregnant women to engage in. It not only helps prepare you for labor and childbirth, it also allows you to connect with your baby through meditation.

Manduka BlackMat PRO Yoga Mat Review

Anyone wanting to begin a home yoga practice or attend yoga classes would benefit from purchasing a yoga mat. This particular mat is great because it has a sticky surface to keep your feet in place when doing yoga, Pilates, or other exercise moves. Anyone who exercises regularly using a mat knows how important it is to have a stable surface that won’t slip, especially when trying to accomplish balancing poses or when engaging in vigorous practice that causes you to perspire.

Take Back Pain to the Mat – Yoga for a Healthy Back

If you’re like most Americans, you will experience nagging or acute lower back pain often in your lifetime. In the past, medical doctors were apt to send patient to the surgeon to alleviate back pain. Increasingly, however, doctors are aware of the benefits that yoga can provide to lessen back pain or at the least, allow patients to better deal with it. If you’ve got back pain and your doctor okay’s it, take it to the mat-try yoga.

A Women’s Yoga Routine for Immune Health

In today’s world it is a must to have some kind of stress reduction practice that balances and brings peace to the body and its functions. As the world around us grows ever increasingly more stressful and fast paced, we must take special attention to keep our well being and health as top priority.

Transitional Month – Working Through the Ups and Downs of Autumn With Chair Yoga

Use yoga, comfortably seated in your chair, to help your body and mind cope with the weather ups and downs of autumn. Includes a yoga pose you can do anywhere you can sit in a chair!

Pre-Natal Yoga and Why It Is Good For You and Your Child

Yoga is a type of exercise that is very beneficial during pregnancy. It is a very healthy form of training that most women will enjoy while being pregnant. Yoga has so many positive effects and the gentle exercises can actually help you get through your pregnancy. Yoga teaches you how to listen to your body and your baby as well, and how to have full awareness of your body and its great powers.

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