The 7 Chakras Alignment Guided Meditation for Beginners | Chakra Balancing and Healing (30-min)

More about the Religious Impasse of Hatha Yoga and “The New Age Movement”

Most western trained Yoga teachers, and Yoga practitioners, know very little of Hinduism. Many 200-hour Yoga instructor programs teach the universal principles of Yama and Niyama, but most graduate Yoga teachers would be hard pressed to speculate, or say, much about the Vedas.

The Religious Impasse of Hatha Yoga and “The New Age Movement”

Is there a “New Age Movement,” which works toward the infiltration of other religions? Is Hatha Yoga the “scouting party” for the conquest of non-Hindu religions? Does Yogi, or Yogini, imply your religious affiliation? Is Hatha Yoga a religion, and the western public is being duped?

Hatha Yoga for Stress Management: Creating Your New Year Yoga Plan

Are you ready to make a life changing resolution? What is a daily Yoga plan? How can a daily Yoga plan reduce stress and change your life?

Coping Strategies – Yoga For Menopause Relief

Yoga has many benefits for menopause, yet it is not a ‘cure-all.’ Learn about some of the types of poses that can be beneficial, and some important points to keep in mind when incorporating them into a practice.

Useful Information About Tantra Yoga

The basics of tantra yoga are discussed in this article. It also shows some of the benefits you can gain from this form of yoga.

The Benefits of Yoga for Children

This article shows how yoga is a benefit to children. It also shows you how to select the right yoga instruction for your child.

Selecting the Best Sticky Yoga Mat

This article helps you to select the right sticky yoga mat for your needs. It also shows how a sticky yoga mat was developed.

Establishing a Strong Foundation – Beginner Poses in Yoga

Like many things in life, yoga poses are cumulative. Beginner poses provide a foundation for later yoga poses. Though the only way to adequately learn a pose is from an instructor, although some can be described as examples.

Relieve Holiday Stress with Yoga

I’m writing this article during the hectic holiday season, on the eve of the arrival of family from out of state who will be staying with us for the week. It’s a hectic time of year, with lots to do and not much time. Before discovering yoga, I would have felt stress, wanting everything to be just right, but I can honestly tell you as I write this that all I feel is a sense of peace, happiness and gratefulness.

Concentration and Meditation

Concentration and mditation are the last two components of Patanjali Yoga system. Concentration is the first step to meditation. The essential difference between the two is the nature of attention.

Yoga Poses

The yogis of ancient India developed yoga poses to preserve their health and agility as a platform for their spiritual practices. The poses are now available to men and women of all ages at little cost and not too much demand on their time.

Important Information About Sahaja Yoga

Why sahaja yoga is a good option is discussed in this article. It will also discuss the basics of this type of yoga.

Yoga For Stress Management: Start The New Year With A Yoga Plan

Any of us can make a lifestyle change, at any time, but most of us need mile stones such as a birthday, a new year, or a major event in our lives, for us to take the initiative and make a change. What can Yoga do to help you cope with the daily life cycle we know as stress?

Relaxation And Meditation Are The Antidote For Stress

“It is only when the mind truly empties that the body can fully relax.” In our face-paced hi-tech world the excitement of constant mental stimulation tends to activate our natural flight or fight instinct. Left unchecked, chronic stress can internally injure our bodies and have disastrous affects on our mental health. Relaxation and meditation are the antidote for stress. Deep relaxation clears the mind of unnecessary information. “An uncluttered mind promotes clearer thinking, better problem-solving and more focused decision-making”

Karma Yoga: Selfless Service and Giving – All Year Long

Karma Yoga is a daily practice and is not specific to a season or the next “news flash.” When we see someone in need of help, there is no question that giving assistance is the right action to take. Do we look to help others, or do we have to see a situation to react charitably?

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