Tantra & Hatha Yoga Teacher Training – Really good feedback (20) – Cherish Healing

are ya cherish ones so a few weeks three it’s Wednesday today just got it confirmed from one of the other Yogi’s and feeling much more centered more grounded than I was yesterday went into town in the evening and had some pasta which felt amazing so delicious and a lovely salad and stepped out of the ashram vibe which can feel a bit like a pressure cooker sometimes it is quite intense in a really beautiful amazing way today we had the trough in the ganga and we did meditation chassis and physiology which was really interesting and the temperature is really rocketing now at the moment so we did our practise of asana in the kitchen actually but not well the dining part not where the nutrient is being prepared foregrounds of the working day only did a really beautiful reflections one of the sisters is sick we are therefore is sending out for good vibes to her other foregrounds having some certainly juicy conversations with the other Yogi’s hear about food nutrition society voting immigrants adore great topics and it’s lovely having those conferences and gleaming different perspectives on things and actually experiencing that likewise I’ve done a little of belief and I’ve got some really good feedback which is really encouraging so I did a warm-up which everyone truly experienced and I did some adjustments which I was a bit worried about at first but I got lots of really great feedback so I’m very excited about that yes Sean sweet today things are good generally felt fleck homesick yesterday but I’ve got lots of lovely text senses from beings so I’m really experiencing that and was really desired and that’s all for now much cherished cherished ones

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