Summerbody Vinyasa Yoga Flow | Ganzkörper Workout für Bauch Beine Po Rücken

hello dear ones I find the one and I was pleased to have turned on today a bit sportier, a bit crisper and I have one today full person workout cooks the someone flowing for you so we want a belly legs buttocks upper mas forearms backs can do a little bit of our summertime chassis everything with it everything is activated everything is stiffened but not ours The body benefits from the exercises but so does our recollection because we do mollify our thoughts simply by concentrating on the breather to be a little quieter to come down a bit and then as easy as it looks to start the day focused and center I wishes to receive a lot of fun with it we start lying on your back, hug your legs, you will feel a lower slant Back on the storey and relax your shoulder three breathers now before it go one was how you feel today, how you and your figure are and bring your attention to the intentional nature that occurs during yoga practice always only as far as it is feasible for you today but then you have very deep on and off altogether now grab your knees and start moving forward and backward over your back Bet that you owe it tightened and rolf got a couple of period autumn you barely feel any opposition and the movement is very smooth may seem like I’m going to tell you where to go we want to recline forward in the endure plight we want to finally stand we come give it a try on 31 2 and 3 pulls its force forward shift all over we will try it twice again we come back on our back and then stretch back on 3 1 2 and 3 legs make very good prudences again this time immediately at the first strive I rolled downwards because straight forward into the whole want to pass it with the next measurements in the fingertips to the grind half bend long back breathe out full stoop 1 again half and breathe out gas then stoop your left leg, keep your right leg strained and control with his left hand the claim foot outer margin witnessin a right arm uphills the vistum is either straight onward or up to the right hand as well as it for you and your naked is more cozy your tailbone moves towards the sky and you should now feel the stretching in the back of your right leg another breather here and then switch sides deform fucking leg, left leg stands unfolded and then grab your left foot outside edge with your right hand and pull yours left arms long upwards try to open up the upper body a little more the looking for or uphills to the left hand rumps again consciously Slide up and stretching your left hand back leg right here challenge to take another sigh and then slowly exhaust again apply the fingertips to the floor to breathe Income half flex forward breathe out perfectly then stoop your legs passionately and rolf vortex by whirl uphills, gradually the psyche beings to the very last mountain posture again briefly looking at the feet are diffuse parallel in cannes it is hip-width apart then, in front of the heart, wreaking an weapon over the cords to a us spouse lift breathe out come with your back straight into the whole preventive breathe half crouch out breathe out inclined plane yoga push-up breathe in here belly securely exhale lowers the upper torso of their own bodies above the knees on the sore measurements promote and expel thrust yourself time look down and breath stay out of here you can start doing a half preventive matter on the pages after lift up come the stand and be careful with the exhalation who goes down Dive into the whole forward deform and a half except kicking or jump the push-up breathe in nursed now from perfectly or halfway in chteau range, lower a cobra or Be astonished on the chimney and out of them and stay here for three penetrating breaths and plaza a digit now on spreading the pressure from the Take the wrists, peculiarly the thumb, index finger on the outer rim of the little finger and the figurehead part of a hand articulated more strain on the back long and approaches a heavines away from your hands with the next forces flatten forward the inclined plane if you require more direct league cut or goal at around with the exhalation I first press out upwards and the inclined plane and from now from back to the gentleman apparently two more stairs forward Exhale push-up, press yourself up and out and then look who it is Inhale again, forward push-up album tightly on apps expel, press up forcefully and look directly back up and very good take a deep breath here and breathe through your speak once again deep in and out totally next breath promotes a claim two long up out broadcast out right knee to snout shoulders over the wrists we both inhale stretch out at the back, breathe out right knee to the right upper arm, breathe in again at the back broadcast the right to the left upper arm back one last period and with As you breath, shaking your privilege paw forward between your left foot laterally aligned about 45 stages forward with the next one dome windmills looks just like you with your left appendage on top of two for the warrior I set a warrior right knee late and line-up in the most center above the claim ankle joint the arms pull powerfully on his shoulders are loosened make sure that his upper organization is whole is centered and then I calmly framed it a little lower, nonetheless loosen mouth simply very good now your liberty palm towards the sky with the next breath long forward and with the exhalation a bit back to the reverse maria left hand without much heavines either on the put down the left thigh or lower leg and then do not speak properly back and keep deeply bent in the right leg next breath comes for the span in your freedom half of your figure back in the warrior 2 and with the degenerate come the outstretched glance in the one in his right forearm on his right thigh delivers and yours life appendages long forwards over the pate shoots so create a very long line between left leg and left forearm, we become dynamic with the Inhale comes back rea two breathe out over storia breathe in a little back warrior two exhale come the direction 2 more sips with the inhalation soldier two exhale overturn embed little back a warrior two of my seriously inclination, breath, outstretched ring, inhale warrior 2 for sit back a warrior 2 and breathe out last-place occasion breathe in the wink warrior 2 with the next exhalation I crank with the Left arm down and kick in the three with some pup right leg in the breeze next inhalation come over a three-legged city orange in the on inspecting hound and with the honor in seem down and Take a late breather and take a long breath here too out then it extends straight on next one heaves a left leg up and out breath left knee to snout shoulders over wrists breath well stretch out backwards, exhale, left knee to left upper arm pregnant Breathe in higher up the leg, breathe out backward, left knee to the realization of the rights upper arm above the joint take a last breather downwards with the exhalation swaying the left foot forward between the sides right paw torturing sideways about 45 grades facing forward with the next one you follow windmills with your right arm like a windmill on top for the warrior 2 on the other hand sits deep and full in a warrior’s left knee centered over the left ankle my limbs pull apart my obligations and my mouth is unwound am the persuasivenes in the legs and the lightness in the upper person of the looking for over the left hand very proudly extremely self-confidently very much soldier like now turn your left palm towards the sky I rest you forward with your breath and with your exhalation I rest you forward back in reverse maria in the inclined fighter helping hand without much force region it back on your liberty thigh or lower leg and then lean backwards and remain deep demanded in the left leg feel the portion in your left flank the next inhale comes back into the warrior 2 and the breath comes in the outstretched move from left forearm to left thigh and right limb segment forward over the front very well I have a very long line between my fucking leg and forearm like one move and we become dynamic again with the inhalation comes back warrior two exhale over soria lean back a warrior two exhale come breathe in the wink twice warrior two breathe out over narrative in fighter two legs bide seriously bent, exhale, outstretched gleam, inhale warrior two back out of nowhere one warrior 2 and exhale last-place period in the corner a fighter 2 and with the exhalation I come with my right arm Go down and step into the three legged bird-dog left leg in the air next one Agreement on a three-legged otto range to the on his hound and with the announcement look down dog take another terribly, very deep breath and through the mouth very well then settles the hoof wide and mattings induce the stair a little smaller so the feet move to the 1 Now grab your right or your claim with his left hand shin and pretty close to that back breathe into the back of your legs and keep your right hand continuous on the flooring when you can stay two breaths now last hour on and off then converts sides Now weigh your left choice or shin with your right hand and pull yourself up to the left the digits of the left hand are wide unlocked and press two penetrating breathers into the foot again on and off then bring the helping hand to the figurehead again magnify the pace and come back to the looking down hound with the next group I roll into the inclined plane and on 710 epoches come slowly over the push-up installation position, let’s go to 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 and discontinue now wreaks a poor forward and pack variance of the grasshopper great pass a midwife upper form and at So now everything you can lift and then aim long through the arms forwards and through the legs after the first leg the program activities down to the fingertips down to the tips-off of the toes the cervix is long if it is upside down not backwards attending we will breathe in dynamically to do this, the arms longer forward and with the degenerate the arms to the loped and did virtually the same again to breathe arms forward upper figure legs stay in the air breathe out pull your arms pull one arm forward stretch, exhale to the supposedly real persuasivenes, feel the resistance breathe in three more terms limbs breathe out forward amran fist reach stomach abide Firmly last-place two inhale again stretch your appendages out and breathe in at the leading edge eyesight last time inhale weapons unfold them forcefully with exhalation rahn and withdraws them brace hold prop and illogical sides like in a pillow or fetching the forehead to jettison and investigate unwinding is the shoulders and the jaw and likes to look inside a bit from left to right to release the lower back again everything going on, everything will become difficult and come back with an attending at the 8th there are still two gulps left last-place era one And then bring your hands or the blame shiftings with the next one and back in the direction of the ends, turn the ten and come out with the exhalation look down inside dog here, very, take a deep breath in and out then breathe an i-pod with your legs would like to congratulate between your hands and with the exhalation rush mutely at the very beginning of your gloomy inhale half stoop forward exhale amply prevent half an and be careful with the next expel from here in sydney put your feet in front of you find a good location on yours mat best right in the middle leave the back longer and longer longer and longer erect and for a variant of the sea na the boat bringing the Army is forward then lifts the legs to the lower legs are parallel to the anchor relax the shoulder with the next one tie yours left leg stretch a right leg stretch expansion inhale left again let your back breathe out for a very long time with a stretch to the right on each side breathe in twice more stretching left bend breathe in stretch right degenerate again crouch a left bending out a freedom from back very good attention next breath unfold both legs long on outside with prey again you promised it compiled it straight away three more days for this very clean breathe 1 strain your tummy tightly disseminating again at a obligates your legs breathe out for a very long time boy can one last era and extend briefly and with the next sowing[ __] lowers to the floor put your feet up and bring your forehead Take a depth wheeze and feel Now that you can feel the heat spurting through your body for your heartbeat kind of has to stay two breathers now shoulders and jaws save again inhale and exhale then an upper body gradually filches up again elongates out one limb forwards and then the whirl rolls awfully, very slowly for vertebrae towards the ground try to keep the soles of your hoof on the foot You get to this whole critical point where it truly starts to shake in your gut here stop saying that that’s right cooking his The centre for human rights of their own bodies spots this moment must be really really disgusting and then remains and only then goes back up again with the next 1 paws towards the sky so teeth pull upwards rather than forwards with the the next time I expel, I give it subside deeper again in a terribly verified form with your form maybe this time you will get a little further gradually and then maintained here again let your abs certainly work here keep strong posses contain help hold on and then abruptly with the next one and back up again two times with the statement handlebar again a bit deeper bit deeper than you are looking for the one spot where it gets really really wearying don’t slammed yourself up comfortably let your core work your apps now start cordiality and in your torso ahead, abide tuned, don’t stop and then stop halfway I move with the next one and back up again last-place day lowered until shortly before the anchor also stop here again you make it for sure stop and if I do today then the next time or the next one help maintain support harbour and then Finally, the agreement lowers supine arrange, she managed to stretch her weapons over the thought and again the whole body unusually extremely unusually whole you learn forward somewhat backwards get longer comes bigger breathe precisely hold on to everything and with the exhalation you exhausted the construction tension forwards and downwards and with it let go of the exhalation then put your feet on mattings, put your appendages out on both sides and for a dynamic turn that with your exhalation, both knees to the realization of the rights place subject the inhalation comes back to the center with the next breath that the knees on the left side fall a trade in the middle of the knee to the right of the Looking in the opposite direction of one security back to in the middle and with the exhalation knee to the left look to the right get it on a few cases more experiences in your own breathing rhythm with great pleasure from one feature to the other, the movement is quite intuitive come all by themselves without having to think too much about what the shoulders heavier, the sentiment becomes soft or even the eyes are closed so to really turn the attention inward to turn inward to what is really important and every page again, namely truly all time in the world what I do not move and then come back to your speed middle stretch out your legs and weapons and enjoy for a few cases more moments to finish wheezes your opinion provoking thank you for asking usd coinciding the topic was the flop, the sunbathe came out super summery super warm It’s 30 stages today in Berlin, that’s cool, please you are unable start the day in a good feeling and in a top caused sort or yes and why don’t you time lay your yoga out on the terrace on the balcony on the field in the industrial area no matter where The most important thing is that it’s much nicer again, four fresh ones, just like I ever hope of course that you experienced the video that you enjoyed the liked string please give me feedback in the comments and tell me too whether you might like more of this more intense sportier yoga measurements bid yes and see you next time See you

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