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Yoga Also Recommended For Men

In general, men are more hesitant to start practicing yoga than women. However, when they realize its great benefits than ordinary exercises can bring, they soon include yoga into their daily exercise routines.

How Yoga Has Helped My Marathon Training

Those of you who have trained for a half or full marathon understand how intense the training can be and as we age, it doesn’t seem to get any easier on the body. If you are like me and love the benefits but can’t stop that biological clock, you are probably looking for ways to minimize injuries, maintain enthusiasm and work on personal best. I’ll tell you what’s worked for me- maybe it will help you, also.

Numbers In Yoga and Practicing At Your Own Pace

When participating in Yoga it is crucial that you practice at your own pace. There are some people that are naturally able to bend their body into odd shapes and as such find the positions of Yoga to be very easy. On the other end of the spectrum are those that are rigid and find it difficult to complete even the simplest of Yoga positions. Everyone is different and as such there is no “correct” pace at which to practice Yoga.

How Often Should You Practice Yoga?

Traditional practice time for Yoga is 24 hours a day. However even some fully fledged yoga practitioners do not perform postures or other positions for more then 1 or 2 hours a day.

Balancing the Possibilities of Mind and Body With Yoga

When it comes to Yoga, what you do and how your do it are equally important, furthermore, both your mind and your body contribute to your actions. True practitioners of Yoga will respect the fact that they are not just a physical body, but a psychophysical body/mind. One must have full mental participation in both the simple and complex Yoga exercises in order to tap into their full potential as a human.

Yoga for the Psoas Muscle – Relieving Low Back Pain

The Psoas muscle, low back pain and stress are all intimately connected. This article explains how.

Best Yoga Move for a Perfect Booty

Just because Christmas is around the corner doesn’t mean you should forget about your booty and start wolfing down apple pie and cream puffs. Sure you can hide your derriere under three layers of clothing, but come spring you’re going to have to work that much harder to get in shape for the sun. So here’s a fantastic and extra tough yoga pose to help you sculpt, tone and lift your butt. All you need to do is practice this move once a day and you’ll soon be amazed at how perfect your booty is looking.

Yoga For Strengthening The Lower Back

Strengthening the lumbar area or lower back can augment your performance in almost all types of sports in the process maintaining a routine free from injury. One way of doing this is through the practice of yoga.

Can You Really Do Yoga To Lose Weight?

When people think of the various exercises they can do to lose weight, they often think of riding a bike or running for miles on end. They may think of jumping rope or doing crunches. But what they may not think of is using yoga to lose weight.

Ashtanga Yoga – How To Do Sun Salute Part B

In the Ashtanga Yoga vinyasa system, the second type of sun salute is known as Sun Salute B. This Sun Salute extend and strengthens the breath, warms up the hips and shoulders, spine and hamstrings, and brings heat to the body. It has 17 movements, which are as follows:

Yoga – Different Strokes for Different Folks

Yoga is for everyone! However, there is a big difference between what your yoga practice should be when you are 20, 30, 50 or 70 and more. The practice should change as the body changes and provide what we need in order to enhance our life’s experiences.

Six Yoga Poses To Strengthen Neck Muscles

Perhaps you’ve spent the entire day slouched in front of the computer, or you woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Whatever the reason, you find yourself battling a stiff neck. Luckily, yoga exercises can quickly alleviate the pain.

Yoga for Office Workers – Keep Yourself in Shape

Well, you’ve decided to start doing yoga but don’t know how. Here are several simple exercises to get you going and make some feeling about how thing can become.

Learn The Eight Fold Path To Ashtanga Yoga

The first fully comprehensive texts, written on yoga were by a sage called Patanjali and they became known as the yoga sutras. Patanjali wrote 196 sutras in total. Ashtanga Yoga is known as the royal eightfold yoga and practice should lead participants to inner truth, which Patanjali called objectless Samadhi.

The Benefits of Yoga And How To Improve Your Life

Doing yoga with the added benefit of meditation goes a long way to helping achieve Harmony in the mind and body. Often in our lives we find ourselves unable to function properly because of the stress and anxieties of every day life which creates a heavy weight on our minds. The biggest problem that affects all of us is stress and this affects the emotional And physical side of us all. Yoga has the effect of being able to heal and sustain The well being.

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