Sivananda Teacher Training Course Testimonial with Trisha

Hi my identify is Trisha. I’m 16. I’m fromIndia, precisely Delhi, and I traveled halfway across the world so that I couldmake my yoga practice better! Yeah so I kind of just wanted the tools to be inmy own space be comfortable with myself and kind of listen to my inner voice alittle bit more. I think if anything I’ve become super aware, and it’s method betterbecause if you’re conscious then the person or persons around you start becomingconscious and it’s just a cycles/second of greatness. I know my actual like physicalpractice has get so much better but I didn’t realize how much spiritually andmentally I’d take away from this. So it’s just been amazing, I’ve been thehealthiest I’ve ever been. I foresee I’m the luckiest being, ever. We have such adiverse group … people from all regions of the world, so I think there’s so much you canlearn from each other.Every breakfast and dinner where everyone’s alwaystalking, hear, debating, it’s great, it’s awesome! I have a group oflike-minded people that want to do the same thing as me, that want to betterthemselves it is therefore impels the excursion so much easier. I’ve always been someonevery, like, activist nature, I do want to make a change in the world, but mybiggest learning is that I need to change myself inside, find the peaceinsides that I can help find the conciliation outside. So I contemplate I genuinely am equippednow with the tools to actually make a difference. Just the nature that TTC is structured, if someone is let’s say a little bit moreemotional, then there is a path for If there’s someone who’s purelyintellectual, there is a path for them.And so it’s really nice that it’saccommodating for everyone. To be in a tranquilize environment … you know the external manifests the internal, so if the outside is calmer, softer, kinder … the inside isgonna be the same way and I’ve seen that. I’ve seen that the past several months. It’s stupefying you’re in the middle of quality you have something called yourown little musing bubble that we like to call … and you can preservethat. That Collective meditation, the group meditation, it’s just it’suplifting it causes you to keep going, and it’s really nice. One of the biggestchanges is probably that I was super skeptical to the whole spiritual thing, but the route that it’s formatted now, and the channel that it’s teach, it’s so easy todigest and logically be able to wrap your intellect around it that I got itimmediately, third class in. So you kind of start to see the world in a much morebeautiful way.And it’s really holistic the room that Sivananda yoga ispresented. So I just really like that it develops all areas of you rather thanonly your muscles. Well I feel like truly respected I feel really like … be interested to hear and take good care while I’m here. It’s like it’s like anotherfamily, it’s great. I know it’s called a Teacher Training Course, but you don’thave to want to become a yoga teacher to take the yoga Teacher Training Course. I didn’t come in wanting to become a yoga teacher; all I knew is that if I have thetools to teach other people I too have appropriate tools to coach myself and keeplearning.Don’t tell the identify mislead you there’s so much now that is more thanjust teaching other parties. There’s so much more that you can grow with. Takeadvantage of it.[ Off-screen: OM Namah Shivaya !] OM Namah Shivaya![ Off-screen: Thank you so much better !] Thank you!* roars *.

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