Simple Kundalini Yoga for Digestion (20-min)

Yoga – Its True Meaning and Purpose

Although yoga is practiced in the U.S. by more people than ever before, there is still a great deal of misinformation in the West about the true nature and purpose of this sacred science. This article touches on the meaning and purpose of yoga as defined by the Yoga Sutras.

Yoga Meditation in Disguise

Within all forms of Yoga exists meditation and its many benefits. Meditation is a gift and a skill, which has given mankind the ability to harness concentration. We often think of meditation as a Hindu or Buddhist practice, but meditation has been practiced for centuries by people from many religions.

Using Yoga To Loose Weight

Have you seen the way that yoga is being used for anyone who wants to loose weight? You might even be close to someone that has used it for that reason. Many will say that yoga will help someone to keep a good weight by getting them into a regular habit by doing all the right poses that come with yoga.

Nude Yoga and Naked Aerobics

Health benefits on nude yoga and naked aerobics without the competitiveness of designer clothing.

Explore The History Of Yoga – The Beginning

If you greet each day with sun salutations instead of a latte and can perform the astanga second series with your eyes closed then it may be time to explore the history of yoga, particularly its origins.

The Purpose of Yoga – Spiritual Health

When we mention “God,” or spiritual health, in the United States, it has strangely become a subject, which makes many people feel uncomfortable. Some groups, which claim to want to protect our civil rights, would like to ban the words “In God We Trust” from US currency. “The Pledge of Allegiance” has been under fire, because it contains the word “God.”

Free Yoga Exercise Online

If you are just starting out in yoga, then finding yoga exercises online is a great way to learn how effective yoga is at relieving stress and gaining flexibility. You can learn the basic poses and terminology so that when you do take a class, you will understand what to expect from your training class.

Major Health Benefits of Yoga Exercise

Yoga exercise can be used to strengthen the mind, body and spirit by people of all ages and levels of physical health. It doesn’t matter if you are in good shape or not, you can reap huge benefits from practicing yoga. There are actually several types of yoga, ranging from the high speed and high intensity level to a gentle, free flowing style of yoga and everything in between.

Use Yoga For Your Health

Recent studies have shown that yoga can be a safe method to increase your physical activity. These same studies also show that there are numerous psychological benefits due to the meditative nature of yoga. You not only get a stronger body with improved flexibility, but your get a stronger, more flexible mental attitude. Therefore, using yoga for your health is a positive benefit on many levels.

How Does Yoga Reduce Your Stress?

The human body is a wonderful thing. It can take an unusual amount of punishment and stress, and still heal itself. But it needs your help to accomplish this cure. In order to rejuvenate your body’s natural defense system, you need to relax. Relaxation and rest will cure many diseases.

Bikram Yoga – Sweating You Way To Radiant Health

Have you been following the hype on Bikram Yoga? Discover what makes this type of Yoga different and learn the unique benefits of Bikram Yoga practice.

Other Things For Yoga

The greatest thing about doing yoga is the way that you can use props for the routine. They will give you the ability to meditate and calm yourself. The props are necessary for the inner body and the mind. The props are a variety of things including essential oils, incense, jewelry, chimes, and others.

What Should You do With a Yoga Book?

If you are deciding which Yoga book to buy for your collection, choose a book that will captivate your imagination, and suit your needs. On the subject of reading Yoga books- It has been a life long passion for some of us. Yet, it is not the number of books you read, but how you apply them to your life and the lives of others around you, which makes a difference.

The Purpose of Yoga- Yoga for Stress Management and Relaxation

What if there is nothing in your area to help in the area of Yoga for stress management? Then, it is time to visit your local book store or library. You should research Yoga books, stress management books, Yoga audio books, until you find the stress management course, which is right for you.

Yoga Techniques for Taking the Stress Out Of Vacations

Yoga techniques help to reduce the stress that rises from our daily activities. In order to avoid the vacation stress, it is better to follow yoga techniques for stress management.

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