Root Chakra Yin Yoga – Calming, Relaxing, & Grounding Sequence

Five Basic Yoga Exercises to Do Sitting on Bed to Help You Sleep

Many people have difficulty falling asleep. If you’re mind is racing, full of ideas and lists-of-things-to do tomorrow, it can be hard for you to switch off and rest. To function properly during your day, it is vital you give your body and mind a chance to rest, repair and heal from the day’s busyness. You deserve a good nights’ rest.

Yoga For Beginners – Three Basic Yoga Standing Postures to Improve Your Concentration and Balance

Yoga standing postures are ideal poses to help you develop your concentration skills, balance and flexibility. Through them you learn how to connect with all parts of your body. They also develop strength, confidence and focus.

Yoga in Bed – Five Easy Yoga Postures You Can Do in Bed to Gently Wake You Up

If you are too busy, too tired and don’t have the time to go to a yoga class why not spend a few minutes each morning, before you get out of bed and practice yoga in bed. The following five easy-to-do yoga exercises will help to mentally prepare you for the day, stretch your body and open your heart.

A New Meaning to Life Through Yoga Sutras – Vibhuti and Kaivalya

Vibhuti can be explained as the disappearance of all the involved constituents known as bhuti into their most delicate sophistication or spirit. It can also be signified as the blessed ash that usually strangely appears in the attendance of the accomplished one. That means the sanctified fire of yoga can cleanse without leaving any noticeable deposit whatsoever.

A New Meaning to Life Through Yoga Sutras – Samadhi and Sadhana

Samadhi Pada (chapter one) is a synopsis of the composition of enlightened existence (samadhi) explaining the yogic framework, briefing its vital hypothesis, aims, and methods. It portrays yoga as the progression of conscious assimilation or union of a restricted consciousness working within a suppressed “self” filled with ego who has become dishonored, disjointed, or alienated from their true universal character of mind, the prehistoric origin of consciousness, causal spiritual universal spirit, commencement-less shapeless timeless spirit, or start of the all infusing smart consciousness belief (called cit).

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali in Today’s World

Written centuries BC, Yoga Sutras by Patanjali is known as the greatest scriptural text from the yogic Indian philosophy. The characteristics of these “threads” are intensely brief, mentioning succinctly and often precisely, important points or techniques. Initially these wisdoms were oral, were made clear and construed by remarks from a teacher directing the student.

Seven Ways Yoga Transforms Your Life

In the west, people generally are more aware of the physical benefits of yoga, e.g., improved flexibility, better posture, and stronger muscles. The spiritual benefits and impact yoga has on your overall lifestyle are slightly harder to define.

Kick-Start Your Day – Seven Practical Ways the Sun Salutation Helps You to Get Ready For Your Day

Have you ever woken up stiff and tired and longed to spend a few extra minutes in bed? Would you like to feel energised, ready to start your day with vigour and ease? Regular practice of the Sun Salutation is an ideal way to help kick-start your day. If you are not sure whether to invest your time and energy to practice the Sun Salutation take a look at these tips and see what you are missing.

Yoga For Beginners – Six Yoga Props to Help Deepen Your Practice

Beginner yoga students often find it difficult to get into certain poses. To support you in your practice, you can use a “yoga prop.” Yoga props are support tools which help you get into and stay longer in a certain pose. They are also useful for students who may have tight muscles or recovering from illness.

Five Unique Reasons Why Yoga Postures Help to Reduce Stress and Make You Feel Better

Yoga has the ability to literally transform lives. As a form of stress relief, yoga postures offer you a unique way to calm and relax your mind. Yoga postures can be classified into five main groups, forward bends, inverted postures, backbends, twists and standing poses.

Nine Popular Questions Asked About Yoga by Yoga Beginners

If you have recently started yoga, you will naturally have lots of questions to ask your yoga teacher. The following is a selection of nine popular questions I am asked by new yoga students.

Yoga For Beginners – How to Do the Sun Salutation in 12 Easy-To-Follow Steps

The Sun Salutation, also known in Sanskrit as Surya Namaskra, offers you a wonderful opportunity to warm -up and gently stretch your back and improve flexibility of your spine. Most yoga classes will start with the Sun Salutation. The Sun Salutation, forms part of the warm-up in most yoga classes. The following 12 steps offer you a simple guide to the Sun Salutation traditionally practiced in a Sivananda Hatha Yoga Class. It consists of 12 flowing positions that allow the body to stretch forwards and backwards.

Yoga For Health – Twelve Popular Questions Yoga Beginners Ask About the Sun Salutation

Do you look forward to practicing the Sun Salutation or do you just want to get it over and done with? From the feedback I receive from my yoga students, it is clear that students either love doing the Sun Salutation or they dread doing it! Beginners ask me a lot of questions about the Sun Salutation. Here are 12 of the more popular questions asked

How Can a Yoga Breathing Concept Help You Achieve Fat Loss Success?

I was in a yoga class a while ago, and the teacher instructed us to focus on the outbreath, or exhale, and to let the inhale come naturally. By chanelling our energy into the important part of the process, we can let nature deal with the rest – the inhale happens without us having to think about it. This got me thinking, as I realised that this concept is a useful one in the context of fat loss. I’m certainly not suggesting you will lose fat just by breathing (I’m sure someone somewhere has promised that it’s possible, but in that case we’d all be slim), but the concept can certainly be applied for fat loss success. Intrigued?

Pilates Tops – More Freedom to Move While Doing Pilates

Pilates is an exercise that seeks to improve your flexibility, coordination, endurance, and strength without causing your muscles to bulk up. You can perform Pilates even if you were not a fitness junkie from the start. In fact, a lot of people find this fitness method more appropriate and fun to do with different moves involved.

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