Restorative Yoga the Deeper Explanation

Why Online Yoga Certification Programs Are Becoming More Popular

The popularity of yoga has spread throughout the world. Young and old people are readily seeking the benefits that yoga can bring to both their bodies and minds. The growing need for more yoga instructors around the world in both urban and rural…

Yoga and Silence

This article talks about yoga and silence. Yoga in terms of meditation brings silence. Yoga in terms of asana or posture practice brings silence too. Finally the philosophy of yoga talks about contentment and this can be described as silence in the mind.

Understanding the Most Basic Parts of Yoga

For anyone that has not gotten involved in yoga, it can be hard to truly understand what the point of it is – you see people performing all these tedious movements that look like nothing more than a gymnast stretching. If the movements never lead anywhere, why bother? Well, yoga is more like a dynamic form of meditation than a static form of gymnastics. If you don’t really get the reasoning and fundamental beliefs of yoga, then take a look below for some information that will help you.

Yoga for Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond

I have just had my second baby; a gorgeous little boy called Charlie born at home on 13th February weighing 8lbs 5oz and without so much as a TENS machine or a puff of gas and air. I had an amazing group of women supporting me and it was one of the most empowering moments of my life. But I worked hard to get such a good birth; during my pregnancy I received regular massage treatments which helped keep common pregnancy ailments at bay, and was exercising right up until the week he was born. Thanks largely to these two things I stayed relatively pain free in my pregnancy and I’m grateful for an amazing recovery since Charlie was born.

Yoga – Benefits for Kids

Kids these day have such hectic lifestyles, it is great to help them get grounded and have time to relax and learn self discipline, focus and stretching at the same time> Yoga can help you achieve all of that and more…

Mastering the Mind – The Amazing Way Yoga Can Eradicate Stress From Your Hectic Lifestyle

Imagine being able to shed the daily stressful existence you currently endure and replace it with relaxing calm and serenity. Suppose you could finally relax, feel at peace and understand the connection between mind and self? Raja yoga meditation is generally based on directing one’s life force to bring the mind and emotions so into balance that the attention may be easily focused on the object of meditation

Yoga Shoulder and Hip Opening Sequence

This article gives a summary of a sequence of yoga postures that you can use for opening up your shoulders and your hips. The benefits of each posture are explained.

Health Benefits of Yoga Exercises

Yoga is one of the exercises that have unlimited health benefits; from a strong and flexible body, a peaceful mind, a glowing beautiful skin, weight loss to healing. It offers immense benefits that not only unites the body, but also improves the mind as well as the breathing system. It induces harmony and makes your life more calm, happier and fulfilling.

How Yoga Can Help With Eating Disorders

Society’s job is to empower the youth of today and not make them insecure on the basis of physical appearance. Here’s taking a look at how yoga can help with a serious problem like eating disorder.

Yoga and Health Benefits

Are you wondering how Yoga actually benefits your health? Do you constantly hear people talking about how Yoga does this and Yoga does that, but you are like, “How does standing on your head make you love life?” You have come to the right place.

An Insider Look at Workplace Wellness Through YOGA: How Yoga Boosts Productivity and Performance

The trend to offer in-office yoga classes to staff is growing. Get answers to the top questions about office yoga.

Benefits of Yoga For You

Learning the benefits of yoga will make you understand that its not about the poses, its also about the breath, it an be tailors to your health specifications. Yoga helps manage your mood.

Kids Yoga Stories Can Benefit Your Child Immensely

They say bringing up a child is like moulding soft clay with our own hands. As a parent you therefore have to be careful about what you are teaching your child. Children are impressionable and eager to learn and if you give them the right kind of education and environment they will grow up to be strong, self-reliant individuals. Education is far from imparting bookish knowledge today, it has to be holistic in the true sense of its word and yet be simple enough for little children to enjoy the process of learning.

How Yoga Can Help You Lose Weight Easily And Enjoyably

There are many reasons why yoga is so popular with people who are losing weight, but one of the main reasons is that it WORKS. Here are three ways that yoga helps you start losing weight easily.

Use Yoga To Be Pain Free

This article explains how you can be pain free even when you are old by doing yoga. Many people take medications for their pain and that is very bad for their health.

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