Restorative Yoga Sequence for Exhaustion

Welcome, I’m Caren and thanks for joiningme for this Restorative Yoga practice. We’re going to combine the breather withthe body … Willow wants to join as well … We’ll integrate the gulp and the body ina very gentle way so that by the time you’re done with this practice you mightfeel a little bit more refreshed and less exhausted. What you’ll need for thispractice are two blankets, a bolster if you have it, or perhaps exactly two pillows.If you don’t have a bolster, grasp a duo added pillows. And maybe an eyepillow if you feel pleasant closing your eyes off with the eye pillow. Let’sget right into it with Legs Up the Wall. So satisfy take and whatever you’reseated on off to the side and we’ll grab two coverings. In Legs Up the Wall you’llneed an open wall cavity to spin your legs up, and we’ll use two coverings, oneclose to the wall for a little bit of softness and hill for your trendies andanother a bit farther away from the wall for your head.Come to sit against thewall with your back and one of your trendies. And then facing inside, whichever forearm is closest inward toward the rugs, you’ll reach that armforward barrel roll and raising your legs up. You’llhave to readjust once you arrive, with the cloak underneath your principal and theblanket underneath your back. Find some space so that you can eitherrest your limbs wide to the sides in a V or if you like perhaps rest the armsinto more of a cactus figure for some opening in the shoulders. After you’vearranged yourself, let the inner ankles to softly come together, the knees to besoft, the toes to be soft and find yourself arriving into stillness.At anypoint during this practice, if you notice that some part of your figure is notcomfortable or full of easy, full permission to move yourself so thatyou are. If “youre feeling” any numbness or tingling in your paws, a general ruleis to bring the arms down closer in toward your person. Readjust the rug, if you are required, underneath your ability and cervix and find your leg bones subsiding heavily down intoward the hips, in toward the ground. If it’s comfortable to close your eyes, youmight here or take the eye pillow and wrap it on top of your eyes.Let’s payattention to the breath, really noticing how it’s currently moving in your bodywithout reforming it. And now let’s begin to even out theinhalation to the exhalation for Sama Vritti, i a same gulp, an even wheeze oninhale and exhale. So take a deep gulp in through your abdomen, feel the breathfill up into the lungs, into the throat and empty-headed everything back out from thethroat, the lungs, the abdomen. Breathe in from the abdomen to the heart to thethroat, and breathe out from the throat to the heart to the abdomen. You can come to an even wheeze now justwith a feel impression of evenness or if it’s helpful, use a counting of the breather, perhaps breath to four or six and then taking that same count that you’vechosen to exhale.If you find your brain strolling awayfrom the moment of wheeze, exactly gently remind yourself to come back toexperience just the sigh in the body right now. Let become of any belief you might haveagainst yourself. Any floor that might be created from noticing that you weren’tpaying attention to the breath. And this is our practice of spirit , notperfection, but of countenancing ourselves to come back again and again to what ishere now. Patience and kindness to ourselves in the process. Please release a count of the breather ifyou have it. Release the attention to even inhale andexhale and just let the body breathe as it requires. And then slowly bending theknees in, slip the feet down the wall. Rest for a moment with your hoofs on thewall, your knees in, and bring your arms around your legs if you like. If that’scomfortable, describe the knees into the chest, reach one arm overhead, flatten tothat place, sliding your feet down the wall, your knees to the ground. Rest for amoment as you find the wizard filling backinto the legs.And when you feel ready, press your palms into the ground andthen inhale, lift gently up to a bench. Come away from the wall seat andtransition into Simple Supported Backbend. So grab the cloak that youused against the wall and situate that at one end of your matted with a little bit ofa roll in it for your ankles. Take the other blanket and sit that at theopposite end of the mat for your head.And discover a bolster or a marry pillowsto home closer toward the head blanket than the paw covering. So sitting withyour back against the long bolster, give your legs long and this is whereyou’ll either alter your knees if you like or your ankles withthe blanket. If you notice that you tend to have some lower back aching when you’reback-bending then target that rug underneath your knees rather than yourankles. Lower yourself onto the bolster or the pillows so that the tips-off of theshoulders begin to touch the anchor instead of the prop that you’re on. Andthen readjust now the cloak underneath the honcho so that there’s alittle bow — a crease of the blanket to meet the arch of your neck.Extend yourarms down by your sides and take any last little settings here that feelnecessary so that your shoulders are heavier, your low-grade back feels comfortableand your leader is completely subscribed. Notice if you’ve arrived and it’s justtoo much opening for your back organization, find a smaller fold of a blanket or whateverprop you have underneath your stomach. If it entirely isn’t working out to haveyour legs lengthened, I recommend deforming the knees instead, taking the feet wideand knocking the knees together. Often that can alleviate any sting you mighthave in your low-grade back. So after you’ve initiate yourself up with what feels right foryou at this moment, sink in with a depth breath. If the hoof are lengthened longthrough the legs, tell them flop a little to the sides.Same with the arms, palmstoward the ceiling. We’ll add a simple pranayama to thisposture so that we can find even deeper relaxation and giving extend. On your nextbreath in, breathe deeply so that “youre feeling” the back of your mind press intowhatever it’s against. Hold at the extremely top, open your mouth and exhale thebreath again. Breathe in through the nose. Hold thebreath at the top. Open the mouth, breath. In through the snout. Hold. Exhalemouth. Do that a marry more periods with yourself, your own pace. Feel the pressure build on your breath , now fully relax on your next evaporate. Release all persuade in the gulp. Thebody gets even more loose, even heavier draped over the props. Let the breathbreathe as it requires. Relax even more into your face, yourforehead and jaw. Notice if you’re accommodate friction in your shoulders. Surrender them toward the ground evenmore. Let the body become ponderous like a stone. Solid, ponderous and subside inwardtoward the ground. Find one more breath in here and onemore breather out.If your legs are still increased, bend your knees first one at atime. Plant your foot underneath your knees. We’ll simply roll to a area of yourchoice contacting one weapon overhead and continually go descending your knees tothe side so that you can lift off of what’s underneath your middle. Set it tothe side and is coming onto your surface. Feel the is a lack of that prop. Let theskin remain soft, the muscles soft. As we transition to a tush, press into yourhands and lift up. We’ll be coming into a Supported Child’s Pose next, so you’llneed your bolster and your pillows as well as maybe both of your blankets.So delivering the bolster long ways in between your knees as you come toalready set up for Child’s Pose with your legs, toes to touch knees wide.Andfor myself which might be different for you, I is my finding that having higher propsallows me to relax more fully. So I’m going to load both of the pillows ontop of my bolster so I have more height. Feel free to build this stature up asmuch as you need. Then we’ll find one of the coverings and that cloak will goaround the back and tuck in a little bit to the sides.One other thing to consider is if your knees don’t bend as easily as mine doyou might take that blanket and instead rolling it up, lift up, and generating the blanketin between the knee and the leg. And this will allow you some gap to come andfold forward with less hostility happening here in the knees. So if that’sappropriate for you, go ahead and take that alteration now. The second blanketcould be rolled up a bit, placed at the front of your props so that you don’thave to turn a neck to the mat but can instead keep your forehead long to themat.So here’s what that looks a lot like. After I’ve list all and gathered theprops in toward me, lower the chest down forehead perhaps in line with the spine or a cheek to the mat if that’s more cozy. Let your forearms drapery by your places. Noholding on in the arms, time a amiable relax of the shoulders, softening ofthe buttocks. Allow the props to completely support the belly, the chest. Bring back the even inhale and evenexhale gulp/ Now let’s change it up a bit with thebreath. Keeping your same smooth inhale, expel for longer. For example, if thecount was easy for you, take a breath in to 4 and a gulp out for 8. If you find that 8 is too long andunmanageable, try 6 instead. Please release their own efforts on the breathand relax into a natural breath. Bring easy movement to your hands. Plant down through the hands, go them toward you and lift the chest back upright niceand slow. Once you arrive here take a few momentsjust to awaken again through the eyes, through their own bodies and we’ll transitioninto our final pose: Basic Relaxation.Take everything that you have here offto the side. Again a rug for the chief, a bolster this time for the knees( orpillows for the knees ). Grab your seeing pillow if you’d like to use it and takea covering to cover the whole body. The body temperature tends to cool down whenwe rest in Basic Relaxation, so it’s nice to have a cozy blanket handy, or a littlefurry animal, to keep you warm. And with the bolster underneath the knees andyour legs splayed wide, affluence your route onto your back. Set the blanketunderneath the foreman, maybe the eye pillow on top of the eyes and we’ll open the paws wide for our final residual, palms face up.Make any finaladjustments to the body. Maybe to lift and lengthen through the heelslengthen through the arms. Find the shoulders soft and depicting downward, theneck free and loosened. And once you arrived here terminated convenience with no modification to the breath invite your awareness to your nose tip. And simply mention the sigh as itmoves in and out through the nostrils. Notice where you feel that breath: theinner nostrils, the outer, perhaps even the upper lip. Soften your focus. Exactly noticing and watching the breath asit moves in and out. Feel the relaxation bath over your wholebody as you continue to become aware of your aliveness, your breather. If it feels relevant, present gratitudefor this breath, this figure, this life.Now exhaust your attention from thebreath at the nose and allow your inner attention to feel as if it is everywhereat once in your entire torso. Your whole body aliveand breathing. Simply watch any awareness that arrivein your figure as you allow your awareness to travel throughout your wholecontainer, being the one who watches what is filling up the container, what isinside the container. Draw your internal attending now to thearms and the legs. Notice their stillness and begin to offer gentle movement. Wiggling into thumbs, flexing and timing into toes, allow more generousbreath to enter the body and use your expel to arrive back into the space, feeling the heaviness of the storey. As you begin to move even more, bend intothe knees, perhaps provided the eye pillow off to the side. Maybe the arms stretch long overhead.Then eventually roll onto a slope of yourchoice, writhing up in a missile. Filled with relaxation, take your time topress yourself up to a sit. Any props that you need to sit upcomfortably, bring them underneath you now. And as you arrive back where youstarted , notice variations in your person, inyour breath and in your subconsciou. That’s it for this restorative practice.Whether your intellect was to run like my little puppy was during this videoor it was smooth and continuous, try not to associate a positivity or anegativity with either one.This practice is all about acquiring more fortitude andkindness for ourselves as we approach and prop all things with serenity. Ilook forward to seeing you next time ..

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