Restorative Yoga for Lower Back Pain (30-min) Relaxing Yin Yoga with bolster

The Purpose of Yoga – Peacefully Co-Existing With Others

Yet, you must realize that crowds of people who live in the cities tend to be stressed. Stress is not something new to humankind and Yoga is the best answer for a holistic approach to life. Cities, all around the world, and in general, have stressed populations in comparison to the countryside.

Health Benefits of Yoga

Yoga has proven benefits for one’s overall health and well being, but as with all cardio activity, it can also help weight loss as well.

Practising Iyengar Yoga During Pregnancy

What are the benefits to doing Iyengar yoga during pregnancy? Find out what to expect from pregnancy classes, and more.

Teaching Hatha Yoga – Yoga on the Ball

Who could benefit from the use of the ball in a Yoga class? Beginners can use the stability ball for many poses. For example: In wheel posture (Chakrasana), holding this position is not for everyone, but the stability balls, and a wall, make it possible for everyone. With a stability ball, beginner Hatha Yoga students can gain the benefits of Chakrasana for minutes.

Online Yoga Teacher Training

Discover what you should really be looking for and where to find it when deciding to get your yoga teaching certification online.

The Good Things You Get From Bikram Yoga

Bikram Yoga is designed for you to heat and lengthen the tendons, muscles, and ligaments in a correct and scientific way that is comprised of twenty-six hard asanas.

Yoga for Mind – Body and Spirit

Every morning she joins several other guests in one and a half-hours of Hatha Yoga as part of her mental and spiritual de-tox programme. Before coming to Koh Samui Janca would never have dreamed of embracing this oriental exercise system. Yoga is a ‘Sanskrit’ word and it means ‘joining or uniting.’ The emphasis here dwells on enlightenment of the mind (ha) via purification on the physical plane through the medium of exercise, which leads to the increase of ‘prana’ or life force energy (tha). People like this flock to ‘spa’ type location such as the Health Oasis Resort in Thailand’s Koh Samui to achieve this increase in energy and well being, and yoga is one of the means of achieving that end.

Teaching Hatha Yoga – Difficult Students and Fitness Centers

What would you do if you had to substitute your Yoga class for an Aerobic Step class? What if one of the Step Aerobics students gave you a case of misplaced aggression because he or she was disappointed the Step Aerobics class was canceled?

Patenting Yoga – A Crime against Humanity

What’s next; will we have to pay a toll to meditate? How can it be morally correct to gain a US patent on a 5,000 year old system founded in India? Who should have the right to claim Yoga?

Meditation and Yoga

The aim of Yoga is to seek oneness with our source – God. We may prefer to use other terms for God; for example, Buddhists talk of realising our Higher Self and entering into Nirvana. However, whatever term we prefer to use, the underlying essence of yoga is to achieve oneness with our highest extended Self.

The Purpose of Yoga – Taking Control of Your Life

Yoga teaches us how to make life changes from within. Within all Yoga styles are the tools of self-realization and transformation. Once a Yoga practitioner has managed to empower him or herself, a positive direction will become the easiest path to follow.

Benefits Of Bikram Yoga Poses

Is Bikram yoga suitable for you? Find out what makes it different, and whether people who are pregnant or with illnesses can do it.

Take a Yoga Class – Five Solid Benefits You Can Experience from Yoga

You hear so much about Yoga these days, and there are so many Yoga styles to choose from, that it is advisable to research a particular Yoga style which suits your needs. Some Yoga classes are gentle, athletic, cerebral, religious, meditative, or hot.

The Purpose of Yoga – Overcoming Fear

Could Yoga really empower you enough to conquer your worst fears? Very few people are able to overcome fear, without a serious effort. Fear holds us still, stifles our progress, and distorts our view of reality. Worse yet, some of our fears stem from childhood – whether they are rooted in reality or not.

Power of Yoga

The word “Yoga” has been derived from the Sanskrit language and originated in ancient India. Yoga is the union of the body, mind and spirit. The moral and mental union leads to good health and longevity of life. The power of Yoga if practiced seriously leads to positive and perennial happiness and peace.

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