Restorative Yoga Explained (From a PhD)

Causes of Tiredness and How Yoga Can Help

These 3 causes of tiredness can be helped by yoga. Once you’ve found the causes, identify the solutions. A daily practice of yoga is difficult to establish. Find out how you can practice daily to help cure tiredness.

Frum and Exercise

I started doing yoga over 20 years ago. Bright colors, tight fitting and cut out sections in my yoga outfits; that’s what I needed for a good yoga workout.

Healthy Eating Habits According To Dahn Yoga Reviews

As explained by Dahn Yoga reviews, this is the time whereby people should render importance to developing excellent eating habits as well as exercise choices. The organization who established this highly relevant campaign is the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

The Power of Yoga for Cancer Recovery: Find Your Inner Yogi!

What we all have to learn from the personality & demeanour of a true yogi. I must admit I do not claim to be a yogi – yoga for me personally is either a few moves after a great workout, relaxation with clients, or a wind down get off the day’s insanity before I go to sleep. However, I do have Yogi envy…

An Organic Way of Life: Yoga-Lifestyle

Yoga has emerged to be something more than just a recreational activity in today’s world, it is a lifestyle. Yoga has influenced the life of many to an extent that they have chosen to take it beyond than just the yoga mat; they have chosen the yoga-lifestyle. Yoga-lifestyle is the one which is based on the basic principles of yoga itself, which means it is a way to live life with determination, concentration, focus, peace and love.

Don’t Be Intimidated By Yoga Classes! 3 Common Poses You’ll Learn

If you’ve never considered yoga classes, learn about some of the most common poses that you’ll learn. Many people are intimidated with an entire room of people who seem to know exactly what they’re doing and who can handle each pose easily.

Simple Standing Yoga Stretches With a Chair

Modified Chair Yoga Stretches. Learn how to do easy yoga stretches against a chair for support. Strengthen your legs, arms, and protect your lower back. This is standing chair yoga.

Tips On How To Teach Yoga Students

Over the past decade, yoga has exploded in popularity. Some people use yoga as a way to stay in shape. Others use it as a method for relaxing and relieving stress. No matter where you live, there is a good chance there is a yoga class going on…

Restorative Yoga Poses

If you are looking for restorative yoga poses, here they are – two of the main ones: Legs up the wall pose. This move aids in relieving tired and cramped feet. The move also stretches back legs, front torso, and back of the neck. The move has also been shown to aid in calming the mind.

Yoga Poses To Reduce Headaches

Many people tend to rush for painkillers when they have headaches. The good news is that there are some yoga poses that you can engage in and reduce the headaches. Here are some of the beneficial yoga poses:

Yoga Poses For Office Workers

If you an office worker, here are some of the best yoga moves for you: Wide-legged forward bend pose This forward bend variation plays a huge role of opening tight shoulders and hamstrings. To assume the pose you need to stand with your feet four feet apart then turn your toes in slightly and interlace your fingers in a fist behind your back. While inhaling, you should engage your abs and pull your hands away from your shoulders.

Yoga Poses To Release Office Stress and Pain

Office work is usually characterized by headaches, lower back pain, and fatigue. The good side is that there are some yoga poses that you can engage in to relieve the stress and fatigue. Here are some of the poses that you can engage in. Forward fold This move aids in draining stress out of the top of the head.

Yoga Poses For Toned Arms

Did you know that you can have toned arms through yoga? Here are some of the beneficial yoga poses: Side forearm plank This is known to strengthen your oblique muscles. The move also aids in working your shoulders and arms. To assume the pose you need to start from a high plank then slowly zip your legs together and ensure that your wrists and hands are aligned under your shoulders.

Yoga Poses You Can Do With Your Dog

Dogs have for long been known to be man’s best friend. Research has show that engaging in yoga with your dog has a number of benefits. One of the benefits is that the practice aids in strengthening the bond between you and the dog. According to the studies, dogs tend to be receptive to direction, more relaxed and affectionate after they have been in a yoga class. This plays a huge role in strengthening the bond between you and the dog.

3 Yoga Poses For Runners

If you thought running is a bad combination with yoga, think again. Here are some of the best yoga poses for runners…

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