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hi become praise i’m anita guha today I will share with you another restorative yoga video it has been quite highly requested by a lot of you this procedure is going to put you in a very relaxed mode so that you can release frictions and tightness –is and fill up your prana account the life force account use it anytime you demand it can be at the end of a epoch it could be a few times a week it can be during the balsamiq moon or new moon phase basically use it in whichever way will help you out “the worlds largest” and what it is that you’re going to be necessitate for this routine is different things that you probably have at home what I have is a yoga bolster but you are fine with using long pillows or rolled-up rugs I have a few different sizes of pillows I have two yoga blocks and of course you can use big notebooks if you have that I have a long yoga strap which is not necessary if you don’t have one I have a meditation pillow that I sometimes be participating in or I residence it behind my principal and then I have a yoga blanket and the cloak that you want to use you really want to make sure that it’s a tightly tie weaved blanket so it doesn’t fall all over the place and that you can roll it in to a influence for the facial massage that we’re going to start off with implement any kind of good reek petroleum or good smelling cream that “youre feeling” comfortable with putting on your face okay so you ready let’s get started we’re going to start off with the facial rub precisely to exhaust the muscles of your face it’s amazing how tense and tighten we get in our face throughout the day so make sure that you be engaged in a comfy sit merely sweeps your legs in front of each other you can sit on a block you can sit on a pillow just made to ensure that your backbone is upright and keep your cream/ petroleum good scent next to you and exactly home your hands on your knees at first and close your eyes close your mouth as well and give us just take a few cleansing breaths breath through the snout and exhaling out through the snout and only allow yourself now to withdraw from the external environment that you’ve come from and then draw yourself into your internal environment and then allowing the gulp to be present and steady so it can keep you here now and then you can either open your eyes or you can continue to keep your eyes closed and just take your aroma I’m applying an aura cassia it’s a chakra matching oil insightful pineal eye and I’m just going to rub it onto my surface a little bit and inhale it smells so good and I’m going to set some right on my third eye my good friend in New York Sonia of the breakfast criminal’s “ve been given” this odor I cherish it and then I’m just going to rub my hands together in case it’s a little coldnes or exactly to warm up the mitts and then extremely gently target the hands over your eyes and keep your upper arms resting on your dresser and only flex forward a little bit let your head to fall forward and time allow your eyes to soften and then lift it up and then I’m going to take my fingers is really gently and massage from the third eye out through the eyebrows to my tabernacles exactly a few times can keep your eyes closed as you do this then I’m going to take my thumb gratuities again and I’m going to sort of pinch my eyebrows a little while I hinder my noses closed just pinch them this one time and then release and then take your digits together and you’re going to place your thumbs right into your third eye draw the joints in a little bit and then simply fold forward palms are together and just let your third eye point rest in against your digits and merely notice if there’s a lot of pressure there and then gradually from this position you’re going to slide your digits along your eyebrows it’s very gradually and if you feel that there’s a target there that feels really close-fisted then you can pause and then once you get to your temples you can lift your chin up and your head up and then you can only massage your tabernacles a bit soften your mouth lighten your necks softened your eyes and merely pause and exactly press it in a little bit good and secrete ah only that doesn’t feel good alright then you’re going to take and move your hands in and assemble so you can see your knuckles and you’re going to take your knuckles right in liberty underneath your cheekbones basically there is a muscle there called the masseter muscle and you’re going to place your knuckles right under there and you can hold it and exactly notice when you place your knuckles right there and as you lean forward only move your hands a little bit back and forth time notice if it feels truly tight and then see if you can soften your face soften your jaw lighten the masseter muscle against your knuckles good and then gradually filch it up and exhaust and sometimes I do that at night during my facial cleansing programme and I rest myself over at the capsize and I certainly go back and forth and sometimes it feels truly tight there and other experiences it doesn’t feel tight and the tighter it feels in the masseter muscles the tighter actually it feels in my cervixes you might feel that it really soothes and relaxes your cervix as you do it okay and I’m just awfully gently stroked your buttocks ah give them some adore and then gently really stroke your third-eye very lightly good Wow feels good liberty it feels good to touch the face and then just go back a little bit into your neck stroking the face down you know only touching yourself a little only liberates strain and then you’re going to take your digits and you’re going to press your earlobes and up along your ears and you’re really going to pressure and notice if it feels sore anywhere along your hearing and if you google it you will see that the hearing corresponds to a particular part of your torso just like the soles of your paw is a response to a different part and organ of the body it’s very interesting to see and then if you pressure it in then the ears start to get warm and it’s also unwound and it feels very nourishing it feels good merely hold it and exhaust and then merely massage them a little bit back and forth ah excellent does that feeling all right can shrug your shoulders just notice if you feel more lightness through your face into your cervix even there’s something happening through your ears stay with the breather and we’re going to move into the firstly restorative constitute which is a child’s constitute and “youve got to” make I take a couple of pillows on the bottom and then I’m going to take them bolster on top and I likewise will arrange a pillow right underneath my abdomen we’re basically going to straddle the bolster and then we would descend forward and you can rest on one cheek turn your palms to face up remaining your forearms onto the floor simply deplete a little of time to set yourself up into your most comfortable position and we’ll be here for four or five minutes time try to keep your eyes soft your wheeze is flowing in and out really allow your front body to decline against the buoy in front of you and as you’re breathing and softening allow your back form to open and liberate as you soften further and further see if when you breath you can inflate to your back figure and as you expel deflate your back body perhaps feeling liberate with the outer upper hips lower back middle back or upper back maybe through your shoulders and exactly vary the positioning of your premier to face the other direction I’m not going to do it because of my mic you notice how it feels facing that attitude keep your eyes closed note how your cervix greetings if you need to give yourself other extra patronize be willing to give yourself that extra expressed support for your cervix so that it can further soothe and freeing whatever tightness is there that’s beginning inequality in self-care is all about allowing yourself to support yourself and to take care of you it certainly is the ultimate form of self-love it’s a wonderful to feel support from others but I think it is even a better feeling to feel your very own support of yourself then the assistance provided by others is just extra gravy on top now slowly we’re going to start to come out of this constitute so simply keep your head in the position that it’s at and then ground your palms to the floor and then press through the arms use the arms to press you away from your bolster and then just gradually come up roll your shoulders back feel the president over the shoulders and the shoulders over the pelvis good extremely encouraging constitute and open your eyes we will move into our second restorative pose which is a back then so you’re going to turn yourself around maintain the inclination that you already have and make your yoga buckle if you have one and obstruct a few blocks next to you or maybe a couple of pillows next to you as well the soles of your paw are going to come together and then your belt will first move behind our back and around our hips and then the leash will go around our foot from the top around and you’re going to form a loop-the-loop now you will tighten the loop as tighten as you feel you need it to be so as you bend backwards and then rest your knees on a couple of blocks so that style you’re gently giving your inner thighs a good stretch your legs don’t have to do any succeed and this creates a little counter traction a little traction and you’re going to rest back alright chest raises shoulders roll open thought is back you can place a pillow behind your back if you want to and you’re going to rest the arms at the side of your organization with your palms facing up and exactly close your eyes this pose is the opposite of the previous constitute which was a forward bend this is a back stoop this back bend opens us up to our fullest capability as you now are allowing your back person to rest and soften against the bolster you are now allowing your front body to open suppose of opening yourself up to the world in front of you I could represent allowing yourself to gleam your brightest glowing of accurately who you are can feel a bit vulnerable to be in this position like you’re exposing yourself a little bit too much let’s allow yourself to explore notice what this constitute represents to you how it meets “youre feeling” if you find yourself resisting doing this or being in this pose investigate a bit further why might that be exactly try to stay with your breath take care of this moment so you highly gradually breath by breather by being present or crowding up your prana account let it overflow and gradually to come out of it you’re going to place your hands behind your knees depicting through the abdomen as you exhale and gradually suck the knees together and then place your hands behind your premier and gradually elevation it up good and you’re going to unbuckle come out of the strap oh simply notice does that feel good so good throw this to the side you’re going to take your bolster and home it behind your knees you are able to take your covering reel it up and we’re going to target that along our shoulder blades and then you’re going to recline back terribly gradually let your head drop back and formerly you calm down you might have to adjust yourself a little bit and then just let your legs unwind feel like they’re flipping open to the side a bit and then maybe open the arms to like cactus appendages or maybe you need to extend them out a little more only feel what feels right really grant the chest that is now expanding a bit further you’re opening yourself up a bit more shoulders are being unfolded your upper back and chest is being stretched you don’t want to feel like you’re being extended too much you want to feel like there is an opening but you’re able to relax and soften yourself into it if you need to give yourself some additional implements to find a bit more comfort be willing to do that for yourself merely made to ensure that your sigh is fully present and moves in and it moves out so I’m just present this constitute for you so that you can just explore how you can open yourself up maybe a little bit more to what you feel you need to open yourself up to maybe there are areas of your life that need a little airing out need a little opening feel free to adjust the position as you stay in it beautiful and then extremely gradually you’re going to bring the arms down and forward we’re just going to draw the legs in a little bit and then gently roll over to the right side and push yourself up to a seated slot oh good you are able to notice now that your body in your torso feels even more open if you’re unwound but the posture is better and that will help you with your force elevations during the day stopping the posture hoisted versus being impression forward so our next pose is a twist so you’re going to have to come back to that inclination outlook this time we’re going to start by sitting on our right hip and our legs are going to be next to each other bent and the pillow that I’m utilizing is going to be in front of me and I’m going to dangle so I’m gently changing now to the right and I’m going to drape my torso over the bolster and residual the arms at the side okay now I’m going to face to my right but I’m actually going to face to my left really because my mic is there so you face to your right and we’ll hang out here for a few minutes so this is just a very gentle twist great to do after those two back deforms that we did bar poises you might not feel such a late quirk I feel more of a liberate the outer right upper hip don’t worry about it the pose will give you exactly what it is that you need stay with your breath and then this twisting constitute which represents exhausting or constricting out detoxing what the hell are you no longer need so as we settled ourselves in turns we are pinching out any impurities that no longer need to be in our muscles or our parts and when we come out of it we get a even of new oxygenated blood so you can ask yourself what needs to go so you can create maybe more space for self-care you’re going to keep your head in the same position don’t move it move your hands back and then press for the arms and gradually heave yourself up good we’re going to turn over to the other side so the legs are bent now as well I’m resting on my left outer upper hip I’m in a little bit of a slant and then I deflect forward and now you can face to the left and it might feel different on this surface merely notice how each side of your mas feels what side feels close-fisted for the what surface feels open and if the two sides feels tighter see if you can soften and secrete even more so you can find balance between the two sides and so any area of your life that needs a little detoxing and then unusually gradually don’t move your heading move the arms back and push the flooring away from you to come all the way up are you feeling good I hope so now we’re going to do legs up the wall and I’m going to positioned my legs up the wall now you go and find yourself a wall and it would be great if you have a blanket that you can actually put over your paw and create a little cocoon mostly so I’ll see you so what you have to do is you have to come as close to the wall as possible and then turn yourself around and put your bum as close to the wall as you are eligible to so I have this radiator now hopefully you don’t have one but normally I wouldn’t be sentiment myself here but because of the setup that’s how it is so I simply cover them blanket over my legs adjust yourself rest the arms at the two sides of your form and make sure that your legs are comfortable in this position you don’t have to use any effort at all so we’ll only respite in this position for four minutes time permitting the legs to tighten up against the wall we’re allowing the blood to basically just drain down through our legs this is love for our center it presents the heart a flout it’s an inversion it recovers us further turns us upside down you can do this even if you have your interval because your pelvis is on the floor simply allow your belly to expand when you breath and allow your belly to go back to ordinary when you breath let’s remember that the more you practice restorative yoga the more you are training your nervous system to be able to go from 60 to zero pretty quickly most of the time it’s very easy for the nervous system to go from zero to 60 not from 60 to zero but by doing this practice we are doing our self a service training ourselves to relax then awfully gradually to devote your knees and wrap your weapons around your thighs let’s try to allow your shoulder blades to rest on the flooring trying to see if you lower back and rest on the storey for a little bit and then release and roll over to your right side and push yourself up ah does that definitely sounds like the legs just got drained of all the blood and now we get a brand-new flush of blood to them with brand-new oxygenated blood and so health so keep the blanket over you for last pose now shavasana maybe make the bolster and lieu it behind your knees and I’m going to take my little pillow and I’m going to use my look pillow that you can use of course during the part rehearse and then rest back just adjust yourself again it’s really well value the effort you can place one hand on your belly another hand on your centre or remainder the arms at the two sides of your body merely make sure that you feed snap open to the side your legs a little bit apart you’re in a comfy restorative sentiment continue to allow yourself to stay present within your breather catch yourself if you start to wander into the future back into the past it can’t be there anyway so you might as well be here now notice how you feel at this part if “youre feeling” terribly tired that’s a sign that you are extremely tired cause maybe ask yourself what can you do maybe to fine-tune to move perhaps little varies here and there so that you don’t get so exceedingly tired or maybe it’s just a phase that you’re going through in your life at this moment and there’s no avoiding it it exactly is what it is you’re trying your best to restore as much as you can the key is just to be aware of our vigor position and be aware of whether we are good at taking care of ourselves or not so being that you are give yourself a good tap on the back and keep up the practice and please let me know what comes up what you learn findings that you have along the way by find the stillness accepting what is surfacing to come up looking at it building your selection whether to keep it or let it go enjoy the detections procreates man interesting feel free to rest in shavasana for as long as you want if you feel you need more season simply pause the video and stay longer if you want to come out of it just deepen your wheeze jiggle your toes and wiggle your digits and experience your non-dominant leg in first the leg you wouldn’t actually join first and then your reigning leg in second precisely fold the arms around your thighs good and then roll over to your right side and in koma really keep your eyes closed keep the blanket over you palms together in front of your mettle I hope that this video has been very successful in some influence or anatomy try to keep it as hushed as is practicable so that you are eligible to really form your own space and find your own quietness allow whatever needed to surface the surface allowing yourself to restore in your own space so please let me know how it felt if you want more I’ll reach more namaste hmm feels good title you never ever– at least I don’t unhappines doing restorative yoga so necessary alright thank you so much for meeting me I will see you next time when you come back to the mat to this video and leave it a thumbs up if you liked it make sure that you have subscribed share this with your friends and obstruct doing it reiterating it over and over over again and let me know if you have any requests I will see you soon ah for me to you namaste

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