RESTORATIVE YOGA #2 :: 30 min of easy rest, release, detox

hi I need to go ah welcome to a restorative yoga routine this has been highly requested so I recommend that you didn’t the lights the artificial lights and you burn some candles make yourself really comfortable and what you’re going to be needing in this routine is a bolster if you don’t have a bolster of course you can roll up some blankets you use pillows have a few pillows this is my meditation pillow a blanket or a couple of blankets as well as a few yoga blocks and of course you can use books if you have some big books I also recommend that you try to get an eye pillow this is so relaxing to keep over your eyes I made this a long time ago there are flax seeds inside and also another concoction that I made myself is some organic almond oil and blend that together with the lavender scent so some aromatherapy is really good and relaxing as well and lavender is wonderful at that so we’ll be doing some facial massage neck massage as well as well as head massage yes you are in for a real real treat so I hope that you’re going to enjoy this try it out let me know in the comments how it feels and let’s get started so first we’re going to come into a standing forward bend or the rag doll so you’re just going to come up keep your feet hip distance apart bend your knees and you want to fold your torso over your thighs just basically hand and take a hold of your elbows and just shake out your head a little bit side to side and feel that rush of blood to your head and your brain so it’s very liberating but it’s also relaxing at the same time keeping the knees Spencer it’s just the gentle stretch for the hamstrings up to the lower back and this fully breathe and as you stay here I feel like your head is dropping further and further to the ground feeling like your torso is getting longer they gradually even release and we’re going to lower ourselves back down to the floor crossing your legs and come in to an easy seat feel free to sit on a block or sit on a blanket I want to make sure that your chest is lifted your shoulders are rolled back so your head is over your shoulders and your shoulders are over your pelvis long and tall tall and proud then take your oil or any of your favorite cream you’re going to put it into your hands and we’re going to rub our hands together we’re just going to breathe in the scent I’m feeling that our hands are getting warm so relax your shoulders and then release and gently just place your hands over your eyes it’s very lightly can you even allow your head to move forward a little bit so it puts just gentle pressure into your forehead into your eyes soften your mouth soften your jaw keep your breath present good and then lift your head and now we’re just going to very gradually just massage the forehead a little bit and I’m just using my fingertips and I’m going up and around a little bit and you can experiment with this and as you move around your face you might start to notice you know which areas of your face feel really tight because if we get a lot of impressions during the day and all of those impressions we suck up and they become imprints into our face so the more we can massage our face release tensions and tightness is the more vibrant we will look and then you’re just going to very lightly take your fingertips and you’re going to go in between your eyebrows right into that Arjuna chakra the third eye this is the Center for intuition the more stressed we are the more speeding around the harder it is to listen into the intuition so that’s why it’s very important to relax withdrawal from the external to the internal and then we’re going to take the thumbs right in between the eyebrows like that hold it there draw the elbows in a little bit and we’re going to bend forward so that our arms are resting on our chest basically and let the thumbs just move into the eyebrow Center there maybe feels really tight and in this position you might even feel a little release into your neck and into your shoulders enjoy it and it’s slowly you’re going to move your thumbs along your eyebrows and then you’re going to take your fingertips again and just massage your temples it’s amazing how tight you can get right there maybe hold it and then gradually just go along your jawline you know back and forth a little bit and then when you come back there’s that area right at the jaw towards your ear tends to get a little tight you feel that if you hold and you clench your jaw a lot that will will get very tight if you grind your teeth that night that might be tight and then just take your finger tips again right under your cheekbones then you’re going to go back and forth a little bit there and there’s a muscle there called a mass Center muscle that’s our chewing muscle and if you press in can even take your knuckles and go in and I feel really sore the more we relax and and release the mass or muscle it induces relaxation so it makes us very relaxed it’s great to do before going to sleep go back and forth good and then you’re going to extend your fingers and you’re going to use this part of the finger right along your nose and around and then go out I have you made some discoveries so far good it’s very lightly and then from there go behind the neck and draw it down so go around and down to the neck just touching your neck you’re like be like holy cow that’s really tight I had no idea then take the right hand to the left side of the neck and then draw it around left head to the right side of the neck and draw and just do like little strokes a little bit back and forth not hard lovingly and take your thumbs right under your skull and then feel like you’re lifting your skull up and away off of your neck and then maybe you want to go back and forth a little bit there who told you to great and then again go to your fingertips where your hairline begins and go up and pull your hair and pull the hair if you don’t have hair sorry if you don’t pull your hair but this is simulating or the head releasing for the head as well it’s great for the hair back as well lovely this gently massage it just notice how it feels after that maybe shrug your shoulders around a little bit ah yoga we want to move into a reclined bound angle pose so we’re going to turn to the side and take the bolster or prop yourself up with blankets make sure that the bolster is right at your lower back you’re going to recline and just cross your ankles and feel free to place blocks behind your knees so you don’t have to use any effort here at all for your legs I like to have a pillow behind my head and then I’m going to use the eye pillow why not and then open the arms to the side keep your palms facing up feel that your forearms are resting on the floor and even if you want to prop up your arms a little bit more feel free to do so once you arrive in this position it should feel so good like ah thank you if you need to spend a little bit of time to prop yourself up and find my position do it spend that time it’s well worth the effort the more you allow yourself to spend the time to put yourself in a position that feels good for you the more you go to benefit and then once you’ve found that position just try to stay with your breath and allow yourself to be supported by what is supporting you the floor the earth you bolster your blankets your pillows whatever it might be and trust that support the more we can allow ourselves to support ourselves and trust ourselves the more we will be in a space of allowing in what we feel is needed and allow to let go of what we feel we don’t need so love yourself to recycle let go what you don’t need so you can open yourself up to you what you need and just wiggle your toes and your fingers and slowly work your legs together just lift them up and you’re going to roll yourself over onto your right side we’ll come up to a seated position Oh doesn’t that feel good like everything is open and relaxed we’re going to sit and open the legs into a wide angle if you don’t feel comfortable sitting at the wide angle feel free to bend your leg maybe one day it feels good to keep the legs open maybe another day feels better to keep the leg fat you’re going to place your bolster or your blankets onto your right leg sit up tall and then rotate it to the left extending extending the right arm onto your bolster from there you go to bend to the side just a little bit’s you feel a little bit of a stretch into the left side waist bend the right arm so your head can rest into the arm just relax your legs can hang out here or reach the left arm up and let the left arm support itself onto your head you can close your eyes breathe in fully exhale completely this one is very relaxing cleansing opening in order for an opening to happen a release has to happen you work together you’re not supposed to be doing any effort here the only effort really is in staying with your breath just allow yourself to drop further and further into what is supporting you and then gradually lift up and release good stretch from the left side of the spine let’s do the same on the other side bolster over to the left leg extend the arm along the bolster twist it gently open to the right end a little bit over to the left and the elbow support your head on hand and out here or reach the right arm up and support the hand on the head maybe feels tighter on this side or maybe feels more open on this side just notice it not attaching yourself to what it feels like or what it is just try to breathe into it read our my stretching and releasing the side body we help ourselves and being able to take fuller more complete breaths the life is prana life force we’re fully and completely we can breathe you were fully and completely you will be in the moment moving life very gradually push yourself up notice if you feel a little bit longer feel if there’s a little bit more space on each side of your spine the bolster is going to go in front of you I’m going to turn to my side and cross the right leg in front of the left here you can prop off the bolster a little bit you can come on an incline and I like to take an extra blanket so keep the bolster as close to you as you can inhale along and then exhale descend and we’re going to face to the left resting on the right cheek rest your forearms on to the floor turn your palms up it should feel super supportive like you can just drop yourself in you know stretch your hips release any tightness that you might have in your upper buttocks lower back middle back you feel your shoulders dropping further further down into their sockets you press your palms against the floor and push yourself up lean back a little bit and change your leg position left foot in front of the right inhale lift up tall and then exhale this end forward now face to the right on your left cheek turn your palms to face up you I feel a different structure being that you change the leg position you might feel different to face the right it goes tighter in the neck or open in the neck use your breath to suffer and ground the palms to the floor and push away and come all the way up you’re going to take that to the side the blanket the bolster we’re going to use one yoga block roll ourselves down onto the floor for a modified shoulder stand also called a V Purita karani so roll down vertebrae by rivering keep your feet hip distance apart press through the feet and roll your spine off the floor vertebra by vertebra C pelvis lifts we’re going to place the block right underneath our lower back and sacrum so the bottom of the block is basically right where your tailbone is so when you place your lower back onto the block it should feel comfortable there join through the abdomen lift your heels and Nan draw the knees in right you can gradually start to extend the legs out my legs can extend completely because my hamstrings along maybe you need to bend your knees a little bit also feel free to put your legs up against the wall if you want to do that take your eye pillow place it over your eyes again and then rest the arms at the side of your body turn your palms to face up so this is a restorative inversion or the blood is now being drained from your legs and it moves effortlessly into the heart if you want your feet a lot this is very beneficial if your feet swell up a lot this is great to do inversions basically is a Fountain of Youth turning ourselves upside down helps us to gain a new perspective it’s a very supportive of the heart as a heart beats for us every single second of our living lives this gives the heart a little bit of a break so how important it is for us to be supportive to ourselves and be supportive to the heart and as we are supportive to a whole heart and their own selves we can also then expand that support to others so just allow your upper-back now to just drop further into the floor feel your shoulder blades resting on the floor like a set of heavy plates allow the heart to open allow the shoulders to broaden and gradually bend your knees and lower your feet to the floor keep them again hip distance apart press with the feet draw up through the buttocks and lift your pelvis off so you can slide the block away and roll down vertebra by vertebra okay we’re going to sort of roll to the side and come up for a moment and then take our bolster and place it behind the knees feel free to put a blanket over you I also like to put a pillow behind my head so make sure now that you’re in a resting supportive shavasana where your lower back is supported onto the floor where you can relax your buttocks feel your hip flexors your abdomen move and breathe chest is open I pillow on you can rest your arms to the side you can keep one hand on the belly and other hand on your heart just continue to stay with your breath continue to practice relaxing and releasing it’s a huge practice actually took me a long time to be able to practice restorative yoga for me it’s very natural to constantly be flowing and moving and doing as much as I might not seem like a type-a personality and it’s there and the world of type-a personality you are the more you need this but have compassion towards yourself just do it step by step breath by breath can be an acquired taste wiggle your toes and wheel your fingers of course feel free to stay longer if you want to for your legs a little closer together enjoy your Domon non-dominant leg in first and your dominant leg in second rule over to your right side and come up try to continue to keep your eyes closed come back into your easy seat now notice how you feel hopefully you feel relaxed light open little tingling fluid sensation within you restored once together in front of your heart thumbs to your eyebrow Center trust your intuition thumbs to your heart follow your heart surrender let go what you don’t need with more room enough and always trust to bring in what you need what we serve you the best at this moment unless thing oh I feel very relaxed I could definitely go to sleep now ah my hair is all over the place hi where’s my stylist hello not even thinking about that why did I even say that I think I’m a little yoga drunk what about you I hope that that was helpful please let me know in the comments below how this feels on your body on your mind on your spirit and if you find a challenging please let me know about that too alright give me a thumbs up if it’s okay with you alright I’ll see you next time on this mat don’t avoid it try to keep coming back to it as often as you possibly can bye

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