Quick Abs and Core 💪 Power Yoga – Day 6

Yoga in Practice – Cultivating Healthy Relationships

In Yoga meditation, we look for answers within, and open our self-awareness, but we still have to relate to those around us. Relationships are a mystery to some of us, while others handle relationships like an art form.

Back Pain and Chakras – Part 2

Are there not sounds, words, caresses, and memories that get you in that mood? The sex chakra yoga asana does exactly that.

Back Pain and Chakras Part 1

Restorative Yoga focuses on bringing the body back into a balanced state. With back pain typically a physical ailment is associated with the dysfunction or loss of integration of the Chakras.

Human Body is a Machine With 50 Years Guarantee – it Requires Maintenance

This article is written to stress the importance of taking proper care of our body. Human body is a gift of God and it requires rest and rejuvenation. Yoga can be of immense help to maintain your body in old age.

Getting Stronger With Yoga

Yoga is an ancient technique that promotes flexibility and health. It originated in India over 5000 years ago. The yoga positions are specifically designed to tone, stretch, and strengthen your muscles, make your body more flexible in general, help you with any weight related issues, and teach you meditation and relaxation.

Yoga to Lower High Blood Pressure

Will yoga help to lower high blood pressure? Yoga is now very popular throughout the world and more and more hypertension patients are turning to it for treatment. Will it help you? Read on for more information.

Back Pain Motivation Part 3

In its core yoga is all about well-being of the self. Yoga is not meant to be a therapy for a one particular illness. A practitioner of yoga learns a new way of thinking and lifestyle and all of this in a broad holistic approach. Another product of this new lifestyle and thinking is that you start to see the healing effects of yoga, whether it’s neck, shoulder or back pain or other. When you start to practice yoga you will see that one of the benefits of yoga is that some of the difficulties you have in life tend to go away or become less difficult. Clinical tests have been conducted that verified these effects so it is not just the practitioners that claim this.

Yoga Moves and Grooves – Legs Here Arms There

Yoga moves body and soul to create mind, body balance. So there I was, trying to hide in the back row – doing my yoga moves and grooves – well my version of them anyway – ever been there? Legs tangled up in knots or crossed in a position I can’t get out of. If only I had been listening to our instructor, instead of having an attack of the giggles with my sister-in-law. Yoga giving flexibility, strength and clarity can help women with their breast health, and in all areas of their life.

Yoga, Flexibility

A comprehensive flexibility program can be used as a stand alone exercise program. But if you are going to pursue other forms of exercise, Flexibility exercises should be considered a prerequisite to all forms of exercise. This means that before undertaking any rigorous workout routine (this includes yoga), you need a bottom-line level of flexibility and body awareness which a good flexibility routine provides. This routine allows for continued improvement in any activity by keeping you loose and insures against commonly occurring injuries.

Yoga and Meditation

What is the relationship between yoga and meditation? At face value, Yoga seems to be a health and fitness related activity with strong links to spiritual practice and well being, yet both are intimately bonded. How?

Back Pain Motivation Part 2

With not just back pain, the actual mechanisms that make yoga so powerful are still being studied by the medical community, with more than 900 research papers listed by pubmed.org (a Service of the National Library of Medicine and the National Institute of health). Traditional yoga texts teach that Hatha yoga provides its health benefits for the body and mind primarily through the combination of breathing (Pranayama), physical postures (asana) and meditation.

Home Grown Yoga

One positive that has resulted from our troubled economical climate is a sense of increased awareness. Many people are starting to look closer at their bank accounts to see where their money is going and looking for ways to save on expenses. As a result, a common renovation these days is the addition of an in-home gym. Not only do you save the monthly club fee, but also the extra gas and time spent going back and forth.

Zing! Yoga in Bed – Seven Simple Yoga Stretches to Help You Get-Up and Wake-Up

Do you have trouble waking up in the morning? How many times have you overslept? Try these simple yoga stretches to help you wake up with ZING

Back Pain Motivation Part 1

Doing yoga cultivates a balance between the flexibility and strength of the muscles of the body, often the real culprit in back pain. While yoga can confer many benefits on the back or neck pain sufferers, it can have its pitfalls. Establish a yoga practice that takes into consideration why you have back pain, and how much of it there is.

Every Breath You Take

The British occupation of India also produced unexpected results. Amazed by the prowess of yogis, scientists wrote reports on what they were able to see during experiments which could be contenders for MTVs’ extreme culture, where young people perform the craziest experiments in front of cameras just for kicks.

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